Mama And Baby


He is small, such a tiny thing. He loves loud, bright, or shiny things.  He's full of laughter, love, and cheer. In Mommy's heart he is darling and dear. His smile gets the attention of many old ladies, They say "So sweet! Such a precious little baby!" His head is fuzzy, warm, and sits proud. He loves it when Mommy sings "Twinkle-twinkle Little Star" a loud. His heart holds a place for his stuffed speckled giraffe; It makes him so happy he can't help but to laugh! Strawberries, banannas,sweet potatoes and peas; Baby loves all of these replenishing things! "Mama! Mama!" He yells for another  bite. She sneaks in green beans and his face looks uptight. She says "Be calm. Be calm now." It's time to clean up. "Give Mama a kiss." And she rocks him goodnight.                                                                                                                       


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