All I Need Scholarship Slam

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       i need you "please"     but you need me                           really?      yes, i don't care what they say                 or what they mean
At the risk of sounding cliche,   All I need is money,  
When I look upon my pasture, I smile with hope and joy, The Earth is my master, And I am it's boy.   The mountains carress my imagination, Carrying me from my bed,
Please don't seize my colors Please don't rob my dreams Please don't censor my words or murder all my themes.   Please let me keep that idea I was of thinking yesterday
All I need Is to see I need to see more of this world This world that was crafted so carefully and beautifully I need to bask in the wonder Of all there is to see I need to see what I enjoy
Introduction: why should a rough-and-tumble muddle of soundless sounds mean so much when all I need is to not give a shit about what they say in their heads because I can’t hear it anyway
If I didn't believe in tomorrowI wouldn't have a today,or even a yesterdayto speak of.That's
Blink, and the delicate parachutes whistling             with white-spun dandelion seeds drift to form the rich parchment of             my thoughts,                         channeled  
I desire purpose among mortal shades of truth reaching for resonance in memory of pale stars cast in clay without reason   In my forest, leaves cup shaking palms in prayer, frail
You can catch it in the flow, or you can catch it in the slow. Either way, its composed of opposites, yet these opposites are still prominent. We capture photographs with our eyes, such as the beauty of a firefly. 
Community Without it I wouldn’t know what To do How to function Or Even live the life I’m Accustomed To. In my community, We are A Village.
  The river glistens in the moonlight The wind wistels its solem tune My heart  awaits for completion  A hunger flows through like a vast sea   never ending    never satisfied Only the one I live for
If I could bring anything, I would bring my edgy socks They breathe between who I am now and the steps I am taking to become They smoothen the edges I have formed around my insides  
  To Aliza Le   I remember, sister-- The boys who used to pick at my sexuality like daisies
Lying on my back, thinking There’s something calming about empty islands The sound of lively winds running through the trees, and waves rolling up to the edges, an echo chamber that spans on
If I was stranded on an island, If I was stranded on an island, I would try to fit the stars within my bag. I would try to shove in the whole damn universe.
I’m pretty sure that public bathrooms might just be the most important invention of our modern world, I mean think about it,
It is the thing that causes a mother to wrap around her child in the coldest and most desolate of places, Fingers tight and gripping, back hunched - shielding.
There is no true way to describe how I feel when I wear my Booper Dooper sweater Yes, it feels soft Yes, it does feel me warm
You. You are my all, My heart and my love. You are my all, My life and myself. Not just a better half, for you are whole,
I. Yoruba names are hopeful. They are prophecies, the mother, and the father, and the grandparents all divining as oracles.
Should've been born a tap-dancer Maybe that would justify the way My foot beats incessantly at any solid surface But that wouldn't explain my hands Fingers fumbling around themselves
It is this idea of mine, The one we all dream of at some point in time. We wish to be better than who we were. Every day I strive to make the best of me,
In this hurricane of a lifeI spend my days drowning,standing sideways against the waves.Every time I get back up,The currents get stronger.I gasp for air,Only getting a mouthful of regret.
(h)yo͞oˈmanədē/ noun noun: humanity; plural noun: humanities   the human race; human beings collectively.
I never thought I’d say, “I’m fine with dying today.” But I think I found all that I needed…   No  
Stranded on an island, I cannot forget my dignity. I cannot forget the things society has given me. No cannibalism for me. No unfair monarchy.
If all my goods I was forced to taper, my one “must have” would be my toilet paper More irritating than a dinnertime telephone political poll- is trying to live my life without a good quality roll
Without my mom I would not be alive Without her I could not strive To be the person I am today To be able to say I am beautiful. I am successful. I am happy. My mother is my motivation
the paramedic asks me to show him my wounds,to show him where I carved the words“fuck up”onto the soft skin of my stomach.he asks how many pills I swallowed,how long ago,how come I would do this to myself,
Stepping into an unknown world galaxies, universes all in the Steps of another things i’ve never Felt Beauty i’ve never seen
The rich aroma seeps through the house before the sun begins to creep over the horizon, its bitter flavor washes over my tongue and warms my body, I feel my mind awaken, the haze lifts,
If Eliot heard the mermaids sing  then so will I.  Without imagination the mermaids are nothing. The pain would be numbing,  my heart would ache without imagination, sound of humming is nothing. 
Sleep. Counting sheep, and Sleep. Bedtime stories, and Sleep. Lullabies, and Sleep. Dreams and Nightmares and Hopes and Fears and Sleep.  
Love Is fuel;   Like food, like     Water, it’s everything that         Makes humanity human, because of
There's a difference between you and I I'm not scared of living without anyone  The loss of anyone means I must be lonely right? Me? Please, I'm not lonely  
Without her, I am nothing Because she is my everything She is my light She is my motivation. While I am bad,  She sees the good.  While I am weak, She gives me strength.
I went walking the other day, Under a red and setting sky. Through trees that made mountains small, Their leaves whispering a sigh.  
We need the air that fills our lungs, the food that fuels our bodies. We need the comfort of shelter and the idea of our freedom. But more than any of our other needs and desires we need love. We need love.
There's stardust in my soul and galaxies in my eyesMy flesh is made from crumbled pieces of ancient asteroidsMy heart beats in time with the turn of the earth and there's dark matter living in my veins
Safe Zone, Safe Zone shattered into pieces. Running towards something, anything to believe in. Hope slowly decaing, leaving me bare with darkeness. Help, I need someone
H2O is essential to me. I couldn't exist without it. I'm a life-form, therefore, I require its blissful sustenance.  I drink it, bath in it, and cook with it... This critical compound...
Grounded in Earth   The mountains keep me humble, standing at their feet - remind me that I’m small, remind me that I’m weak.   The sea she keeps me present, reminds me not to crash -
I could go a day in life without human interaction. I could venture into the world and say nothing or raise an eyebrow to the uncertainty.  
I sit on the desert with my face buried in my knees as the sun mocks me with its scorching heat while the smooth sand cooks my thighs.
My Father Why do I feel so alone? Why do these trees torment me so? Why do I feel so afraid? Why is everything away from shade?   I am suffering, I am alone I am cold, I am torn
My hope. Will to survive. Gives me purpose in life. Believing what you know ain't so. Courage.
The rushed beating of my heart As I press my fingertips Against intrusive thoughts and Evil ideas which I Can no longer control.
Remember mommy, how we would smile at rainbows? Seeing them reminded both of us, that the gray color of uncertainty Has parted.
War brings death and despair Even to a 3 year old boy with black hair. A Turkish beach stained with blood, Innocents caught by The Flood. A father weeps, the world cries. No one should see a child die.
crack. scribble. scraaatch. strike. light. scratch. I've brought one match. feet flighty, still shaking, I run to gather forest brush from trees downed by storm
Each step is a beat in the rhythm. Each breath is another note on the page of life. The world was birthed through a flurry of music, Creation divined through song.  
A friend of similar age can be the best choice if stranded on an island   There for you for longer than many family members, especially if they're older Able to relate Able to bond Able to have fights:
When we met I had decided I was in over my hair But within months I realized that I worthy of the task of repair   It wasn't his beauty that gave me hope And it wasn't his grace
I’m tempted to say oxygen Were most critical to my survival, Like a smart-alec, But it only keeps Me alive, Continuing a process His Breath Began.   I might claim that
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
All I need's a friend, Someone to talk to at days end. If the day was long and tiring, Being with her can leave me smiling . The island can be dry or cold, But with her the time will never grow old.
A song plays in my ear singing sweet notes His lips part releasing a soft sweet hum Callused hands strum chords which appear to float And my heart harmonizes along with them  
When I think back to that time we sat in the porch chairs diagonal from each other in front of the fire, I think of the little things that constructed the memory: Fire & Smoke. The sound of the neighbors in their backyard. Pirate Booty.
Small hands gripped the noose and they were mine Tears fell, the ground sizzling as if I were already in hell. This was it, this was my end The worry ends here, the burden dies here.
Thank you all for coming today,And thank you,Oh, and thank you,I forgot I invited you, but thank you for coming,And,Hey you.   I have a lot of things to say.  
The rhythmic beat of life, the reason I breathe, even the reason I laugh and cry. Without my heart I wouldn’t be alive, I am not capable of living without it.
It flows around us, Above us, below us. It sets us afloat And drags us under and drowns us. It gives us vitality and it lulls us to sleep. It induces tears and brings laughter.
What would this world look like with mindless people. Aimlessly floating about?  No opinions. Emotions. Means of living.  Creatures merely of survival. Nothing more. Nothing less.  Hearts beating for no real purpose. After all what do we become wi
I was just always waiting for summer. The warm crisp air the nonchalant freeness of a zephyr that saunters across the fields everything bathed in lush iridescent golden rays,
I am in love with what nature gave me The ultimate gift One that will never be put in the trash or given away It brings me joy, creativity, and life
I cannot live without my limbic system. Motivation, emotion, learning and memory.   Let’s start with motivation. Something people lack to see.
I do not know about tomorrow. I do not weep about yesterday. I do not worry about the present. Life's securities What are they? What are they worth? This is hidden from my sight,
I’m tired. Worn down. Reality is heavy. Day in, day out, responsibility takes its toll. Before I’m even awake, I dread the day to come. If only I could escape! Find solace and respite.  
Forlorn clouds invade and attack while Zeus leads the entire pack holding nothing back and no one to hold them back   Clouds meet the sun as Hera soothes her mother's son he becomes undone
You might wonder (at least once, admit it)By happenstance, a shower thoughtThat divulged into a conglomerate of ideas,Only to be worked and reworked a
and the sounds pale as if they come from water so deep and heavy that no words can reach. and so too, the colors are reduced to murmurs, reds to blues to greys; but they linger,
Blooming from life memorabilia in cardboard boxes, smelling like the crusting over of time - the afterimage of the past with all of its complementary hues -
It was a discordant ray of praises and worship songs of joy and glory But the most glaring person present was the one I never wanted in my present A bright yellow shirt, how fitting?
  A teal top is tattered towards a water ring, crisp pages with yellow edges are tainted with musk. Literature has been painted for the guidance to never be fleeting.
  A teal top is tattered towards a water ring, crisp pages with yellow edges are tainted with musk. Literature has been painted for the guidance to never be fleeting.
all I need is that green money green or silver copper nickel whatever makes a clank in my cup heads up lean down  scoop it up good luck for me and some copper in my pocket I love that green money green
All I Need   All I need  It's not so simple  I'm a small being in a vast universe,  Developing who I am everyday    All I need,  Well, that changes everyday 
You see the thing is I’m already lost,Alone and afraid in a sea of faces.Standing by myself on an island that’s only arms length.But it’s not a tv or
Trudging his lifeless body out of the rusty gate of life, A bloodshot-eyed boy stumbles down a gloomy street Breathing in the purities and love of the world
Mindless A state of being without the mind A state I hope to never find For I cannot live without my mind  
Cool to the touch, turns the dry skin soft; I find you, in the lonely hour. After my mom goes to sleep, what I do would make her weep; I find you, in the lonely hour.
You are all I need My Radiohead’s in the clouds The vacant thoughts succeed I was told looking up was really down  
Begin with a blank canvas A piece of paper with no identity And scribble a word or two   Make your memories into a photograph Using only what you know best Words   That is the axis
  We, as a WHOLE, are missing acceptance And that is all we need beacuse I am pained when saying this, but I cannot lie
What would I do without her? I have no clue, no inkling, no idea. Without her, my life would be a mess, chaos, disarray. Everything would fade into a dark blur.   How could I live without her?
You know what really sucks about someone like ME having to answer the question, "What is one thing you can't live without?"   It's that I don't even get to think about the basic stuff, ya know,  like food and
The one thing that I can’t live without What would it be? I could probably do without my family They’re constant bickering would drive me nuts Love and warmth isn’t always there with them
The day is hot and silent. Scalding sand pin-pricks my skin like needles and the heat of the island sun burns me tanner. I have been deserted for days, and my head is disquieted.
It is the first year unfamiliar hallways New experience   Oh I know this place I know what I'm doing now Upper lower class   So much expected Almost on top of this place
Inspiration has it all in people, issues rise and fall Purest form warm glow of light excitement, ideas work on all night Routine envelops interval starlight
My all, my life  I am healed by his stripes  He poured his love all around me  Led me to his kingdom people  Now I am free No longer a slave to this world, but a servant to him 
My clammy palms on the white marble countertop,  purple veins extending into those of the stone, dodging apple juice stains and stray crumbs.  
The only thing, that I need in this world, is me.   My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge.    Without it, I am not alive. I couldn't reminisce about happy days,
My right-sided brain Never slow, never plain Ideas zooming at fast speeds My right-sided brain buzzing like a bee Oh, I could not live without my creativity If I could see my right-sided brain
We love each otherAnd dislike each other,But can't imagine anything without the other. We've been through a lot,All the tools and troubles;But through all our struggles,We've been there for one another.  Thank you for support,For love and for grow
I apologize if the video (link above) is slightly out of whack. I've never done this before! :)   if the sun could go out like a light switch
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
I need wings,because I was meant to fly. Wings to remind me for what I will fight How far I can fall, but will continue to try. They say I have a small body and I shouldn't believe
Passion, love, kindness and reason; things that drive meaning of life  My purpose  To live without it is a life I refuse to live I live to wake up each morning with the intent to make a difference
To understand and be misunderstood. Stories made from stolen glances and borrowed time Magic dashed between letters and spaces and lack of punctuation. 
