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It always ends this way yknow. Trying to go to sleep but I'm not able to. I say to myself all throughout the day that I'm gonna read or do something to make myself sleep earlier but I never do.
I dreamt I had a daughter.So pale and fragile she cameInto this world fighting.And with her tiny fist wrapped aroundMy pinkie finger,I could tell she would fight to stay in it.
LET ME BE YOUR NURSE Are you lying asleep or awake Feeling morose or jubilant Feeling famish or stuffed I want to see you through All your needs Let me make your pad Allow me to take care of you
A tear on my cheek To whom should I speak Days are tiny and the nights too long The words that I say, please sing that song.
I’ll always remember your kind loving heart, hoping fate will never tear us apart.   Looking back all those years, great love and everlasting tears.  
Mine. Everything is mine.  My toys, my candy, my blanket Mom invited someone new over.  His. He thinks everything is his.  His toys, his candy, his blanket 
She was the initial experience A fright, or perhaps a hope And although wrapped in her benevolence Struggled in heading up the slope A cliche appears more as a provocation
Defend your heart the one who holds the answers to many mysteries untold, to love the one who lets you grow old and endure the path of brick and stone   To capture the hearts of others is gruesome
You aren't the nicest.  You aren't the most relable person.  But you're my older brother.  We've laughed and we've cried, you've watched me fall but you've watched me rise. 
I used to know a girl sad and bare was she she cried all the time and never thought  about the bright side Hope had abandoned her her spirit destroyed her she never knew what to do
Deep breath and wipe away a tear, “Oh god how did I get here?” My eyes fall over the words And my heart feels less of the hurt. I send my work away
Would anyone care if I dropped off the earth, Would anyone shed a tear? Several sobs, a few gasps, some chairs at my funeral,  Then I'm just simply not here.  Would anyone care if I ended my life, 
I died nine times to spare the others, I could spare nine lives to save my own. Perspective is a selfish heathen, human decency can't stand alone. We do not care about another. We only care about ourselves. We do good deeds to make us happy.
Where are you right now? Am I dancing through your mind? I'm thinking of a night, our bodies last entwined. A passion on fire, blazing out of control. Flames so hot, brand you deep within my soul.
You are the laugh of a baby My favorite song You are the feeling I get on Christmas morning The presents I open You are the warm hug from family However, you are not the acne on my face
Dear Ms. Yolanda, You know I care about you right? Well, I do. You are my family and I will always love you. But we need to talk. I wish you would start living already.
From across the parking lot  I glimpsed her sweet warm smile, it said hello and beckoned me to stay and talk awhile.   We talked about things near and dear and how we view the world, 
Nobody dares travel these rough and rarely tread roads, but I follow them because I know where they lead. Deep in a forest overgrown with trees shrouded in darkness with rocks all about, but can you see?
You are the Moon I am the Northern Star   They need you close to pull their tides to change their course and light their nights.   They need me far not to light their way
It’s not about me and it’s not about you its about us and what we do never too late to see, never too late to do follow your dreams and hope the rest falls through as the sky clears up from dusk till dawn
Care. A word most often used to talk about love. Loyalty. A word most often used to talk about friendship. But when the two are combined, they swirl and dance with a never ending passion.
Drive safe Make sure you eat Look both ways Turn up the heat.   Get plenty of sleep Wear comfy socks Brush your teeth Turn all the locks.   Take a deep breath
It's hard you know Being in love Not necessarily being with the one you love Thats the good, the easy The happiness and butterflies that not only fill your stomach, but also the room
Families are supposed to accept you because they love you They love you because they understand everyone is uniquely different
Because I love you, I let you be you. I love you because, You let me be me too. We don't worry about the future, and we don't worry about the past. If we work together, forever we will last.
Sometimes words can be tossed,   Their actual meanings lost.      Sometimes words are hand selected,  
I will not use the knife dug into my back from you to turn around and return your woes when I have better things to do. 
I kept close watch of him barely through a keyhole, but just enough to see him grow. This way I could learn from him, see how life blooms in the dark. It must be done.
Classes, assignments presentations in particular, they get us so stressed out. Let's stick with the presentations, for the moment and think about this: how prevalent the fear of public speaking is.
      Love is a hill in the morning light. You climb up one side and the grass is full and green. But the other side is a pale grey and blue.
Like a flower I bloom. Lessons from life i attume. Thank god for my Mother,  I dont know what i would do. A parent as ateacher, A mother as the answer, Mother for a nurse, Mother as a hero.
Forced, terrrified, pain, lonely, hurting. Forced to deal with the truth of a sheltered life. Terrifed of what came next. Pain for what what was, what could have been, for him, for his future wife.
To be honest, everyone loves me Just no one seems to say thanks! At all. I find it odd that my similar Counterpart, the bed Gets the entire households praise For I do what he does and more!
