Its Just A Heart


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It’s Just a Heart!
By: Kayla Logan

The marketplace was off to a boring start that day,
Until the cry to gather close, they heard someone say.

In the middle of the square, there stood a young man proud,
“Come and see what I have,” he called out to the crowd.

What he held in his hands was his very own heart,
It was perfect, and beautiful with no dirty part.

The people gathered round, to see this beating little thing,
Faced with a heart so perfect, none could say a thing.

The silence lasted until an old man cried out,
“My heart is really better. Come see what it’s all about.”

Caught way off guard by the old man’s sudden words.
The young man slowly turned his perfect heart towards.

-“Well, old man, let’s have a look and see,
Is this heart of yours really a threat to me?”

The old man took it out slowly, so it wouldn’t fall apart,
Held together by strings and strands was his old, worn out heart.

Cautiously, the young man asked why his heart looked so awful,
He was answered by the old man, who was not at all bashful.

My heart used to be perfect; a lot like yours is now,
But giving away its mercy, love and care is how.

“I don’t understand,” the young man said, with a question.
“Why keep giving your heart when parts were used and taken?”

Raising his head and quietly answering through the tears,
“At first, it was hard to give, but I have learned through the years.

Pieces and portions given freely, by those who really care,
Far outweigh the pain inflicted, whether or not it’s fair.

You see, God’s gift of love, I decided to give away,
Though, yes, a hole is left, when a piece is not given to stay.

When he finished, the young man looked up with teary eyes,
“I am sorry dear friend. A heart like yours is what I want”, he cries,

“I pray for you forgive me for everything implied and said,
And to ask for a piece of your heart is where I now tread.

“I want this piece to show the love of Christ, you have shown me,
A reminder to give my heart away like Jesus; I hope others can see.”

Without any hesitation, the old man took out a special part,
And gently placed it in the now prepared young man’s heart.

The young man returned the favor with a piece of his own,
Thanking the old man for the Christ-like love he had shown.

Once the exchange was finished, he turned to the crowd,
“Give your hearts to others; Just like Jesus”, he said aloud.

He then turned to the old man, and spoke in a hushed tone,
“Thank you for the part of your heart, to me you’ve given loan.”

He then left the market place happier than ever before,
Because now the love of Christ and others he bore.


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