My culture is what binds my family together. It spreads me thin onto family parties and plates of tamales. It slaps me onto colorful paintings of flowers and fields and
All I needed was…     Chapter 1 Drugs   Sew me higher than my ambitions
I can’t live without knowing one day I will die Else how appreciate I all of Life’s splendor? For there is, to no extent, is there a point to vie If I know not the existence of my time’s offender.  
Theres lots of things i couldnt live without that only one being can cover. I couldnt live without faith; I cant live without love, i cant live without my best friend thats there for me everyday.
Without you, I could not walk.  Without you, I could not breathe.  Without you, I lack.  I lack the pleasures of life.  I lack feeling the wind touch my face and blow my hair. 
Sunder a sonorous symphony, and truths are uncovered as the band performs: That Sousa turns the background bird-call bland, and Tchaikovsky upstages thunderstorms.
All I need. All I need on a deserted island. I could take my phone, but without a charger it renders useless. Or maybe a food supply, with then no water. I could take a pen with no paper,
Hello, hola, Bonjour, ciao, All are words of salutation.   Goodbye, adios, Au revoir, ciao, All are words of valediction.   Ciao and ciao, goodbye and hello?
Father, i cant be without you You the water to my flower Without you my world would be blue I can't have the taste of sour I love you so much Its a whole bunch Ill never leave you side
I’m caught in an internal whirlwind, no escape in sight. Despair and doubt’s heavy blows bruise my skin, sharp knife stabs of panic and fear cut deep. Reality and my mind’s deceptions blur.
How ironic is it That the birth and the death Of someone is heralded in by a Cry?   A cry to free the lungs, A cry to pierce the heart, A cry to signal life, A cry to signal death.
Eighty and eight keysThat's all I needTo open my soul to humanityTo keep me freedIf I lost it allIf I couldn't seeAt least I'd have but eighty and eight keys
We inhale, we exhaleEvery second of every minute of every hour of every day.A routine our body performs daily:Taking in the invisible air,A transparent ocean we are submerged in,And releasing it back into our world,Sustaining life for all the plan
a satellite phone is all that is needed to escape a deserted island when you're alone   at the fist sight of salvation you will know you have succeeded and you're soul will be filled with elation
I have it  deep inside but it struggles. I struggle. The only need for my survival is within me but it is kept with inferiority  They say to keep your head up high 
The mere significance it has is overwhelming, It holds a spot near and dear to my heart. It is service.   Creating an atmosphere of caring and understanding. Building a better community.
What is born in darkness But promises the dawn? What is born of ashes But promises new life? What urges lungs to breathe And broken hearts to beat? What can conquer despair
One thing I can’t live without Of course would have to be ME, I can name many items, philosophies and people But at the end of the day, it can’t be.
Joy  I. The noise of those late night, city street, movie theatres with firecracker popcorn machines: that high top sneaker beat. II.
In my eyes, I am a success story A household name In my heart, I am irreplaceable In my head, I am unstoppable In my thoughts, I am unbeatable, unbreakable, powerful  
It came before us all And will continue after we have left.   It lives in birdsong In ocean waves on sand And in the heartbeats of every one of us.  
What would this life be without you? Without your sweet melodies And your soft symphonies?   What would I turn to When I can’t focus Or when I am feeling discouraged?  
Somebody once said No Man Is An Island, But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,
I could live without a phone. I don’t need an Instagram, I don’t rely on siri. I could live without electricity. The sun and moon shall light my way,
Held between fingers On this forsaken bleached sand, To skin or paper Your markings will not desist. For you fulfill me, And allow my expressions To flow freely from your tip.
And in the darker hours, My chest the nest of a skinny baby bird struggling to beat its fragile wings, I am biting my fist, Loathing you, Loathing me. 
Typing inching Eyelids tiring Heroes crying Villains dying   Sleep depriving Caffeine failing Planets burning Magic learning   Resolve crumbling Block existing.
The desolation of one's existence is a challenge Thoughts are rampant with no expression On this facade of emptiness lives love one so powerful, one so nurturing. When there is nothing we must overcome to build something to live off of. She will b
Little brother has four legs and fur but before you ask, he does not purr. He's the product of a Rotteweiler and Mini Shnauzer he's got a beard and his hair's very wired. The past two years he's been my best friend
On the shelf, it stoically sits, patiently waiting for a stranger unknown, to hear the stories of it. Eager, the story teller speaks, silently of the mind of a child, to the strong and the meek.  
Many say They would not adventure Without a friend. They need them to survive. Many say They need an escape A favorite place
I dont need a promise of sunrise or sunset. I dont need a promise of food. I dont even need the promise of rescue.  Beacue while im stranded here on this isalnd all I need is the thought of you. For what reason?
I show up at the farm, my home in Morocco for the next 3 weeks.   Terrified.   In the moment that I met her,
They say that needs are necessities Things you can not live without, essentially But to answer this would be to ask yourself- What makes you come alive?   For me, all I need is curiosity.
I have never been stranded on a deserted island, butI've seen others go. Many a friend has walked alongThat infamous way so broken and winding, off to distant shores.They walk, then run, then swim, to a land
That big great swallowing depth of Darkness. Blackness. Nothingness. Falling, slowly. Down.   Sadness. The feeling that you wil never get past this sorrow in life.
This morning, for once, I don’t look past the window pane. I find comfort wrapped in bed sheets, Outside there’s only rain. Never would I trade this view;
That warm blooming in your chest.   A immense feeling to do something Urging you to make or be something worth while.   That is Determination.   The most powerful feeling inside us humans.
She is the war, the carnage in my head, who speaks with bullets of lead and erects barbed wire fences. I am the rain, who settles down her rage and drowns out the fight
You are a child's entertainment. You are my entertainment. They scoff at your gaudy colours, They play you off as too innocent for their rebellious excursions. But I am here waiting with you
She saves my essays She guarantees all my 'A's I owe her - Google
I might be better off just saying that I can't write worth a thing. Some people think a pretty face will let you go and sing, but really in the end, it's talent that really matters.
We don’t talk a lot about ears, do we? They’re seen as simply the masses of flesh attached to the sides of newly Formed heads at birth Not seen in most respects as something of worth and yet
Under a blanket of sky When the world was black and white, And we inhaled laugher, exhaled smoke, Talking to the sliver of the moon, I remembered.    Laying in your dead-end street,
Oh babe, you know I miss you so sad you've gone away.   I inhale deep a time or two, in hopes you'll come to stay back in the chest and lungs and heart that cannot go a day
Standing right beside me, never losing a step, Is the One whom I need, the One who never left. I could speak of His goodness, or even his greatness, But the one thing of which I could never speak, is His lateness.
Alone on an island, on its beach where I lay, where the ocean moves slowly, and the palm trees sway. I look in the distance, where I see just the tip,  Of the bow that remains of my now-sinking ship.
Pocket Notebook Pocket notebook, my butter and bread A daily essential to write about my head That will always be used in every moment until I am dead And if I ever run out of pages I’ll just use my hand instead
I watch the wave, come in, go out, come in, go out. Softly brushing the white sand, of a bloody beach.  
My voice, whether heard Or swept away by the wind, Is a force I won’t allow to be obscured.   As gentle and quiet as it may be,
In a deserted island with no one but me, what would help me survive? Would it be my outstanding confidence, my amazing intelligence, or my talent to make tea?
My sister is my best-friend forever, I have her and she has me, So together there is we, and we can get through anything together.  
My invisible friend With me in spirit Cleansing me Washing me away into euphoria Drowning me in enlightenment And love  
If I were stranded on a deserted island With nothing but the dirt on my hands And the painful exhales transferring  From my body into the air All I need would be right in front of me In the form of Hope.
I can't live without breakfast tacos.son más que solamente tacos.  breakfast tacos are sustenance for me as cuddles are to babies.they're mom.  they're family.they're dad. 
Loneliness, I guess, is what kills me. I’m addicted to attention. I don’t know why, really. I have a way with choosing parasites to fill this never ending void I have.
the island is enorumous the water is deep i'm scared and alone i can't move my feet   i look to the sky it's dark and it's grey i'm trembling and scared but you're not far away   
No matter, What air I breathe or what sea I see I will always need a companion with me No matter, If where I stand is little town or city grand I will always need someone at hand  
My Identity   The one thing I can’t live without is my identity. It tells me who I am and where I go.
Wake me up in the morning And kick me in the night, When I have just a few minutes to write Because the sun is dawning. - I don't know anymore how many shirts are wet,
Gimme a drink that's fresh and cold Gimme a book that's long and interesting Gimme music with an addictive beat Gimme a blanket that's warm and soft Gimme a videogame from my favorite series
Eating was hard, breathing was hard. But living was the hardest part.  
I’m a realist I don’t look at the world through rose tinted glasses, I don’t search for the love of my life around every corner I don’t expect things to turn out the way I plan I don’t ever leave things to chance
I don't care about about my own emotions. Love, hate, sadness, depression- Whatever, they're all there. We all experience them. Nothing special. But empathy-Feeling what others feel,
All I need, All I want, Him. He's my favorite story, He's twists and turns, Neverending. He's my favorite view,  He's beautifully flawed,  All I need.  If I was stranded, 
You know what I want darling? I want the ability to love and be loved.  I want the power to not cry myself to sleep.  I want the beauty she has.  I want to see you smile at me the way you smile at her. 
Marooned, Shipwrecked; A pirate without a parrot is a wound But how does he pick his object? Circumspect, Retrospect Any way to reflect Not fed by a silver spoon
­You told Me You needed Me. Oh those magical words Every girl needs to hear. You told Me I was Your Someone Special. I Believed You. I remember the countless days You told Me
If I were stranded, relocated, beached upon an island My one necessity while living with the sand Would be My fungus identification book To guide me  In finding, identifying, and devouring all kinds of fungi This book holds the guidance to train a
Hush  Feel the power of the trees and quiet and you and natural beings  Release  As though your quartz heart has become glass and shatters and dances and sings  Peace
The time is fast approaching, and I am not ready. The time is almost heare, and I feel dizzy headed,  I have been working towards this all my life, and now that it's near, I don't want it to come.
Why have you left me stranded on this deserted island to die? Surely you know Without water, I die 
It has been forever... Since what I thought I was worth Was equivalent to who I really am Forever... Since my smile touched my eyes And my heart skipped a beat Forever...
From where
The thing I love most in this absurd little world        is no one person or object or song that i've heard  or feeling or gem life lesson ive learned but the       freedom to express all of that with my words and 
All-powerful and mighty one, you sit so highly on your throne. authoritative over each beat, each flow. Oh king forever, you are the river of life, sustaining each cell, each breath, each pulse. Oh yes
Granny - I may cry tomorrow   But not today. Your soul has left us, but are we to say that you are not still with us? Your smile, your voice, your loving care   Seems to enfold us everywhere.
When the night comes and the world is at rest I lie awake in my bed and I think. I think about my broken heart And the pieces I left at the shrink.   I’ve tried meditation. I’ve tried counting sheep.
Many people, internationally, are interconnected through this web of interaction. This tool has the power to topple over rulers and let voices be heard.
Though I would be alone I would not be sad For I know you are happy You are smiling, and problem free Because I took your problems And kept them with me On this lonely secluded island
I always need to be, able to use my creativity.   To be able to paint is to break a constraint, of societal construction.  
You fought a battle and won the war It soon came back for more,   Gone was seeing your precious little face Every year I make sure to lay a flower at your resting place,  
The forever that twinkles in their smile. The sweet honey that is their lips. The warmth of their arms. The butterflies.   Everything in you gives me butterflies. Everything in you is all I want in me.
One pill, every day, taken by mouth At bedtime It is not A quick fix It is not The easy way It is not As effective as a sugar pill It is not Instant gratification  
Im still growing up, but i can see my future by your side,when we're older we can have a wedding by the ocean tide,i love you because in my heart is where you reside,you may not understand why but you're all i need,
Tell them I could not live without the stars, Of Leo gamboling at close of day. How I’d mourn seeing only Moon and Mars And city lights drowning the Milky Way.  
What is to my life pretty vital? I can use it nonstop. It only has one title. It is a laptop.     Of course, with it, comes Internet.  I’ll just watch stuff, especially Netflix. 
A swift, steady, determined shake Sleeping village from slumber wakes The lonely streets caressed by flakes The town turns over, but snoozes on
It may seem strange, and a little out of range, but my faith remains in my forefront.   I'm not shy to admit -- I'd be lost without it: my faith in my God, who is my Light.  
Music. It can impact people make them feel. It has the ability to project emotion. Though not as much as the vessel through which it is carried.   The tones it creates makes new and interesting textures.
The lights shine bright and the crowd begins to roar. Here they come, instruments in hand and ready to play. The first powerful note explodes through the night sky, Freeing all those who are there to listen.