To be honest, everyone loves me Just no one seems to say thanks! At all. I find it odd that my similar Counterpart, the bed Gets the entire households praise For I do what he does and more!
My mom is  the north star She shines bright in the darkest time She will help you fnd your way When you are lost She will always be there Even if you can't see her Her light shines so bright
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
The one thing I could not live without, is not what most think about. It cannot be seen, but is very serene. It is the feeling of someone caring.   When one is there to comfort my fears,
It hurts to see you fall apart But rather I see it Than look right past it And not see Even if I can't help   It hurts to hide my pain and cracks from you But rather I hurt a bit more
If I am not beautiful, Will you care to see What lies far inside of me? If my skin is not tan, Will you care for my mind? Speak up young student! Are you creatively blind?
It's Kind It Knows No Enemies It Thinks No Evil It Rejoices Truth   It Believes All It Never Fails It's not Faith or Hope It's Love.
“Judith”, her name still echoes in my mind.
I need to say I'm sorry to my friends for lying to your faces again and again yeah i still drink yeah i still smoke but you still loved me regardless of this stuff that you know
Some days I'm on a ship in the clouds A captain of a ghost ship Nicknamed the Lone Wolf of the Stars I feel invincible being alone in the starry sky A knight in the night sky
there were peoplein your lifewhosaved youfrom drowningand you have tothank themfordoing everythingthey couldthere are otherswho willslap youright
When will you ever learn,  That I'm a bridge that you can't burn?   When I'm just another one you've left scorned And my heart is all but worn and torn,   After you've drifted some place far
The ironic curse of caring
You look.
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
I can see the pain in the tears you cry as well as in your eyes. I feel bad because I can't do anything to help you, I hope you know that I would, Only if I could. My day is ruined
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
Who is this youth? A lie hides the truth  small truths hide big lies  Who is this youth?
You question the expanse of my love because you cannot see its depths, but do you question the deepness of the ocean though humanity has yet to unearth its deepest point?
Oh my little butterfly,
I feel alone, in the most populated places in the world I feel sad that im misunderstood I didnt know how bad it was to be livin in the hood. School motivates me to succeed 
It’s kind of funny how the first things you’re taught are the last things that matter. In first grade I was taught that I could do absolutely anything with my life, even if I wanted to be super girl.
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
What do I feel when I think of you?
You  and Me
So many people don't realize, the affect they have on so many lives. A smile, a wave, a sign they care, that's all they really have to share. Say "Hello", or take time to talk,
You do this for me, You do that for me. But it’s not all you. I do help you. I swear darling. It’s not all you.   A relationship must be push; And pull.
A small violet flower sits in her pot, Wilting away and left out to rot. Stagnant in growth, surrounded by weeds, Some food and some water is all that she needs. People walk near her to get her hopes high,
What would I Change?               That Question of Old, It follows, it nags, begging to dwell,               In the center of your mind, "Think of me, Think of me, All the time!"
Living Father of my youth             Left home, leaving             Silent words of error             Slipping like a ghost             Diving away from me  
One who gave me Love               Delicious and delicate             Fine curves and edges             Perfect imperfections
Tear drops of you Every shutter I can only remember Finding myself so close To someone who knows   The same pain The same game Compatible with me Someone who can see  
Giving a given gift   Unsolved like a puzzle A great maze of much The mystery of time One with design   Living among prime Optimistic and bold Leaving nothing old
What matter is it, what lives, and what dies, if we are all one in the same?
Back at the trailer, another day gone She stopped to wonder why She asked herself, "is this worth it?' She was barely getting by
Love is the touch that heals the wound, a gentle press, nothing much,
Your prescence warms me and you're always there. No matter what, you leave room for me. When I'm down you help me up. You've seen me at my best, but mostly at my worst. You've seen it all, and still you remain by my side. I love you, friend.
The love that is a mere emotion in ones heart given to people to walk on Emotion is nothing to some people We ten gallon lovers stand here like flower in nature that gives everyone
Heart that beats pain is something you can't see, you can only feel if you were that person Don't try to come and tell them to feel differently They will not listen because you don't know the whole truth to it
I am not okay And I don't have the energy All of it's exhausting It's not that I'm not trying,  But that I can't seem to care.   Notes and tests and quizzes and books It's all just way too much
Dear Lord...I need to talk to youbut as oppose to all our previous conversations I would like to do It differently today...
Im addiceted to help To put others needs before mine Why? Cause we live in a cruel world. One where gossip is a hobby  Being mean to others is perfectly normal Killing others with words is typical
I would have liked to do my homeworkBut last night my dog was barkingMy sister was screamingAnd I couldn't stop crying about that thing that happened years ago.I was just a kid.
