How Can I Help You

You may not say it out loud, but your always in pain and searching for someone to comfort you

How Can I Help You

You seek for someone to hold you just as you have held many others

How Can I Help You

You cry out that no one loves you and yet people [I] cry out

How Can I Help You

What is it that you want?

What is it that you need?

How could the people that love you and your too blind to see help you?

Open up your eyes and see

The person that your meant to be

Your more than someone trying to let all their worries weight them down

The ones that love you are their for a reason

Give them a chance and the next time your in pain

Let someone help you

When you cry we’ll be there to ask

How Can I Help You.

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Great Poem!!! It kind of brings out a human condition that we all seem to come across sometimes. Keep writing on!!!

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