We take it forgranted, yet we can't live without it. It plans our day and creates our future, giving us motivation to keep on moving, yet we don't give it a moment. Some people don't have it as well off as others,
Wherever we are, whatever the distance, Whether in joyful or dismal times,  Whether for richer or poorer, I live with the hope that someday When life begins the final curtain call,
Love is all you need,  At least that's what they say. In my mind it plants a seed;  A reason to always stay. It wakes me in the morning And it kisses me goodnight.  No one thought to give a warning,
A knife Is so innocent with the potential for so much harm. So shiny, so pristine when maintained. I’ve imagined those knives in the kitchen, So sharp with their ebony handles, Plunged into my chest
1 I am happy with myself and my thoughts, For I have numerous flowers growing on my head. Each flower embedded in my mind holds great imagination and ideas
What happens to a human all alone? In a deserted, abandoned, faraway land, With no laws or actions condemned or condoned, Without duty, or reason, or another's demand?   The primitive life,
You helped to bring me into this world. You supply me with more than the other ever would. You bring me many things; Joy, Hope, Kindness.   Without you I would be lost.
Our beliefs are the bindings of a book they are what holds us together. When the world looks dark our beliefs are that great Ark. The one that Moses built it is what connects the blade to the hilt.
You know how apple juice is a feeling? It's more than a flavor, it's more shoving a straw through a little circle of foil, it's more than a cardboard-boxed part of your childhood.
In my world, there are places I've been to That left me breathless and wonderstruck in the most heartwarming way. There are people that I've smiled and laughed with,
Her hands run down my fractured spine and her arms wrap around my treacherous waist as she buries her face in my crooked neck and kisses my furrowed, tortured head.   She sees me.
If you ask the many about what they need on a deserted island many talk about food. Others talk about how they would need the right dudes.
How much pain will it take How many cuts must one make How much anger will it take How many pills must we swallow How much sadness will it take
Before my window I now stand. I see the trees and grass and land, That for so many of years have stood, Attesting loudly to the good.   I see before me as I gaze, The people free to go their ways,
Its the thing in my head that takes me from this place; to another world into the far reaches of outer space.  It allows me to be  whatever I would want and more; I could be a queen in a palace
The day starts as gloom Alarm blares throughout my room All I want is sleep.    Quickly close my eyes But then I do realize More to life than sleep.    Burst out of my bed
My father is 61 years old Usually when I tell people about this they look at me as though I’m crazy I’m only 16 years old, I would understand why   See, in the eyes of many, a 61-year-old man is too old
the definition of Love is complexdeeper than the ocean more confusing than human life yet more rewarding than anything else    
If there's one thing I need, Just know it isn't you. Because if you were to leave, to depart from my life. I would still be here.   If there's one thing I need, Just know it isn't acceptance.
Voices call my name, their words riding on the wind 
The sun glints off of the water And the day will only get hotter The water is still surprisingly cool   A day at a time I move a little down the line As if following a guiding rule  
I believe in life's musical staff I believe that life is one beautiful composed piece The stages of life are the lines and spaces of the musical staff As the music plays on
When I walk through the door, your ears perk up. You run to the door and trip over all my stuff. You greet me by sticking your nose in awkward places.
My mother taught me everything. 
I was thinking about you in an abstract way  when first faced with the urban sprawl of spillage draped over the ruins which were, in fact, built to become just that many years before us.   
Floating toward the center of the sea bathing suit wrapped tight around me where else would I be if not here then somewhere on the shore feeling the waves rise over my feet. Without a bathing suit
How could you leave me alone,In a state that was never considered home?You left without saying goodbye,What a cliché way to die.  
one thing above all: to live life consciously. it's too short to ride the ride, bland motions, segments of your life too easily  blur into a single fixed point or stretch of generality that leaves you wondering
  My Forest Life Oh, I cannot live a life without ADVERSITIES. I need life to be like a forest so my life can be a transcending journey a song or a novel later on.
Since the first time I saw the test,I've felt nothing but pure joy in my chest.Then soon after you began to kick and move,The feelings I had for you only improved.Then forever time seemed to pass,And finally, you were in my arms at last.Your daddy
The mind is a scary, scary place filled with demons and ghosts. History may haunt us, the future may taunt us but the present simply wants us.
The thing that I can't go a day without isn't something that I can hold or be with physically The thing that I have been with for almost three years and will never stop being with
Away from California, the land that I knew Into the heart of Texas, with a culture that was new The city was humid, which made me feel the heat
Whiskey never tasted so damn good on my tongue Until I could give you Jack-flavored kisses My farts were never less embarrassing   Until you named them "foofs"
It has been said that all you need is love,  but that is not what keeps me hanging on.  They say "Let go, don't worry about what's next,"  but what if happiness is just a lie?  My sanity is hanging by a thread, 
Possessions wax and wane. People often fade away. On this deserted island I see it plain: These things don’t matter anyway.   If you ask me what I truly wish,
(Transcript attached for accompanying video)   It was really more about symbolism than safety.  
Is this what it means to be a dragon?To hold fire in your lungs?To burn, to wholly consume oneself?To choke on your own ash and smoke?
Bonjour à tout le monde!,was what my mother heardwhen a drunk French professorflew in with too much joy for a morning classin that southern university classroom.
Day by day, When I've lost all control, I hear you say, "Hush- let my peace take hold." You are my one, My only wise God. To serve you means life- Who cares if I'm "odd?"  
I refuse to live without Him. Time and time again He’s patiently lifted me up as I stumble  As a father does when His child learns to walk.   Sorrow. The kind that after the quake; comes in waves
here i sit on an islandall alone on a beachi’ve my computer and booksbut college is just out of reachwhat a bad time to get strandedwith tests in a weekall i need is a cell signalnot so terribly weak
I’m sorry but I’m too stubborn to say it, I know I was wrong but I’m too stubborn to say it.
A piece of wood so finely tuned, Vibrating strings tightly wound, Strands of horsehair stretched so tight, Oh, how I find so much delight!   Making music from the heart,
Lovers salsa dance in the swelter of the spotlight Red A lone man patiently fishes, afloat in the expanse of the sea Blue A family hikes a trail unknown, guided by golden light filtering through the canopy
The heart yearns for what money cannot buy.  And the earth wants your soul, it sucks you in with lies.  But do not be forsaken, my dear, for love is true.  It will warm your heart and consume you.  
I need to feel awe, I need to feel loved, I need to feel lifted up, more than dust I need to be healed, I need to be cleaned, I need to be important, enough for forfeit I need to have comfort, I need to have breath, I need to have life, that doesn
What is the one thing I cannot live without? Is it the laughter that fills my home? The iPhone glued to my hand? Or the idea of making a difference? Perhaps that idea is the one!
You ask me this question    and I fire back, Why? If you knew me    you'd know this So don't ask me to lie. I'm not like other kids    who want friends or family. I'm not like other kids
I can still hear your voice I can always hear your voice Telling me I can do it Telling me I’m smart Telling me I’m worthy.   Sometimes I curse it Sometimes I argue
Happiness Real, rich Laughing, crying, spreading It’s the cure of all evils Love
From the very first moment She was there.   No one else could tell me what she can and no one else would care as much as she does   She is my guide She is my light She is my queen
The Bird inside my soul sings beautiful, powerful, free. She laughs and cries and lives, she is the key to me.   But as the lava burns the voice soon starts to die,  and all I'm left with is
  No Wi-Fi Signal :( Originally called the World Wide Web Has now become something we can't bear to live without The Internet, something almost everyone has used before
A cat named Snowy My partner in crime and friend Cannot live without
The one thing I can’t live without is this   Writing   Pen on Paper Mind to Word   I can’t live
Many have wishes Things they desire But all have one thing That we each require   It isn't a trinket It isn't a toy It isn't an object But it often brings joy  
You always had me captiveThe light in your eyesNever seems to fade awayAnd lately, these daysI've been missing you more t
What can't I live without?I really don't knowI want to say freedomBut there's people more low Maybe it's my boyfriendHe does keep me saneBut in all honestyHe'll just leave a stain
First rule of economics: We have infinite wants with finite resources, whether it's time money youth whatever you WANT.   Like (almost) everyone, I want alot of things
outstanding or buried deep down under cover of granite stalagmites.that grief so entirely lambasted & lamentedreprehensible- often i wished i could live without itbecause it is cruel& it is constant.
My memory of her.  She wakes me up in the morning with the goal echoing in my mind and marinating in my soul. Every look in the mirror is a pep talk for my plan of action.  I can't live without that memory. 
He touched my hand and it felt like fire- Burning, hot, sweet desire, He meant the world.   He meant the world when he said he
Pages torn and frayed The feel of paper under my fingers I get lost in the words The vividness, the scenery That the author paints with words
I can't live without him. He is within me.   He is in my eyes. I close them and through the freckled pattern of light and dark on my inner eyelids, I see him.   His cheeks,
You were the first person I ever saw You were the first person to ever hold me You were the first person to shower me with kisses You were the first person to ever love me
Morning breaks a quiet night, A song through sullen air; An understated, magic light Yet, we do not care.   We're told of why it happens, The orbit of our sphere, Still, instead of mapping,
To pick one thing Just one thing that I need Is it food, water, or love Is it clothes, shelter or someone to keep me company Oh how do I pick just one Will I survive on my own with just one thing
I am a mountain of arid timber, with kindling that fills my every fissure, surrounded by forests full of tinder. A potential pyre, impossible to hinder, that would burn with more than ample vigor
today, i found myself waiting sitting in this coffee shop relentlessly, thoughts of you engulfed my mind. our love was once budding now a for-get-me-not please, forget me not
you were like a dream to me you came and went so easily and when you were here i was drowning in your love and when you were gone i had nothing to hold onto, just a memory.  
Big and strong  A hero to me He taught me how to believe That the things I feared were only make believe He's my knight in shining armour  He's my father and my heart and soul Daddy's Girl for sure
 The Escape of Music Stranded on an island left to myself All I would need is music to survive Music will choose to wrap around oneself
sweaty palms deep breaths and tense muscles long-sleeved jerseys sports bras and spandex crew socks ankle braces and black and silver shoes and kneepads always kneepads
As I look out,All I see,Are waves crashing,Keeping me Far from home,Missing normality,My head is spinning,Losing my mentality.
I finally made it here at last, among the palms, crabs and sand.  With plenty to eat and a place to sleep, I don't know what I'll do to keep, my mind and heart from going in repeat, and thinking aloud, "This really stinks!"
Determination: I can't lose this In recreation or school I try to abide by this personal rule Determination: I can't lose this This is what will continue my life
As the world appears to stop As the events of the day and the events of the future begin melding together, to form one tangle of thought,
Ever since the moment I learned how to think I watch the others around me struggle and sink I thought to myself "That'll never be me" I'll be something special for the world to see   My heart is an artist 
I can't live without that one stroke. The one stroke in the water where the eight of us find our swing, Where the eight of us find our power. 
Minimalism isn’t minimal at all. Less is more, but what could possibly mean more than the oxygen circulating through your lungs,
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
Stuck trapped Sand invading my every pore HOME I want to go HOME What is home? Home is the memories  But if you fall They fall with you. The pen is my chance To not be alone
My Love. The one who holds me when I'm down, The one who listens when I need to talk, The one who tells me not to frown, The one who helps me continue to walk. One day without you and my heart aches.
As I sit in class, Moping,Daydreaming,Looking at the clock As I tune out the teacher,  The math,  The english,  The science,  I think.     When I sit at home, 
Seeking   Searching   My eyes relish the world around me   Once you have seen you cannot unsee   This sight that was given to me   To see the physical wonders  
I am stuck in a space where thoughts are endless Infinate time with no one but myself If I am to survive in a world that I cannot escape, I need to be asured of one thing: my confidence
The day I came to earth, I saw the many eyes, The eyes I knew would one day help me survive, From playing, to disasters, from right to wrong, From school, I grew to a now young adult, oh, took me quite long,
I thought I needed you,  Desiring your presence  Or your reassuring words Not anymore Others have not relieved the pain
The moonlit beach a ribbon in the night, I hear the salty waves with their loud quietness. My footprints mar the unblemished sand. Me on the island, the island in me.   I sit all alone on my “darkling” shore
A hollow empty feeling that lies deep within Alcohol, drugs, money; it all comes flowing in. Nothing can satisfy you'll never be fulfilled. What can fill this hole, deep within the soul? Pray and then you'll know.
Death confronts me often; Bearing his face in the form of;           Near misses,                    Almosts. He lets me see him as if from the shadows; His face, his eyes, the windows to his soul;
For, with his power you shall see another day. Deceit that takes place because of who you were and of who you are now.     
All alone in a lonely space. Abandoned. Forgotten. Sitting here with nothing but my own thoughts rushing through my mind as if they were a silent hurricane. I long for a familair hymn.
All I Need is Someone to love Someone to cherish Someone that cares as Much as I do   Someone to have on the dark,
The light tickle of a shore breeze, The blinding yet warm (like a Sour Patch Kid, first sour, then sweet) sun as a cloud parts, the sweet-water taste of a coconut. These are the things I cannot live without.  
In the dim suburban townhouse in which I stay, there’s a photograph of my extended family, smiling together on my grandpa’s lawn on Kelley’s Island.  
He is the only grandpa I ever had in my life.It’s such a shame he had to pay the bitter price, of being born, to only die.I no longer have him here with me.At times it gets so hard to see when life keeps blinding me with its negativity.I probably
Blonde hair and blue eyes. I reach for her but she recedes. I look and there are tears as she cries. I wish I could be freed.
