You amaze me every day.

And I still get butterflies when you call.

I'm so happy to be your baby.

I'd never think of leaving you at all.

I haven't felt so free

'til I felt the love you've given me.

No worry or pain

because you still love me all the same.

Don't be afraid, I won't break your heart.

I've been struck so hard by cupid's dart.

The more love you give me, the happier I'll be,

so love me freely and you'll see

that I return it right back to you,

It's just you and me.

Love me sweetly, love me passionately.

I'll protect your heart and be your little girl.

You can count on me to be your escape

from the cruel world.

Be my protector, my man, my lover, my best friend

'til the very end.

Don't let your heart bend.

I want to please you in every way imaginable.

Mental, spiritual, tangible.

You're the only one for me.

You're the only one I want and need.

You're who's on my mind from morning until dawn.

I'd be heartbroken if you were gone.

I let my mind wander and swirl with thoughts of us.

Closeness, warmth, and trust.

You wrap your arms around me

and I hear your heart beat through your chest.

Let's have the kind of love that will outlast all the rest.

I don't care if we fight. 

I don't care if we disagree.

All that matters is I love you, and you love me.

And after all that we've been through,

I know we've grown strong

and developed an understanding

even after some things went wrong.

I'll never not want you. I won't push you away.

Let's stay together

beyond our dying days. 


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