Breaking Apathy


United States
42° 23' 54.978" N, 114° 33' 40.8636" W

Blithe misunderstandings
Happy mistakes
An injustice accepted

History takes its toll, for apathy is as powerful as hate

Seeking shelter from the chaos, the wind that stems from my feet and my soul and makes the world turn and spin on its forgotten axis, forces me to run. Whisking my frame across eroded paths, through forests of piercing inquiries requires recompense. Wind stirs up the disgust, the passion, the envy, the love that lurks deep inside. Emotions cannot be picked and chosen like brightly colored and all too cheap animals to be won at a county fair. Emotions are a bundle. One cannot exist without the other, and all will perish if one is starved with neglect. Hiding in shadows of dreams, applying the façade of success and enlightenment that looks good on paper.

Paper rips.
Diplomas tear.
Trophies break.

Acceptance is key to force yourself to face the world as it is.

What a predicament we find ourselves in. Human empathy is misplaced in a world of

Solvency can never truly exist.

Painful thoughts are the most enlightening

Growth is both inevitable and impossible

In a field of posies, the stems dance. leaves twirl and wave to one another. Hello. Bonjour. One tips its hat, another nods its head. No words are spoken. A silent communication. Silver thoughts piercing, whizzing between petals and roots and grass and shoots. Futility does not cross the flower’s minds. They simply exist.

Living [breathing eating drinking]
Thriving [thinking shaking breaking]

Questions are due to incite thought, not to inhibit it. Numbness, futility, giving up. Humanity’s enemy number one.
We cannot

The human race can simply not avoid it.

Mutilated bodies, famine, murder, drones, bombs, suicide, rape, gang violence, honor killings, female circumcision, pain.

They exist.
They pervade.

They will continue until someone stops them.

Until I stop them.


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