There’s one thing in my life that is dear and ethereal And that dear and ethereal thing is called cereal. Mornings and nights, without a doubt
The oxygen and nitrogen That fills the air The faded colors of a rainbow That’s barely there The medical sciences That have enhanced life so far The laughter of children
They were created to be hated. Imagine how they feel, All the hatred they get. Everyone deserves love, Even circles. We don’t understand circles, But they understand us. They feel all the hatred
Silence. Not a crash, not a breeze, Not even the sound of a seagull or the shaking of a coconut tree, Just a barrier of silence for miles and miles surrounding me. Peace. I can finally hear myself think.
You're the one spinning But I'm getting dizzy. Never slow down, never speed up. Hypnotic, steady.   You're almost always in black- it's easiest. When I saw you in white, I wanted to cry.
Optimism, not just a word but a thought process that ignites motivation and adds a special spark to each person.  
Really, we all should know by now that Every life means Something, and all People deserve to be given an  Equal
The sea runs through my veins And stars have landed in my eyes I wish to travel the stars To see them in their natural glory
when Swimming from thAt broken boat and hoping-- to surVivE froM climbing up upon the shorE and being half alive:   wHen i awake upon thE sand and Lurch uP from my grave
"Knowledge is power" Those words repeats over and over inside my head Day in and day out like if it's all I ever needed to know   People everyday don't realize they're so into technology now a days 
what do I need? what can I not live without? I need art the willing but eratic the spontaneous but meaningful the awful and the adequate I need it in all forms I need it in all ways
A human friend no maybe not a human friend a friend that talks but not the same a friend that will listen but doesn't quite get it a friend that will greet you right when you enter the door
There is one thing,That matters the most,It makes my heart sing,And can leave me a ghost.   I can't live without,My best friend, Ashlee,She's always about,Without her life would be trashy.
Remember when mechanical hardware was made of giant’s bone? Suppose a system of pots, fitted beneath with shaped metal feet, piped water like blood, for use of its weight, to print symbols on stone. Did they speak?
What can I not live without? Is it a game or a sprout? A sofa or a couch? No, the thing I can't live without, My family, they hold me down through any route, Whether sad or happy,
My intuition is everything I have When I decided to move my life six states over And everyone told me I was making a mistake I told them I knew what I was doing My intuition sustained me  
A thought, a dream, a burning need One search, one hope, one miracle found How could I have ever lived without? Your majestic beauty and strength, centered boldly upon your cotton canvas,
Living without my identity is like slipping through the drain on the side of the road. Flowing away with the water Nowhere to be seen. As if I could be seen.  
Through the hell fire When everything is gone, I'll keep you close My beautiful angel.   To keep running In the image you saw, I'll never disappoint My beautiful angel.  
Many people waiting to see The wonder that is about to take place. Seeing the colors of different cultures, On the skins of the many people. Representing we are all the same,
A voice. Such a small thing inside. It can be whisper, Or a scream. It can be written And it can be seen. But I cannot live Without mine. It is the gift Each of us is born with.
Here lay I, Upon this overreaching cliff, Nothing but blood and bone within Deep abandonment. Take heed of my warning: Search willfully For I betray none And offer no secrets.
Get close and get comfortable we are about to depart. - Anywhere is just fine, name a time and place. There are no boundaries. - Everywhere and at any given moment... -
Walking into a school, What do you see? All the trophy cases full of the awards won decades ago. Look at those teams now, What do you see? Losing. That’s what. If you walk in farther,
All I need is to want, All I want is to live, I want to be happy insted of nonchalant, I want one thing and that is to believe. I need motivation, To have the strength to want to breath,
If I were stuck on a far-away Island I would not fear the sea or sand Nor would I wish for company Oh how freeing it would be To be alone- no one else would understand.
My brain has lacked the oxygen it has needed for quite some time time now- 4 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days to be exact.  
Wearing a mask Pretending to be something I'm not Impressing you, with the persona of a stranger Without being caught. Who knew, you would be doing the same.   Closer...Closer...
The only girl I want in my land, is the person that plays in my orchestra bandIris stronger than Isis , run like a virusEscaping from danger, faster than a ranger
 You Served As My BackBone Made Me Stand Evenly On a Dark Path , My Lantern Light  What You Perceived To Be No You Means No Guidance In This World , I Would Not Be   
As I grow the path continues to expand, for me to continue learning, and improve in life. Everyday I wake up, and I have the notion to look up ahead at what life has instore for me.
Flip through my anthology Skim and Scan my Spine How does it not betray to you Bequeath to you
Deep in the clouds where rain drops form Like salty tears before the storm Rays of sunshine trickle down To reveal a dime laying on the ground.   A story unfolds by the light of day
O,the beautiful one, who calls me His own, his voice so reassuring, his hug so warm,   who calls me His own, he saved me from dreary depths, his hug so warm, without him I'd be torn,
Sky glows sapphire, azure, marshmallow white and dazzling sun shines yellow, orange, orange yellow bright. Everything around me seems sure of color, except for myself. I am an empty, colorless shell.  
Long have I searched for what was lost so long ago For the memories of those times that I remember nothing about Without them I feel so empty... so very very empty...  
The wind whips my hair; The warm breeze tickles my cheeks; My body burns, but I've grown to ignore the pain; I can feel the terrain through my soles as it fluctuates; My lungs sting as I climb;
Right now it is 2:00 am and I am awake in bed, staring at the ceiling with glossy eyes as if my mirrored pupils could teach the blue sky above the Atlantic something about reflection.
What drink will refresh your pure soul? The chilled, so buoyant cube float high With tint of chestnut dark burnish, It stunts your precious growth toward troll.
They are And always will be, All I need. They hold onto my most precious memories; The moments meant to last a lifetime.
Lost and stranded on this gloomy island, A delicate necklace in my hand. Trapped and caved in my own asylum, They all said I will be forever damned.   This necklace is mine for it was a gift,
Bring back my mystic, my ecstasy, my passion, show me the mansions within my soul. Dogma is just strict enough to whisper through prayer beads, but today’s people need an Awakening.
Without him life would hold no meaning.  I swear it had to be divine intervening.  That brought him to me in my time of need His kindness brought clarity and planted a seed. It blossomed into something unexpected,
Hope and wisdom; nothing else is need On this alone island where I live Days and night goes by but Hope is always with me Wisdom is not going too far as after you my actions go by
In the most extreme and dire conditions- Whether it be marooned on the shores of a deserted island, or standing along the fault of mother nature’s disastrous earthquake crumbling,
He wanted her to heal his heart She wanted to give him her heart   He has felt pain and so has she She does not fear it, for it is how she can see See into his soul and deeply understand
All I need To survive the unknown Is a friend by my side And a place to call home
I've heard the question before and I'll hear it again, "If you were stranded on an island- on a ship- in the ocean- on a plane- What's the one thing- the most important object- your one asset-
Callisto My furry-haired friend That without, life would end I hold her near and dear to my heart We can never be apart She is my world Even as on my shoes she hurled I love my kitten so
My life depends on you, Like  rose depends on the sun. My life without you can't go on, Like a ship out in the blue.   I depend on you more than anyone,
I’ve been alone before.It’s harder than it seeems. There is one way tofight the loneliness. All I Needis my sister. She is my best-friend,always there.Understands me.Makes me laugh.
The one thing I can’t live without? There are many thing I would hate to lose, But there are very few things I can’t live without. Like the smile that holds my happiness,
I need her because she was there when nobody else was Giving me hugs and kisses daily just because I need her because she was my mother and my father Since he left her alone to raise his only daughter
All I Need is my heart But oh, much more Than for my own life   I need my heart To care for others To love the unlovable To help the incapable To understand what is confused  
A quicksand plague that riddles people with a dormantor prominentdesire to perpetuate misery and destruction: Evil.I heard God's instructions, I listened to my mothers teachings on eradication.but see, this dark, sticky wicked thing,im addicted to
Though it is hard to choose, Which family members to loose, I know I must pick the one Where the differences are none.   That which is spoke off in voodoo Says that we are one soul split into two.
All I Need. It Is As Plain, As It Is A Plead. It’s All In Your Brain. It Lies There All The Same.
I was stranded and took only one thing with me. It wasn't anything that the eyes can see. No color, no weight, no symmetry. I had it before I got here, where in the world could be? It was me, only me.
It’s slipping away from me, like sand, Desperately I try to grab the falling sand, but it continues to slip, -Away from my reach,
 The one who enters my dream and walks the paths to my heart,and I feel could never tear my soul apart.Maybe I’m crazy for falling so hard, so fast.I pray to god hoping it will forever last.I feel like he’s crazy for choosing me,maybe one day he’l
What can we not live without Our bird, friends, or chocolate fudge Food, water, breath What can we live without A can opener Construction paper
Celery is blue Celery is green Pull over the car 'Cuz I broke my spleen   With no spleen, comes no gleam With no gleam, comes pale green A green with no vibrancy Am I now just celery?
 Softball, it's more than a sport It's the air I fill my lungs with, It's a feeling that swells in my heart, It's what I dream about every night when I go to sleep Softball taught me how to be a strong woman,
If only I saw it coming, Things would be different. If only you came to me instead of holding everything in, This wouldn’t have happened. But you didn’t know what to do, You were too young to understand.
My cat Gus. He's more than just a cat. He's a friend. When I cry, he's always there for me. When I'm happy, he's happy with me. He doesn't care that I don't shower sometimes. He only cares that he gets food and belly rubs.
Oh Mr.Cowhide, how I love you dear, The crack of wood against leather makes me shed a tear. Your brand new laces are bumpy and rough, But for all the baseball bat beatings you take, you sure are pretty tough.
If I am to be stranded on an island surrounded by the sea, one thing I wish to bring is a picture of my whole soul.
Were I to never think before I act, Misfortune would abound incessantly. My reason is what keeps my life intact.   It’s what I hold most dear in life, in fact I know what poor decisions there could be
Words fall Like rain down foggy windows. There is something gentle in the silence. What can’t I live without?
I don't need just any person. I need you. I was drowning and you saved me.
My heart continues to beat along One earbud in, one out Or maybe headphones on blasting till i lose all hearing. I have to because the silence is torturous Deafening. When I'm stranded All hope is lost
Although she can be crazy Sometimes even lazy, I love her even more each day. She makes me laugh every time I see her
Without only one thing I can not live, Compassion, support, and love it gives, Those who birthed me are the ones that try, To make my life a better one before I die.
Our lands are poisoned by the unrestricted use of chemicals. The forests of trees once plentiful and green, stricken down by machines and burnt by acidic rains.
Peace of mind. Is all I need When seclusion surrounds my plane.   Some say seclusion is the enemy That it combats the idea of serenity.
Mommy always taught me that my dreams are all I needed to push me through. When I was in middle school and I experienced extreme low self-esteem, Mommy said to me my dreams are all I needed to push me through. 
Hope, such a simple word. But a word that can mean so much. Helps us get out of bed, helps us get it right in our head. Gives us motivation, helps us feel excitation. When hope is gone, why should we go on?
  I never knew how painful love was until I felt my heart shatter, Every word he said was a lie that slowly began to break my beating organ.
“There is but one place where humanity coalesces with the purest concentration of earth.    This is in a dimension where blank noise is alive,
There are things that I've grown myself with, things that I consume eagerly. Books I've read by the hundreds, journals I've written my life in, and songs I've sang out my heart with.
Music I can feel it in me   To sense my hands on musical instruments like piano or guitar is the freest feeling for me to have.  
I am scared. When there are a thousand different ways to go, I have to pick one way. I am scared of losing faith in myself. I am scared of being engulfed in a world full of negativity and hate.
It keeps me going, when I feel weak in my knees.  Faith is everything.
The day I lose art,  will be a sad one indeed... When I can no longer paint,  I will no longer bleed.   The day you lose art,  is the day you'll lose me. There's no life in this place,
I’ll remember you here with recollection Fading like the solemn, hushed breath of dawn; Laughing, smiling; star-studded eyes vacating
One thing that makes my world more sensible is the nonsensical. Absurdity is an art form—the masterpiece of a lunatic. It is watching Puck, there, gone, and back again—
All I need is the creative mind That generates to elevate  to stimulates the heart the eyes and the mind of myself and the whole rest of the world. It's full circle, you see
The thing I couldn't live without The thing that keeps me alive The thing that keeps me going It's a spark Burning so bright Trapped within me, The fire of life
The real question stands betwixt "live" and "survive" The latter just lifeblood, the former to thrive Any man can say he needs nought but food And cares not what the term "to live" includes  
Stranded on an island… Only water all around… I guess I’d want something To get off and travel around.   Stranded on a boat now… Oh golly gee how neat… I guess I’d now want something
I need people around me, Because being lonely just doesn't fit me. But I don't like people talking because their words Can be piercing. I need some peace and quiet to settle my thoughts,
Well I don't hate you I know I don't hate you That's one thing I'm certain of   See, cause I don't hate you Not when you push back my hair And you seem to be focusing  So hard
What is the one thing That I can't live without? If you asked me back then I'd probably say brussel sprouts.
Two eggs, one body. Hold a bond. A bond - so unbreakable, stronger than steel and beyond.   The bond of two twins is like one beating heart, Ventricle needs atria to both do its part.   
stranded on purple sand island with waters surrounding our feet no bags no belongings just eachother   breezes blow her long dark hair back and forth back and forth
The world is Black, A bleak balance beam, and I am blind. The world is Silent, A plunging sense of destruction that makes one want to tear themselves apart. The world is Empty,
All alone  surrounded by the big, blue open sea  with sand in the toes.   The sun, the heat drains the life within. There is no where to run or hide.
