Heart that beats pain


Heart that beats pain is something you can't

see, you can only feel if you were that person

Don't try to come and tell them to feel differently

They will not listen because you don't know the whole truth to it

You can only evaluate what they have told you

A heart that beats pain bleed woe

Heart that beats pain would like to feel like the person

they told cares and feels what they feel, not pretending to act like they understand

Alone hearts find a filling that will feel them

Sometimes a heart that feels pain get bamboozled bu a masked heart

that imitates a pain a broken heart feels

Soon the masked heart will reveal, and when they figure it out it will try to mask its heart 


Yes a heart beats pain but the heart beats alone

There is one beat that beats like the heart that beats pain and it is a diamond in a rough

that is hard to find

Love is what people are willing to die for but the heart that beats pain is willing

to cry for the people it cares for



A heart that beats pain bleed woe

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