It’s that time of year again.   Labor Day rolls around and summer comes to a disappointing close; so ends our brief, innocent repose. We're back in those uncomfortable desks
She's broken inside with nowhere to hide, yet she has everything in the world. She's got family and friends and the spoiling never ends. But what she wants  is just a connection. Where is he? 
Thank you... For standing by me through thick and thin For not giving up on me when I didn't win For your patience when I kept pushing you away For caring when I said I didn't need you anyway
Why do we go through life in a haze? Shouldn't we be illuminating the room with a blaze? Why don't we spend time telling people we care? Why isn't it at all fair?  Teachers, shouldn't you take time to stare?
She walks with her friends with the biggest and prettiest smile anyone has ever seen. But what everyone else doesn't see is as soon as they look away, she drops that smile,
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
I am my mothers daughter As she is beautiful, so am I As she is loving, so am I As she is caring, so am I As she is courageous, so am I As she is graceful, so am I As she is smart, so am I
You say I don't know shit, but whose teaching me? You say I won't match up to anything, but whose teaching a student that smarter than them?
Day in and day out. Everything's the same. I can't stand it when you call out my name. Day in and day out. You spend nine days on a topic I swear, I'll get a gun and learn how to cock it.
I raise my hand, you call on me.I ask a question, you answer me.I need help, you help me. We don't do our homework, you lecture us.We don't pay attention, you make us.We don't remember assignments, you remind us.
I convinced myself that the world hated me. I saw there's no good I could be. In reality I was the only real bully. I beat myself up and called myself ugly. I saw that I all I ever brought was pain.
There’s a part of me that loves. There’s a part of me that hates. There’s a part of me that rages. There’s a part of me that balances it all out.   Love and hate are balanced no more.
Not once in my life have I heard someone say “Could you spare some change?”; no, they expect we will pay. They sit with their signs, black words in black scrawl, and hope as we each walk on by, one and all.  
How I see the moonlight spaying down upon the field with its fragrant flowers And wondrous waves of grass That rolls and rolls as the breeze
I'm down on my fucking knees I'm crying out oh help me please No! You stand on your own Theres no one around they have all left you Its your turn now its time to save you
Up on the polar ice, A family looms. Their beautiful snowy coats Glistening In the small sunlight left. Soon the icy winter Will pull through.   The cubs snuggle
He looked so sad in photographs; He looked so scared, so lost, confused, and yet he laughed. That tentative half-smile, those distant eyes, portray a struggle, wounds, and damage. He feels so isolated
who do you think you are  be aware about what you are saying gay bi straight we are all the same  we eat the same food we breath the same air love is love no matter who it's with
How can you love someone you know you aren't suppose to? Yea, I'm talking about me I just don't know what to do. The love is so strong.. but it seems SO wrong. How could something that feels SO right be so wrong..
I've fallen from heaven, down upon the Earthback to the cold world, to the place of my birth I'm sitting here at night, alone out on the streetwith little clothing on my back and no shoes on my feet.
He is small, such a tiny thing. He loves loud, bright, or shiny things.  He's full of laughter, love, and cheer. In Mommy's heart he is darling and dear. His smile gets the attention of many old ladies, They say "So sweet!
I'm sitting here thinking about what to writeit's been years since I tried to learn how to ryhmetyping isn't easyand this is just worsetrying to explain to people that making poetry makes me burst
It’s Just a Heart! By: Kayla Logan The marketplace was off to a boring start that day, Until the cry to gather close, they heard someone say.
Blithe misunderstandings Happy mistakes An injustice accepted History takes its toll, for apathy is as powerful as hate
Blithe misunderstandings Happy mistakes An injustice accepted History takes its toll, for apathy is as powerful as hate
One day: I will wake up in the best mood. I will go through the day without a single bad thought. I will put on a smile that is absolutely genuine. I will be satisfied with how I look.
Here I am, once again Sitting in the same place, same routine, same faces I’ve mistaken a change in pace to be progress, a step out of this mess I’m discouraged at the realization, no longer through the rearview mirror;
I have no heart, So how do I live ? I have no love, so what do I give ? I have no feelings so what do I spill . Why do I have I never have time to chill ? Why does being fake prevent you from being real ?
Love can't be touched; Love isn't tame; Love won't give you fame; I love you so much i cant help but clutch my heart that you used as a game.
Life is rough and we all have experienced the bumpy roads keep your head up and hang in there you see those bullies? that storm that just crushed your home? the adversities you face everyday? dont let them get to you
Wondering mind leads you to question how to mend this relationship we so helplessly destroy. It's like love without a purpose yet love of such chaos brings also moments of joy.
There once was a girl who knew everything, A witty comeback, an intelligent review, a passing observation All eloquently exhaled from her blood red lips. With a transparent snap of her fingers
I know me saying this isn't right But it's how I feel I really want to end my life Yes I am for real
This ring and I have been through it all Seasons, months, funerals and joy This ring is my brother, my sister, and friend Till death do us part this ring is my man
Time together spins a silver flurry The night wraps around my limbs to comfort Vital force screams for you from my body Will, tenet, and my guard are taken down Affection from you melts me like chocolate
Long brown hair, Dark, frizzy and out of touch. Long black lashes, Glasses that covered her big brown eyes.