What would I take with me on an island way out in the sea? Well that’s simple. I’d take the Good Book that sets me free!   Some might say they’d take simple things to help keep them alive.
Alone, Desolate, Empty, If I were to be all alone You see, I'd need nothing more than he Who brings light to my eyes Air into my lungs Nothing more than his voice is enough
Somedays, when I think I’m alone, When I feel all alone, When I know It’s just me against the world, I close my eyes and I picture your face, And what you’d say to me on a day like this.
All I really need is... One thing that i could never live without It Is a special something A basketball! So much joy in just material filled with air
Exactly how long do I have left to live? Because if we're talking all of eternity, I'll need my memories All the yearning for times gone will be well worth it, I'm sure
I could not be without me. My memories; of them, of you.   I could lose my eyesight. I could go without hearing. I do not need to taste. I do not need to feel.  
Wishing for a way Thoughts running through my mind That maybe, maybe one day I’ll learn to leave it all behind   The only sound was the machine So peaceful in that bed
Come on ol' buddy ol' pal  We said we don't go anywhere with 'spooky', or 'haunted' or 'forbidden' or 'cursed' in the title. But this isn't so bad. Like stop shaking buddy- Oh wait that's me.  
If I could, I'd capture the color blue inside a jar and it would expand into gas, shattering a million times to conjure up dreamlight and I would call it mine. If I could,
I would not even try To Live without WiFi It’s all at the tip of my fingers The internet leaves no question to linger Why are the planets round? Where can the nearest Volcano be found?
Living without this one thing Can not be possible. A thing, No, not a thing. A passion. A passion can lead one’s life.
Anxious movements won't satisfy my spirit, ebbing and flowing inside like the choppy waters against this barren land. Food for the soul is bigger than catching fish,
My spirit, the foundation of my being. The sensation that swells in my chest and extends through my veins and through the tips of my fingers to the soles of my feet. That is my spirit.
All I need  To adventure, to grow Is my Bible indeed To stay sane, all to know  I may be stranded and alone To let life flow This is where I have grown       
paper  washi  washing  up  on a deserted shore  what I need  liquified then dryed tree core on which ink may bleed  on which graphites soft caresses leave trails 
All I need is my culture. The blood of the Meshika flows through my veins Know that my ancestors were not the Aztecs, For that name was coined by the European imperialist
Someone who you trust And they're always there for you You can't live alone
My life with you is like a sweet bliss  I just want to hold you tight and give you a kiss   You are my forever till the day I die I never can believe that you are mine
I need them. I yearn for them. I, at times, ache for them. Them, being my memories. At times, I start to think I've forgotten.  That I've lost them. 
When the sun shine and the moonlight may kiss at the peak of dawn As the waves crash and synchronize to form a song To feel the roughness of the sand in the palm of my hand
On top of my drawer is a brown Converse shoe box, A box full of good and happy memories, both new and old. There is a heart- shaped jewelry case made of porcelain,
The sun is light Light is not love But love is light It makes us feel warm and wanted Protected against the dark Love is where it will always be In each others hearts 
I can't live without music, it's what wakes me up, what gives me life. It fills me with unexplainable bliss, my own little world all to myself. Whichever song I like-how ever loud I want it.
Music and what it means to me   I love all the sounds that hit my ears whether it be music or birds or the sounds of the deers.  
All I need is magic in the air. The cleansing of rain on my skin, Artemis's moon to remove sin. All I need is magic in the air. The warmth of a crackling fire, Promethius's human desire.
if i ain't rocking my curls and waves well i ain't bein' me and if "ain't" ain't used in every sentence well it oughta be
The human experience is the resonance  In a world of fragile, sinking ships Where waves of emotion catch you unbidden Their permanence lost, forgotten, hidden   You can curse the waves that pull you under
Music is what makes me happy. Anywhere at anytime. Simply listening gives me joy. Attempting to learn words I obviously don't know. Jamming in my car, my room, and of course, the shower.
I refuse to stand here without you Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again Here I try attempting this impossible task But soon realizing there is no need
For Some Music is their muse But for me Ah,   Music is my soul The rhythm my heartbeat The lyrics my breath Bursting forth from my lungs   Each line an emotion
We could have been sisters In another life, we should have been After all, you are my mirror.   You know me better than anyone And always know what to say After all, you are my mirror.  
Love at first sight isn't for fairytales.  Unconditional love doesn't ever fail. Looking at her now, I can see how much she's changed.  But even through the years, a sister's love never fades.
I can’t deny this: You make life hard for me.   Each morning when I wake up It feels as if the world is sitting on my shoulders.
If you're always living for someone eles  Who is living for you  
Mom, you have no idea what you mean to me I've looked up to you since I was just three I hug you with all my might You squeeze me back so tight You say exactly what’s on your mind
What makes it worth it? What makes me write? What helps me decide If something is right? How can I do this? How do I create? When I was young, Who was my play mate?
Under the stars I am, Looking up to the heavens,  They themselves do not hear my cry,  For I am looking for a rose,  A rose that grows during winter,  That rose is all I need,  For until that moment comes,
Every day, Ever since I was young, I hoped   I hoped to play with my friends afterschool, I hoped to eat ice cream for every meal, I hoped to get that toy I saw at the store   Even today,
Love  I need love   Keeps me Saves me Inspires me Scolds me Praises me Hurts me Invests me Forces me Feeds me Notices me  
a boy made of gold, who keeps his hair brushed back, or not brushed at all, I glued him to my identity four years ago.   a boy singing lightly, he hums notes that tickle the insides of my ear,
All i need in life are challenges. Some say obstacles are things they can do without, Things they despise or hate.
Stranded on a desert island, not only a desert, but deserted as well. If I had but one item to soothe my predicament, what would I bring?   A book perhaps, to pass the time?
Wake up, get ready, headphones on walk the streets with a song in mind an escape from reality I'm moving on I'm not alone I'm undefined  
Some may say food, or water, Or something warm, But those just keep me alive, And I would much rather live.
For the rush of intense music & a new beginning can make us all a little delirious, seeing all the excitement of people's faces rushing past, beginnings reaching their ends, & here we all are, barely starting to see but a speck of the whol
It whispers to a small child late at night, urging him to not turn out the light.  It grips tight to an actor, who is minutes away from the stage, cheers and laughter. It is a part of every one, 
What must it be like To have flesh and blood Like the girl that I reflect Rather than pure wax.   The girl who gave me a face
Soft beams of amber light break through The transparent curtain of dreams to wake us. The golden hues fall over the tops of evergreen trees And rest gently on the heads of rabbits,
What is it that I need for this? Do I need my phone to live my life? Do I need a need a car to keep living? Do I even need a house to hold onto my life? The answer, is no I don't need this material things.
I couldn't tell you The void inside my heart Or explain why I feel this way I have everything a person could want A family that loves me A husband that adores me A bright future
Though I am sick, and I am scared I know my heart must be repaired I need to see the world once more A simple chance that I ask for  
There are things that people needBut what do I need the most,Something that makes me smileEven when it is not very close. I have a dog who I love
When I was thirteen years old, I thought the worst thing in the world Would be to wake up one morning and be unable to recognize my parents faces,
                       ME you  There is a space between these words but...  has there really ever been space between us? From the first beat of my heart, you were there.
My house is made from aluminum,from the walls to even my bed.It's getting colder in the winter,but at least I have a place to lay my head.
In this life there are no guarantees and there will forever be things that remain mysteries, but... here's to hoping.
Once, I wished upon a star To take me to a land afar   Away from death, away from life Away from sins, and stress, and strife   I sat upon my windowsill  And watched the stars, with time to kill
What can’t I live without? I think through the list, of things I use everyday. My car, my phone, journals, pencils, others.  
  Tell me the truth in this world Tell me what is on your mind Tell me why you are dodging my questions? You ask me, “What is it so wrong in telling a little lie?”
JR Farrell the one person i absolutely need the one person whom is everything is three since months gone to get him back i’d do
Its nothing more than a shallow, black pot Scratched and burned from years of fire too hot It may not seem like much, but right now its my everything I'm lost and can only hope to find a hot spring
The one thing I could not live without, is not what most think about. It cannot be seen, but is very serene. It is the feeling of someone caring.   When one is there to comfort my fears,
    Stranded all alone Sanity is all you need With nowhere to go.
What can’t I live without? I’ve been thinking out loud; “Well, the sun is important” Said my mom, “Food is important” Replied my dad, “What about your iPad?”  Said my little bro.  
I feel you on my skin Your sweet caress against my cheek You who are as harmless as you are destructive  Wonderous and immortal you give me strength    Reflective as the water which you ripple through
You Without you my life becomes meaningless  The world we knew ceases to exist It all falls to ashes, ashes That fill every crevice That cover my cold empty hands, hands That cannot be washed 
The look in his eyes said I want you in the moment. The words in his heart said I want you for a lifetime. Only being an object of lust caused the girl endless torment, because he was utterly in love with his California Dime.
The one thing I need the one thing to keep me living to keep my heart beating to keep my soul singing, my arms moving, my brain thinking the one thing I need is peace
A pristine glass bowl now was left empty Sitting innocently, casually. Porcelain white adorned the lighted tunnel, Water swirled, greeting the spectator’s view.  
It was dry now. No rain was coming down. I was sitting in a small room with no ceiling. My knees were to my chest, and I was looking down at the damp sand. I've never spoke a word since the day I got here.
I'm willing to give up the sunshine warming my ice cream covered hands I'm willing to give up the feel of loving hands twisting and brushing my hair
All I need is strength.   not the pretty kind, lifting weights   not the strong kind, punching face  
I remember a couple years ago sitting on my couch. No knock. No soul. No sound. No sound of blithe. Stared into the eyes of the TV almost as if there was a way for it to comfort me..
The first book I ever read was about a chicken and a wolf. The Wolf wanted to eat the chicken so the chicken hid until the wolf went away. I was five.  
If I should shed All of these Unnecessary superfluities Let them fall Like plumage Or foliage Or broken links from mail armor If I should slough them off As a viper rips through
There’s something in this world That some believe is not real. We reach and try to get ahold of it But it isn’t something you can feel.   It lies within, It grows inside
Left to my own devices I find the lack of devices rather spartan for my taste Left alone to exist I am left thinking of the things I used to waste Left til' the end of the line I make my decision with haste
Most people say what they need most is their cellphone, or their laptop.   But I never see people say who they need most, like their best friend, or their mother.  
You. I have always needed you. I needed you when I was a small girl, You chased away the darkness, The nightterrors that stalked my dreams ran when you shed your light. I needed you when they came up to me,
The one thing I cannot live without is my beloved, she is my soulmate-my other half of me. There're are two sides to a coin, the sun and moon, fire and ice. All I need is my love,
As I glare at my opponent I zone in on the moment. I pass the ball to the setter, could not be any better. We do our jobs so the next girl can attack. We act as one unit we are like a pack.
Is it blue and black? 
It's Simple Really All I need is a clear mind To find a way back home Even on a sand filled dome One never is alone If one can think To eat and drink Survival is a key To living happily
Somehow music always makes me feel better. It understands everything I feel, But don't know how to put into words. Some songs fit me like my breakfast club sweater. Some songs cause a great deal of memories,
Even alone, stranded on a deserted island, I need my Words.  I need them to fill my lungs with air, to give meaning to the silence.  Even though my voice is small, And no one is listening.
Palms fit flesh against warm wood coaxing steel melodies from worn strings softened by hands and time bend and dip to sound out twisting whispers as the body creaks and sighs with age and noise
These sounds bubble out of people’s mouths But no sound is the same – Some fill the room with it Others are high-pitched Short intakes of air Others are silent Others shake their shoulders
When it comes to living my life, The only proper metaphor is: Trapeze artistry.   I walk the fine line between stability  and a downward spill towards unknown depths. While I may seem confident and proud
When I cannot sleep at night and nothing feels right, I look to you. When you guide me on my way and protect me as I lay, I will thank you
I don’t really get quiet moments. Between noisy conversations in overcrowded hallways And my own intrusive thoughts, Silence has ceased to exist in my life. Even while I’m stuck on this god-forsaken island
Music to my left, music to my right. Without you, it would be so hard to sleep at night. The beautiful sounds you make, I love so. With a reed and your notes I blow. The jazz just blends and swirls.
What is survival? Breathing, eating, sleeping, merely existing. What is living? Laughter, weeping, in short, feeling. How to survive? Food, shelter, the basic, cold necessities. How to live?
I suppose that all a person could ever really need on a deserted island is food, water, shelter, books. But what I need is something ordinary yet overlooked. The one thing I'd drag with me on a deserted island, the one thing I can't live without.
Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't scream because it is the six thousandth time that I have turned on the shower.   We spend four years
This is it, the salty air in my face and the sandy ground below. The soft sound of whistling radiates around the silent cove. Other may think, ‘Why here, why now?’ Some say I’m crazy,
What is the one thing I can't live without it is that smile his pale cheek stubbled with innocence and change what can't I live without is it an idea
They told me the odds were stacked against me That with a heart in my condition With a family history filled with roses
I can't live without him. Rather, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He loved me when I was so empty that I might as well have been a corpse And because of his love I never became that corpse, rotting six feet under the ground. He taught m
If in an island I must stay I won't have much to take Just my memory To keep my sanity To stay as a human To not be ruined   My mother, father, and brothers
Brain: I’m stranded on this giant place, Sanity: a tiny island in the sea. Brain: Beautiful and full of light,
What is your reason? What makes you get up every morning? What keeps you above the water?   Daily tasks cause us to sink We begin to drown in the every day Holding signifigance seems nearly impossible
Silence falls before me, Leaving me all alone. Words forever trapped, They will never be known. I can't speak, for I don't know how, By I can feel it all around. The sound of the drum shakes the room,
A watchful eye, A smile wide As I played, And grew, And learned.   A voice of reason, A guiding hand, The cause of my please an'  A thank you you've earned.   
Every music is a life Bursting colors to the world Giving people a feeling that they are not alone It’s a friend that sings instead of talk With a rhythm and a beat It sticks to you forever
All I need is airUndeniably the most important thingBut there's something differentAbout the air that I need
The One Love I Can’t Live Without  by: Julia Siriodis    Has anyone ever asked you to explain your faith to them?  If the answers no, you might be trying to explain it to yourself now. 
One of these days you`ll be the last thing on my mindI`ll be able to get byI won`t have to try not to look into that beautiful set of eyesThe ones that make me lose my headand sing in the shower about every night
Truly, it is indeed such a shame, And no person’s fault but mine own, To provide a response so very cliche To cliche inquiry shown.  
Stuck surrounded by nothing but water with patches of grass and tiny mountains of sand. Capacitated with the thoughts and memories of the past. The moments that I once lived.
"all I need is long gone. dirty roads in red sun that spatter yellow and baby blue so so blue.   "dust is all I have now. ashes to ashes and
The one thing I could not stand to live without is a person indeed, although they would be just another mouth to feed. I could not bear to stare into the ocean blue, as I would only remember her eyes;
Upon the island of no escape, Dare I go without her take, She to me, to kiss my nape, Never dare I to forsake. The island is but a prison without her, All I am; Crazy about her,
Although She’s driven me insane             We could not live apart. We’re bound by chromosomes             And blood: an interesting art. She grabs me by the hair and pulls;
If it were to leave I would most likely go mad It controls me and I must give in whether it be on loose leaf or pad Both an addiction and a passion An enemy and a friend
Thinking back to the very fist existence, There was one that cannot be forgotten: Clad in white, adorned with thorns, And many emotions shown on its face. Age alike, the mind even more so.
I wake up in an island, But before I can pout, I look to my left, And see the one thing I can't live without. The thing I hold closest to my heart. And without it, I know I would fall apart.
  I have a dream. I dream of success. Of happiness. Of a degree. Of my own business.
Stranded on an island all alone 
I Can't live without my dreams, Living, It's the only thing I have, Or so it seems, Everyday I wake up to a new issue, My mind cries, I need a tissue   I can't live without my dreams,
I can’t live without my bad decisions, big or small these problems come crawling, not to talk or stay a while, but to slip inside the doors we left open
The Kronic Writer Presents:   Things you might need on your castaway vacation:
That subtle, elongated, breeze. How long it lasts. The swift sway of the trees. Vibrant leaves gentley descending. My favorite place, where I can regain sanity.
Swirling chaos engulfs my feet Yet my heart is a welcoming port As those wicked waves batter the gentle world                 Endlessly                                 Thoughtlessly
Disconnected from society as the beams heat the world, the gates are open to the earth above let the spirit of my late dearest  liberate from tranquility  and accompany me through the unknown of my solitude
What is love? Love was the pain in my throat. It was the words I couldn't say, The words that went astray. Love was the pain in my chest. From seeing someone else make him smile,
Your soft touch and sweet words keep my dreams alive, Dreams of tomorrow and better days to come, Days where your smile isn't anything more than a kiss away from reality, A kiss away from me.
words are the particles of flesh that line my bones and keep my blood caged in body. i intend to throw myself into the world and i need my skin’s protection; i need writing to comfort the blow if i were to fall from the life
Most take you for granted, saying money has more power in their lives than you But not I You, my sweetest friend provide me with all I could ever need The smile on my face, to the laughter that fills a conversation
the true root to all evil.devouring you to think in certain waysnot in one that you might be an equal,but in a way that gives you power,makes you become righteous,sworm to the oath that says "in god we trust".
Live music is not a concept. It is not something you can hold in the palm of a sweaty hand until the night has ended and then release like a caged animal when the band has exited the stage
She never sang to me But that's okay, she wan't much of a singer. Instead she tucked me in and offered me wishes of sweet dreams   If I didn't dream sweetly as she wished,
All I need is one living being All I need is one other soul All I need is a reason to keep breathing All I need Is someone to keep me whole I have all I need when you smile I have all I need when you laugh
You are Winter When the nights are long And the mornings blur Not a thing in our world is wrong.   You are Spring When what melts is grey And new life can cling
A blinding light.  Scratchy sheets. A piercing shrill.  Intoxicating smells.   My vision is fading.  My mind is failing.  I can't feel your soothing touch.
    now in a place we are forced to call our home a single empty piece of land where me and you stand hand in hand for better or for worse just like they told us, before we set sail to a mysterious island
A tree opens its branches with great notion It stands in place and never moves You can leave it and come back and it will still be there Its branches protect you from the sun when it’s hot
I'd say that I couldn't live without my heart, or my brain, or my lungs, or my bones, or my muscles, tendons, connective tissues, or my mouth, or my stomach —but that's not strictly true.
Hope? No, it's not that. Not at all. All I need to live Is that single reason. The "why" to my ways  The cause that I write for The explanation of My fighting through this life... 
I look unto the midnight sky and see her there, magnificent, radiant, and lovely. Too far away to be reached by human hands and hearts; and though I wish it wasn't so,
There is a girl With eyes so bright You forget that they're brown There is a girl So full of laughter You forget all she's been through There is a girl So changed, so different
It’s just you and music. When you speak, it cannot reply But when you hear what it has to say It speaks volumes. Revelations are formed. Emotions that you have never experienced before,
Memories. No matter where I am it's always with me. Whether it's sad or happy. Any perfect moment is a perfect memory. How could I live without any memories?
If I were stranded on a deserted island I would panick I would at least hope that on that island was a banana hammock. One thing I could not live without on this island is music.
All I need is a chance to be heard and understood, Not to be the mistake child who everyone talks about. Not to be making six-digits and have nothing to spend it on. Not to be living your dreams for you.
To some it lies absent invisible to the Earth some things you cannot see
Your mind works in curious ways, like the sun only ever reaches it on the days when you let your guard down.Your optimism is much more rare lately.  
I need thirst-  An abundance of thirst for the most barren of days, the driest of nights.  Not the thirst that dries your throat,  without that I can be;
If I had to live in bed, and if I could no longer be fed, but hooked up to an iv instead, and stripped away from all my family and friends, knowing, not if, but when, my life was soon to end,
Words.  Possibly one of the most  Important things invented  By humankind, Yet so looked over.   Their beauty  Is so often shaded by  A world of screens and emoticons,
Something that I can't live without is the idea that my child knows I love her, and that I'm sorry.   I was 23, too young to be Your mother Living a life Wild and free Reckless, like any other
All my meaningful memories are all I need to live. Those where I used to learn and those where I used to forgive.   The nights so long ago my mom sang me to sleep, promising her love
They're always there without a doubt, and when you need them they'll help out. They make you laugh they build your courage Oh my love for them has no shortage. They keep me sane
Power of a lense To capture beauty or pain A wordless message
If I were stranded on a desert island- The one thing I would need is a raft- but not neccesarily one made of wood.   I would need a raft made of ideas and innovation- 
Aching inside with a need unmet Bubbling, brewing, bathed in sweat Catastrophe made with a single wave Dumped on sand alone at bay            Eaten away by the days unknown Fate’s skill of cruelty honed
This world is amazing So many things have been created So many people are worth prasing And so many things conquered   But if I could only choose One important thing to use What would it be?
5 fantasies fuel my fascination 4 familiar fears fixated on my faults 3 thoughts that thirst for thrills 2 talents taking time to transform into   1 soul that is mine to claim
Why would you name a boy dog that? A mercedes has style, my dog has style. He walks with a twist, to let you know "I have arrived." His tail is of the highest caliber of cascading exellence. 
I can't live without the addiction the pain the fear the instability that surrounds all that you are. I crave the anger that pools black and heavy in my veins
Dragging along Desolation Only to feel deserted From the company not present. Yet, This defiant mind Is not lonely.
The thing. The only thing. The only thing that I need is everything I was made to believe that I needed   The thing(s) - do I really need anything but my own
Life Without Mom Is Life Nevermore To Run My Life Without Her  I Would Be Blind Blind To The People Who Try And Coax Me  Into Hate And Wrongdoing I Would Stride From My Goals And Move Far Away
I am me, I am self worth I am a living being and participant to life and nature, I am a representation of myself, I am a representation of what is important to me,
Thinking about this scholarship there's only one thing that deserves my authorship, because there's no doubt that God is the one thing I can't live without, since I live with his sponsorship that reminds me of our daily partnership
Grew up an only child  In my eyes you were the only idol You tamed the untamable You were the unbreakable  Others sit and watched things happen But you got up and made a difference
Spicy, robust, and redCausing conflagration in my headWithout this sauce I’d be dead.   Some say love is all you need,Others crave power to succeed,But a slave to greed is ne’er freed.  
I've been walking for miles in shoes too big for me. Looking for answers to those same old questions. What are your plans? Where are you going? I just wish my feet would tell me.
Oh, sister, we are bound by blood eternally An ocean separates us but I can still feel you here with me Why, at night, do I have nightmares, and not dreams? Because, dear sister, you are all I need
I thought that You were gone, your soul in the hands of Death. I remember You lying there,
In the white powder that surrounds us, His warmth is all that I feel, And the smoky air escapes my lips, As I struggle to breathe, Against the thin freezing air. He is my warmth.
You're not my mother I can't call you everyday and ask you questions I can't yell at you I can't curse at you I can't blame you for what happened and hold it against you
Is there one thing I couldn’t live without? Maybe a book; maybe my closest friend, But no friend lasts forever. What about A book? No, those grow dull and always end. If there’s one thing I couldn’t live without,
The only thing I dream about Yet keeps me up at night Is the samething that haunts me The same thing that makes me fight Sometimes I wish I didnt have such a need to make things right
Tell me not the earth cannot breathe.I heard it sigh when the warm front hit.The crickets sang to the amber breeze --(Too foolish to know their time was short).
My body yearns for it, my brain cannot thrive without it, my mind needs it to be at peace. Without it, I cannot survive. The others point and laugh, for I am nothing when I neglect it.
There are many people Each holding many things dear However, among them all, There is always one thing, recognized or not, That no one lives without   What does everyone have
I am all I need. Underneath my moonlight skin,sure as there are veins full of blood,sure are there is DNA,strong bones,heart, and spine,there is something deeper,
What do I need? I need him, His voice, His kiss, His touch, His trust. I need his love. I need to be near him, Near the joy that he exudes. I need to be near his gentle hands,
Blood does not necessarily bind you. Small, petty arguments need not break you. All you need is that one friend to guide you. A friend to love you, A friend to listen, A friend to tell you matter to them.
Acting All I have ever wanted A stable future All my parents have ever wanted I want experiences, dreams made into reality, a life that is my own, happiness
The Truth is be like a flower which gives a fragrance to even those who crush it. The Truth is when words come from the heart of anyone, they find a place in the heart of others.
one thing you can't live without?  it provides me with all of maslow's hierarchy of needs it provides me with my basic food, water, and oxygen  it provides me with safety and security
One thing, beyond compare,  In our hearts, everywhere. In our lungs, before our eyes,  throughout the land, throughout the skies. In the oceans so deep and blue,  it has no color, it has no hue.
Should I go for it or should I stay quiet? Should I speak up or stay in silence? Anxiety takes over my mind and body  How am I going to get through life  If I keep avoiding everybody?  
Hopeless I stare up at my ceiling. The walls close in. I am hard pressed on all sides. Alone in an immense world. There is uncertainty in everything.   I am swallowed whole by my thoughts.
I am the accidentals in your overture, the flats on your bad days and the sharps on your goods. You are the black and white keys in my c                                                                 h
Where I see no path, You clear the way. I am in a constant blizzard, a tundra, wandering aimlessly. Nothing but falling snow clouds my vision. But You, Lord, take this vagabond and leads her.   
I need company Any form will work with me Or insanity
I shall outlive this powerful rhyme But lose my luster to muster my cartographic bluster throughout this unruptured eon Like old clockwork picking up grime whose ticking loses its time
Identity Who I am This is who I am  And you shall not take it from me My sense of who is Me And what I is and is not  Look This is who I am This is the core of me
Can you imagine living without yourself Living in a world with no light Without a blooming moonshine You would live a life of fright.   Can you imagine awaking to the mundane
The one thing I cannot live without is myself because she is a piece of me.
