No Matter Where You Roam, You'll Always Have A Home

When will you ever learn, 

That I'm a bridge that you can't burn?


When I'm just another one you've left scorned

And my heart is all but worn and torn,


After you've drifted some place far

On buses, trains, planes and by car,


When you've left piles of tinder behind,

and you realize that home is hard to find


You'll always be able to float this way

And make that weary trek to stay


On the other side of an unburned bridge, 

I'll be the one to gap the ridge.


No matter how hard you push or take, 

my beams will withstand every earthquake.


You'll always find yourself on solid ground,

Even when you feel like no one else is around. 


Just remember you always have somewhere to lay 

When you find that you can't face the day. 


You'll always have someone on your side,

Who genuinely cares that you haven't died


Who wants to hear what you create, 

Who honestly believes that you're something great. 


So keep this in your pocket whenever you feel blue, 

because I wrote this one especially for you. 








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