What do I feel?

What do I feel when I think of you?
I feel like a caged bird. Afraid to fly because the weather is too stormy or the sun is too hot. I feel scared, to feel. Because when I begin to feel, you keep me at a distance. You say you want something one minute and then it's different the next. My heart tells me to let the rain give me a cold, let the sun burn my skin. When my mind tells me to bring an umbrella. Rain or sun, an umbrella keeps you safe. Safe from the pain of feeling for you.

What do I feel when I think of you?
I feel like a secretary on secretaries day. And there's donuts to show how much I'm appreciated. Mm, donuts. They're sweet and they fill you up. They give you a happy feeling inside. But, they're also bad for you. You're bad for me. Though, I can't help but to indulge. To eat until I grow a tummy ache.


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