Words have a pulse, They bleed and they bruise, Like a heart’s beating impulse, Only that you get to choose.   Like a scream gone ignored, Or a sob in dark, behind closed doors,
All I need is the woman who has been with me since the beginning. I can always count on her to help me back up when I fall. We fight together, cry together, laugh together. My friend for life, my rock, she's my momma. 
to be alone without friends without family without life there is little that i would require   despite this internal desolation there is but one thing that would comfort my isolation
My friends are the most beautiful people I know. I was struck in the moment when I realized we build walls around certain stories because we are  too scared to reveal ourselves,
To live apart Is to live alone As loss of hope Is loss of home In worlds of light And cities fervor I wish to dance Forever more Familiar faces And friends abound
There is no happy medium to an addiction like this, but I feel its power when I put the aluminum can to my lips. I take a big breath before I take a big gulp because I know as it goes down
I’m using it right now.It’s my favorite thing.It’s helping me write this,For all of you to read.All I need is quiet.
The Rabbit HoleI fell in love when I least expected it No, I thought I’d be alone I was finally enjoying the solitude
The one thing I can't live without would have to be an unlimited supply of paper and pens. I don't really write any good stories or poems or anything in general, but I like to write.
You, my dear sister are the one I  can't live without You, my dear sister are the one that  makes me want to tear my hair out yet also gives me joy. I remember, my dear sister
If I was stuck on an island and could just take one thing What one item would I most certainly bring? A favorite book so I could curl up and read? A supply of cheeseburgers upon which I’d feed?
She woke up feeling numb She lay on a bed of cold hard sand Her head pounding and tearing at the seams  She could feel the worries of her parents seep into her veins
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
Waves: crash,Sand: coarse, grainy, irritable,Waves: crash, break,Shells: sharp, jagged, painful,Waves: crash, break, awaken,Sun: hot, blinding, powerful,Waves: crash, no more,
A Mother’s Hands Your gentle hands held me from my very first breath. They guided me for my little first step. Your hands held me close when I couldn’t handle it all.
Into the silent night, Where the waves and rock clashes, All I'll need is you. We can hug under the moonlight, And make love, And when the morning comes, we'll be covered in dew.
Accompanying the vital needs that is necessary to live, is an element that I cannot bear to part with. The gift of imagination is one that is bound to outlive,
What is it that I can not live without you may ask? Without telling you directly, I lead you to my answer in a riddle: It is not a person, but a person without a mask,
I wander amongst the damned and the damaged Help me for I am misguided I'll bring the whole world to it's knees And your presence will be my salvation My motives are naive  
All I need is the most dangerous thing of all. It can start wars.  It can kill.  It can push people to say things they don't mean.  It can make you miserable.  But, this same thing is the sweetest too. 
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
The one thing that I can never live without is the peace that I strive for so that everything can turn out well for everyone and the calm that will keep
All I Ask Is for your support and your love and understanding. I don't ask for much.  I am a very quiet  person.  I just wish  you would understand that I am alone 
I can conquer anything -  Any struggle, any strife, All I need to do it is my fingers and my life.   Performing is my passion. Drawing is my dream. I do this each and every day,
What would I bring to that island with me? that island covered in sand the island which hugs the boundless sea the one devoid of man Perhaps a textbook on phonology or a bible or quran
Some people think my religion is crazy, but, the foundation of my life, I can't live without Because even on a deserted island, my thoughts would always turn to Thee To my Savior I believe, without a doubt
Such sweet sounds which all can play,  The toungless too, those whom can not say. They all know that highest rafter Of kicking back, surrender to laughter But what value is laughter unheard?
All I need is faith, trust, truth.   And all I need is self esteem, stability,
Passion is all I need. With it I am king. Ridden like a steed, Passion is all I need. For passion I'll bleed. I can do anything. Passion is all I need. With it I am king.
Love--- the essence of what keeps me warm when everything else has left me to freeze But what happens when love wants nobody, and pain wants everyone?     
When two soft fingers connect, there is a certain kind of energy that flows between them. With the first burst of pain from the initial static touch, the spark generated is daunting, but equally exhilarating.
Between them lies a road walked on by all, Yet few in lifetime try too hard to seek. The young and foolish toe the road in cheek; Though young, he simply burrows in his shawl.  
All my "friends" are gone and I'm left here alone. L o n e l y.  They took every piece of me with them. I am nothing without them.   I can't breathe. My chest is getting tighter and
All I Need,All I will ever need, Is that sweet, sweet music. Looking down to the ground.Repression, Depression.Note by note, music holds me close.
Desolation and isolation are killing me No laughing, no playing Sitting on my own for the rest of eternity, without you by my side We are bound together, what's mine is yours Every second of every day, I am with you
Ruby, rose, cinnamon and scarlet paint my body in dancing fragments of light as the sun closes her left eye and hugs boundless mirrors of sea,
if I were to wake up, tomorrow, with sand snuggled in between my toes and only waves to wave hello to, I would not wish for a cup that can't be emptied or a stomach never left unfilled.
He will never turn away from me no matter how many times I push him away or doubt His love Or question him angrily about why I feel this way and why terrible things happen I cannot truly live without His love
I sit alone, huddled in a corner of misery and knives in my back, crying over my last strand of thread, not long enough to sew my withered shotgun shell of a heart
The tide changes twice a day on most beachesA gentle push and pullBeckoned by the moons constant sway.
It builds more than a hammer It hurts more than a gun It inspires more than a speaker It cuts more than a knife It can create hope But also pain It truly is mightier than the sword
Without You I am nothing I must be joined with You Sustainer of life For if I am not I will see only darkness Only hard times Only pain But with You There is radiance
Today, dear Padme, my only desire,   When I close my eyes, I can see the fire that burned anew every time I saw you  
Me, myself, and I That's all I need to survive I need to use what I know So I can build a functional boat I need to think of how to live So I can survive all alone I need the brainpower The will
The water to drink, to quench my thirst,  Is only as good as long the river flows The food to eat, to nourish my body,  Is only as good as the time it knows.   The roof to cover, to shelter my head,
To feel, to be, to laugh, to sing, to cry, to speak, to belong, that is what you are,
Deep in sorrow she pulled me up from the ground were the tears started to wallow.  She inspired me to be my best at what I choose to do. She's an old spirt but a young soul. She's kind, caring, loving, and most of all crazy in every way.
I enjoy the beautiful trees swaying in the breeze. The colorful petals that decorate the green leaves. Can you hear the soft hums of the trees? They sing nurseries to me and no, they're not bees.  
The power of Family: unbearable, unbreakable  love. The one hour fights, the arguments of grades' the tears of struggle  come in the bundle of family. But what about the years of parties,
This is my life, where I was born  and raised and grew and broke. This is the ABC's of my life. "A" as in anxiety for the feeling  I got in my  stomach when "B" as in bystander's look at me.
We all need something or somone An object or even a pesron Something for us to grasp and cling onto for the rest of our lives.
A tunnel shrouded in darkness A train of fear speeding through A tear slipping from closed eyes Not a single light in view.   The tunnel stretches onward The feet stumble and slip
A sheet of paper is my door To an undiscovered world. An idea is the lock. A pen is the key.   A pen in my left hand, Blank paper before me. My mind reels at the possibilities.
That's a loaded question, What can't I live without? Love? Breath? Bread? What about life? How could I live without life? How can I live if I've already died if I don't again receive life?
Steel casing, battery, Wick and coil is all I need. To vaporize to realize That life is right On anti-cancer’s side   Frowned upon, it’s not wrong Read this poetic song Vaping is a melody
All I need on this deserted island is. I could have clean water or cheese wiz But I just want a friend to quiz A friend to hold to cuddle to love One that fits to me like a glove
All alone on an island no one here to see yet there is approval I still need my ultimate weakness that cripples me is my never-ending anxiety to be approved in this corrupt society
Crash Bandicoot Your were my Childhood, my hero the days that I struggled the most, you were there because you knew  I was bored 10 years you fill my heart with joy and oh boy you were good at it.
Mystified, sentiment of sorts/ Serene/ Undress time with tea/ Creamy like a milky way/ dare you dream/ sooth the mind with a bit of TLC/  Time will reveal/ the reason to savor the moment/
In life we have our challenges, every single day But how we act in spite of them, what we do and say, That will be our legacy that lives on past this life. How will others see our deeds in face of petty strife?
Day Today   Memories, no matter what I do, How much I try How many times I’ve cried Or the countless times I’ve said bye It’s these memories that I can’t seem to live through.  
I feel like I'm falling, Even when both feet are planted, On solid ground. I feel like I'm dying, Even when both ears can still hear, My beating heart. I can't make sense of this,
Way back when Before broken dreams ever existed My daddy always told me  That I could be whoever and whatever I wanted to be "Reach for the stars" He told me so
Way back when Before broken dreams ever existed My daddy always told me  That I could be whoever and whatever I wanted to be "Reach for the stars" He told me so
All I need is The sun illuminating In my hair I care noware I may end Just the sun  In my dark brown hair An neverending ocean Where I loose myself In the ceaseless waves
As her soul lifted from her and flew above the clouds, It quickly came to me that she would be gone forever. Leaving only memories and my heart to sorrow and feel an overwhelming pain.
A smile means more than anything.
In this erratic, hectic slice of existence the only thing I need, is understanding and peace. Life is a minefield already, need we add more fuel to the flames? When I was young my mind could
It's friends like you,   That keep the sky that perfect blue.    It's friends like you,   Who knows what to do.      I want a friend like you,  
It happens to all of us With our dark hair that we pass on like syphilis Mother to daughter, and back again. Or maybe it's our round faces that submit themselves Unknowingly to the world.
I’m going mad My brain can’t relax Nothing kills faster Than a mind without tracks   What keeps these tracks so straight I ponder What does my life contain That keeps me sane
    I am of the utmost importance Without me There is no me There is no swirling cotton candy colored galaxies
At the end of all things, exists the Earth, exists the universe. Humanity is gone, like we always should’ve been.   The world is green and blue,
Morning bells boom betwixt lofting ashes and Unsheathed blokes razing the town; Pirates about pillaging and raping As they please; Militia have fled the town.   Morning bells strike as the hanging and
I would take her with me The one who faintly whispers into the pit of my ear never to give up and have no fear I would take her with me The one who so warmly embrasses me for who I am, and not who everyone feels I am
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
I’m in love with an Angel from the sky   Who has no memory of what she is.   Therefore, I am always wondering why  
She is my lifeline, Not my wife, Not a lover, Not a sister, Close though we may be.   She is silent, But I know her soul. She speaks to me in measured tones, I speak to her,
What I can't live without? Hope. It seems so quintessential, but it keeps the sharp edges of my mind gentle. Without it I wouldn't be here, becase 3AM anxiety isn't so sincere.
On a snowy day When the world whispers white, No one makes a sound. Text messages are silent, subdued. How funny is it that a phone call could send The wrong message, right?
All I need is music A single song to speak to me In metaphorical tongues that dance With each syllable set carelessly free.   All I need is music A majestic melody of fantasy and adventure
Whoever said life was easy was wrong. The walk in the park for me has been like walking on glass for me. Years of abuse and pain, from "I love you" to "I hate you".  From a made up face with makeup to a face with bruises. 
With the darkness around me I am lost. I am no longer near my home. I hear the waves crashing against the shore just like the waves of my anxiety smothering any light left inside me. I fell so contained by this darkness.
 The one thing I want is to have everything that I need.. I need my self-confidence I need to know that I can do anything I need to be able to love myself I need to trust myself  
All I need is critical thinking The power to discern, The ability to learn From the issues of everyday life Solving problems by linking
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
Little girl wanders through the woods - lost, shrunken, and barefoot She leaves small holes in her wake, Hansel and Gretel-ing a path of lost and unfound    Little girl is searching for something
I'm sure this day will never come But God knows I'm never right I'll find myself on a far off shore Alone, with no help in sight.   Even so, I'll than my stars That I had though ahead
You have it, but it's invisible It defines you as an individual It could make you timid or make you bold And it's more valuable than silver or gold One belongs to every begger, monk, and criminal  
Cold blue water at my feet, wading through the waves. Glancing down at my hands, hanging at my waist.
"All Special Needs kids need to burn in hell" I laughed. It's funny when education is wasted on people like this boy. I laughed. It's funny how he is so ignorant to his own flaws that are shamed deep within his mind
In solitude I am heard. In company I am shared. Free as a bird, but not freely bared. Comfort, I can give, Yet more often I take. Inspire, provoke, instigate. I exist in the mind.
The melody pulls me, takes me somewhere else somewhere Better than what I have with simple notes on a page that live through my voice
I move toward you, ever closer, only to have you fly away. I fight to you I strive to you but no matter how far I reach out, you evolve to something more.
KnowledgeKnowledge is everyhingKnowledge is powerKnowledge is a flowerThat will grow when it showersWith books, and learning for countless hoursKnowledge is food for the brain
We are two bodies that sails the body of the sea In search of our lost souls driven by the riches We heard of this land by the many in our genration No one haven't really seen her, only a figment of a long lost dream
They say all you need is water, food and fire to survive, but what about love, affection and support? I need someone to tell me i'm worthy, and tell me everything will be alright.
