That Question Old


What would I Change?

              That Question of Old,

It follows, it nags, begging to dwell,

              In the center of your mind,

"Think of me, Think of me, All the time!"

              It festers, It grows, It controls,

"Obsess with me, Play with me, Its not a crime!"

              What would I Change?

That Question of Old,

               The Cure is Simple,

With the Answer  Bold,

                Silence the Question,

Come out of your Mind,

                 Look out your window, Hold out your Hand,

It doesn't have to be anything grand,

                 Feed the Hungry, Shelter the Poor,

Protect the Innocent, Be with the Lonely,

                For sometimes the Gift is Better then the Thought.,

Change the Would to can,

                What CAN I Change?

The Answer so Bold

                Strive for Action

Live for Kindness

                With Open Eyes and Caring Heart ,

Move with Purpose,

                 Once you change that Question Old,

You may then Change the World.





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