September 10, 2018 ~ Monday

Wake up one day

Staring into the face of someone I don’t recognize

Are those my eyes or hers

Mother, I knew you so well and not at all

Sometimes I can’t recall how you look, how you smile

Digging deeper

In the fall, I lost you

Had to just crawl to safety

Maybe, just maybe, I could have helped you after all

But here I stand, staring back

At dark brown eyes, dark brown hair

Nose to match my cheek bones there

Trying to see what I cannot

To see what my father calls a lost cause

I’m not

Am I

How I try to understand

To see me the way I’m seen by them

Little wild little girl in a pretty ugly world

Tell me, then, how does this story end

Staring into my own self ad to find something beautiful

In my reflection



Inspiration by: B.o.B. (singer), Michael Martin Murphy (singer), Enya (singer), Peter Gabriel (singer)



This poem is about: 
My family
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