Trust Issues I loved him I thought we were forever But he had someone else He thought he was clever
It’s a hard thing to describe It’s so hard to explain Just I can’t help it Feeling this way Just the way you smile The way you sing a song Makes my heart soar A million miles away
Feeling alone Let down Hurt Misunderstood Unloved Ready to cry at any given moment Just wanna be hugged, and loved , and held , and asked are you ok I cry at the most random moments
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
dam valentines is already hear for real cuz i need more then a day to show you how i feel i remember the first day that we met u had a ponytail n u was wearin sweats I thought to myself you look kinda cute
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
He stands alone Fighting to hold it together, but he's already breaking Crying the tears that no one should have to shed Using black to help conceal the pain so red
No one knows her story like I do so let's see if you can understand it too.
Smart and funny Honest and kind No greater friend Could one ever find Tall and handsome As well as a Kingsmen You're ranked number one Smiles and laughs A bundle of fun Quiet when needed
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I care so much it hurts.. Deep inside my heart, And now my eyes are open Because we are apart, This world is fading. It is turning dark. My bright world of smiles, Has begun to fall apart.
You tell me I'm no good With every word I say Everything comes out lies, betrayal, and trust including your own friends would say those things Have you seen the things I've done? No.
Pain inside, Dripping down from me like a poisonous surprise, Why does my heart keep beating, When all things lovable seem to be fleeting. Oh joy, the gracious sunrise has come to take me home,
Sadness is so peculiar It creeps up on you, and then bam, It hits you with its full force It overpowers you And you don’t know what to do You just sit there, weeping, hoping
There is a castle underneath the Sea, Under the Moon. Only those who have lost can see it. Only the ones that have felt true sorrow.
A man named ignorance evaluates another, eyes blinded and ears deafened, He watches, but does not see, he hears, but does not understand.
I’m staring into your beautiful eyes, As we sit away from the world, What people say about us is only lies, There’s nothing wrong with me and you.
You know that feeling When you’re empty and alone When there is no one you can turn to Remembering when the sun once shone You used to be able to laugh About nothing at all
Sometimes it hurts to live, To wake up and not have a reason to... It hurts to move, to remember, to want. That pain once constantly plagued my heart... Until I realized there IS a reason.
I'm going to take this time to say, that this woman is beautiful l in her own way. From the joy in her smile and the sparkle in her eyes, proves that there is more than this woman then betwee her thighs.
I’m so glad you’ve moved on I’m so glad you’ve found better you finally look like your life is together I’m so happy you’ve moved on and found someone that makes you smile someone that makes you feel
Last days for Dad, I wasn't really glad, So naive and harsh, Mom told me, "I'm done." "As we change, we're going to have fun." I sat in the car with relief and despair,
(poems go here) Its da same stuff jus a different day n I'm tired I'm tired of da fussin n fightin da uncontrolable cryin I'm tired of goin 2 bed at 4am thnkn wat if?
A solid heart or a plastic smile? I wonder and ponder on this subject in my class , My teacher distorting history to make plenty cash , I just back and laugh .
Pain in my sight Feeling like there's no more fight I can't sleep through the night With all these tear feel like it ant real My Momma my queen We living in these streets
How does it feel to be let down, lead on, lied to, and hurt How does it feel to be kicked down, stepped on and treated like dirt How does it feel to love someone who doesn't love you back
There's a mother caring for her child, Who has the ability to calm the wild. Her strength is that of an ox tenfold, But she is calm, like a wind blown marigold.
Sometimes we fall, we fall down down down, into the abyss we go, untill we hit the bottom. We hit hard. Adrenaline rushes through veins. A rabbit runs along. “I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.”
I was tried of it all The profanity The abuse The lies I told My caring parents I though I couldn’t do anything But when all of the above Came into one I had to do something
Can you see them? The ones hurting Crying Dying I can You go on with life As if nothing’s wrong Everything’s perfect But I know you hear them
Whenever my life Faces challenges One woman is always around And when we didn't have nothing She'll spend her last penny Just to let me have something I know one woman in my heart
Shoes against pavement, Head towards the ground, Trying to keep out the noises, Trying to keep out the sound.
Your love never fails me. It is everlasting. It is so wonderful that it fills me with hope and love that's so fulfilling. You caress me like a mother that's so caring.
These tears I shed fall down my cheeck these fears I have, I feel so weak the anger swells, burning inside soon it might consume me alive these feelings I have, I must sustain them all
Animals have feelings too, This is why we should not beat them with a shoe. Animals should be treated like family, Just sit back and see.
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