I cannot live without love, If you are none faithful or a believer of a man above you have still felt love once upon a time if it be for your lover or your coin we have felt love.
  home is built upon wood and cracked hearts with doors slamming like gunshots and the dining room tables has been split   home is a funeral in my chest
I'd need a book, one to direct my path Another human might be lovely, but it's known that time is imminent to succession by wrath
It's you. Just you. Only you, that I cannot possibly live without. It's your love, And your kindness, that powers me through every single day that passes by. It's the warmth,
Washed away,  thrown away, they’re not so different. And I don’t need much.Washed away, cast away, thrown away, gone away, I just need one thing.     I don’t need time,
Sometimes I wonder what I would do If I lost the greatest thing Thats ever happened to me The girl who makes me smile Who makes me happy Who makes me feel like I'm the only man in this whole world
Oh, that one thing That one thing I'd need on a deserted island is not a thing indeed   She goes by mom, or mommy, or mother If I were stranded on an island I wouldn't prefer any other
I know it is overused, I know it is unoriginal, But it is the only thing this life I cannot go without.   Family is my blood, I cannot go without any,
All I Need How vague How .. would one sum up all I need? However, not to be mistaken by what I phene. I need my family. I dread the day they'll no longer be on earth.
     all we ever wanted was to grow up,  all we wanted is what we have now. all we want is what we've got. and we've got what we've wanted. we never took a step back, never for a moment took a look at what we had.
The sands scrape my skin as I take a glimpse at the morning star, My eyes are sore and my skin vents from this inferno of floating flame, My inner oasis is pulled out of me from every pore of my body, 
This isn't a poem This is a story This isn't unnecessary things I want Nor that I think I need, but These are things the world needs What the world needs, Is What I Need  
my eyes are swollen red a blissful tragedy   just don't take them away: my friends are paper thin thin as air   they spiral and drop and rain and pour and they hurt me so
A spark to ignite a great flame The oxygen to a fire Even stronger than all my fears Hope... All I need to light my path.
So I'm on this island thinking "Oh shit man this is it this is the rest of my life.
  The fuel to a fire. The flour to a bakery. The thumb to a hand. The heart to a body. Love. The ocean to a whale. The scalpel to a surgeon. The reflection to a mirror.
The book upon the bookshelf, was old and filled with dust. It stood there day to day, the solider at its post.   The book was everlasting, with pages so complete,
Who says I am a liability because I Have big lips and a big nose Who says I am a liability because I Have nappy hair and brown skin Who says I am a liability because I Eat fried chicken and watermelon
I ponder into the bliss waters of what my life was once like. How wonderful of a decision it was to start over on an island in the sun. I don't want a phone to call the people whom I left in the first place.
the concept of Friendship is so odd although I could not live without it you meet someone that simply makes you smile and nod I need Friendship like a drill needs a bit
Restrictions lead to convictions of the mind. My creativity should not have to do hard time. Imagination is our only weapon against the battles of reality. Logic and common sense release a common brutality.  
The root to all evil, The purpose of life. We can't live without it, No matter how much we try.   But why? Why conflict? Is the idea of perfection too overwhelming? Without conflict, 
A lone light drips down the pavement, capturing the blood moon.Footsteps approach knocking against the ground, I reach out laughing into the darkness, as I pull away from the deep blue-green.
I see it all. The haves, wholes, and quarters. I see the silence and the SOUND. And oh, those crescendos make this world go 'round. Yes, I see it all, but what am I hearing? 
Day can’t compare to thee’s simple beauty, Now seeing you puts my mind right at ease, Thoughts go in without my authority,
All I need is them Just the three of them and me He's called dad, his son is called brother The other is with me. Just the three of them To guide me on my path Because when everyone else is gone
All I need is warmth   to know you are by my side    If I cannot smell your sweet breath, If I cannot see your crooked smile, If I cannot hear your ethereal voice,
You're the love of my life, You light my fire, My honey bear. You're all I could ever want. You fix my problems, You take away my pain, You love me when no body else does. Even if I had-
All I needed throughout the nights along the long and winding roads where mind meets soul is the sweet symphony in my heart pulsing through my veins the timpani drums enclosed beneath muscle and tissue
All I need is a place to call my own can you hear me now do you see me now This house is not a home!   The ground is shaking and I am screaming Cant you see me see me now  
Warm feet touch cold floor  As I slide my body out of bed. Muscles ache and limbs stretch  As I walk myself to the mirror.  As I stare down my likeness,  the wrapping process begins.   
Looking around but nowhere to go Feeling no hope All I need is my phone Noone to call noone to see Waves go by slow but steady in the sea Birds fly like a singal but no bars in area
All I need, Is something that cannot be taken away, Something to carry me, Through each night and every day, All I need, Is something, To create a sparkle in my eyes,
They say that you're brought into the world crying the first to hear you were the Dr, nurses, & and mom Now that we're grown, hearing this might be horrifying
What can't I live without? Is it a tea pot with a spout? Maybe water in a bottle, Or a bike with a throttle.   But nothing is as priceless As the technology that's lifeless
What does love mean to you? Is it just a 4 letter word that you throw around to anyone, To get what you want in the end, but knowing that'll never feel it for anyone because real love just doesn't exist?
I've been through hell and back trying to better myself, And to watch you point everything wrong and compare me to someone else, To say that I'm wrong, and it's always my fault even if I do blame myself,
All I need is paper and a pen, and the words I write can be my only friend. With a dot a small dot of ink, I can create almost anything. When no one else listens, I can turn to the lines.
Writing this now makes me sad the thought you not here any longer what will I do without you? I do not know if I can do this. You keep sane when everything seems to be falling apart
Your asking me to have or take on an island so far away. It's not a thing or possession that will keep me safe. Courage. Courage defines the sane from flawed. Defines the satiated/gnawed.
Just what is it that I need?  Could it be a warning to heed? No, it couldn't be that.  And it certainly can't be a wooden bat But, could it have to do with art? 
He handed her a disguised curseSomething as beautiful and poignant as silkBut as harmful and sharp as a daggarHe told her it was picked from the gardenThe garden that his mother tended
Two blades entered and pierced flesh And, like an offering, red pooled from beneath my palm. my back had stiffened like a robed man following a dark conviction.
Cracked lines grew from my feet and scoured the grounds. The land was dead, and the skies were unforgivingly black. Like a thief,
Dark skins vs. Light skins? Isn't that a great topic to speak about? I'm am a dark skinned woman telling you skin completion doesn't matter It's like this generation has gone back in time
Line 1: Apple iPhoneLine 2: Sleek and thinLine 3: Texting, snapchatting, gamingLine 4: Battery drains too fastLine 5: Telephone  
You and me Happy as can be Until boom..  Stranded we are  But I won't desert you I promise Burrito, you are mine And I am yours There is nothing left But us. Just us
A Droplet - A Concoction of BrineFlows from the Foreboding;A Hansel of DistressA Signal of Fear.Swivels and SwervesCreeping and CrawlingClink Clank against each StrandDripping from Down Under;
An image in motion, an illusion. Brought forth a century of eclectic art. The imagination of a book, in front of your eyes. Something with which I cannot part.   I am a dynamic story teller.
You think about "necessities" and what that truly means, What could I never live without?  What would that really be? The obvious might be water, some food, and a good home,
Survival of the obedient Trapped? Abondoned? I am not. Hopeless? Desperate? I am not. Saved? Blessed? Yes, I am. Prepared? Armed? Yes, I am.
Kin   Visionary thoughts Runs endlessly Doll babies Dressed up Adorable southern belles   When she cries I hold her Support system Is durable
When you're scared and alone all you need is a friend but not just any friend a best friend  one you tell everything to one that knows you better than anyone Someone who's more than a lover
The way you move, soft and sweet, the way you move makes my life complete. whether you are sad or happy or mad, I will always love the way you move   The way you move, whether comedic or tragic,
When another knocks me down, you pick me back up. When I'm scared, you chase my monsters away. You feel such as no one loves you, I do. I love you. Families fall apart everyday,
Weird   “Weird!” I still recall the first time I heard that word, how absurd it sounded from the lips of a bully.
The brain, An organ, Made from tissue And blood, Yet is beautiful,
I feel dreary Lost and deserted Only one thing keeps me going Hope   It's always there when I need it Telling me not to give up The only thing I have to rely on In this lonely place
Welcome to the quiz. There will be three items, each a different type of question.   Scores will be determined by honesty and creativity.   Respond to the best of your ability.  
My skeleton rages with confusion and anger My mind and soul are lost in their thoughts Why? Why are we here What have we done to ear this eternity with nothing but eachother We are lost in oblivion   
Place me here, where I may sear. Elation can cohere with damnation. Apart from others, I still carry a piece of my brothers. Congruency with myself cannot be bought from a top shelf.
Your gentle hand Caressing my face... The beauty Of your smile... Your strength When I Am shattered... The music That is your voice... Your laughter
Stranded on an island far away, perhaps here is where I'll stay. Sun on my skin and nature all around, this tropical paradise where no one is to be found. At first I'll feel free away from all my worry,
Money nor people are of much importance When you are on your own People come and they go My dog, my life, everything I need A loyal companion, a friend,
It’s the orchestra, using their heartbeats to keep time, pulsing with the vibrance of syncopation. It’s the crew,
I can't live without,  the person I trust. I can't live without, it's just too much. To never again see, your hopeful smile. The sound of laughter, Away I file.
I greet the man at the counter   "A glass of gladness please."   He stares at me funny   "Do you not have that one? Ah, then I'll have a cup of cheer."   Still skeptical  
If a wilted Lilac smells of Marigold, does it retain its identity? If an Antirrhinum sprays itself with the perfume of an Ivy, is it forever faithful? 
People. That's all I need. It's not necessarily to interact But to see and hear them from afar. To know there's life here, To know you're not alone. To know there's something out there,
He's my honey bee.I will need him forever.Forever my bee.  
My dear husband, I hope you are doing well It's a shame we got married a week before You deployed   As I'm writing This poem Tears fill my eyes I miss you so much  
Kingdom Kingdom in the clouds Send me your lulling sirens, your sweet nectarine Take me from this place of pain Let me perch on Thy pearly steps oh Great overseer of this worlds divide
His voice my sound of comfort, The drums my beating heart, The beat my pace when walking, This I could not live without.   To hear I’ll be alright,
All I Need Is Music  Out of all things in the world that I would love to have The one thing that I can't live without, out of everything in the world? Only one thing comes to mind. Music.
For Easton By Kathryn Priest   Why is it, when we find hardship or misfortune We want someone to blame? Tradgedy will strike,
If I was stranded on a deserted island, what would I take with me? I should probably choose something practical, water or fire. Some food or maybe something to create a shelter.
Times goes by, and we all grow older.   I live in the present, you live in the future.   These times are tough,
This thing that beckons me it calls me.  I dream,  and i see those colors, bright, beutiful. All in this magnificent world.  And they swirl together,  harmoniously
All I need is family However, family does not end in blood My family is in my Drama Club and without them I would not be where I am today. I would not be happy I would not have found my voice
Something inside me  something that simply won't give up A piece of me that keeps on fighting a part of me I love   The one thing I can't live without I would be gone for sure
There's something everyone needs, but for me is you. From the gentle hugs and the funny jokes. One things is for sure, you are true to me and you. All I really need is, You.
I would know her in darkness In a storm In a hurricane I would know her blind By her voice Her laugh Her encompassing aura I would know my twin by the sound of her hand
All I am is my music All my music is who I am I don't write it to get famous I write it because I can When I was to afraid to say it It is everything that I've felt It reminds me of the good and bad
A God:A being beyond comprehension.The greatest possibility and impossibility,an image of parting seas and fire raining from the sky,an embodiment of love and justice,a redeemer and a punisher,
I crave you All the time A life without you Would not be sublime. Your versatility Your docility Am I in heaven? Or in reality? You come in many shapes And sizes
I need to function. How will I do so without them? They're the strong base that holds me up, In my dull life they are the shining gem. Besides natures essentials they're all I need to survive.
A dream,A wisp of blue cloud,A streak of silence.A meaning, a hope,A dream is all I need.The rest will follow. 
Whoever said love is easy was wrong Because in this world I feel I don’t belong But this I know, it’s not just me For there are others who are crying this same plea  
Memory  Such a simple concept, yet such a powerful presence. Memory Absence would mean meaningless, and with nostalgia a pleasance. Memory
From day one she was always right by my side, She never let me fall and hated when I cried. But surely one morning I woke up and she was gone, Without her to guide me through the game of life, I was a lost pawn.
Martin had a dream, I have a nightmare They're shooting us unarmed, why won't they fight fair Phantoms from the past, I still feel them right here The lower class will never ever get to sit in the high chair
All I need is my soccer ball It's the best sport in the world and you don't have to be tall when I shoot the ball I can make it curl Just look at Lionel Messi and his skills He's FiveFoot-Seven
My best friend is my voice, who calls for me when the dark seeps through the light I wear like a cloak around my shoulders. When my face is cracked and bleeding from the whispering of the wind
I love my family more than anybody in the universe. My family is amazing. They support me. Encourage me to do my best.  Love me with all their heart. Push me in the direction of success.
Imagine yourself on a stranded island: the sand in your hair the broken boat that is near the loneliness that's with you there.   Personally, that scene seems unbearable
Eyes half shut peering toward the sun, I realize at once, I am alone. Just my thoughts to be my friend, Without hope there is no end.   Hope for rescue, hope for food, Hope for shelter from solitude.
If I was stranded on an island for life, the item I'd choose would not be a knife. It would be the soul of one who means most One who I love and is very close All I would need is my dog
I hold onto my belief in God like a blind man holds to his guide. I hold on like it is the only way I can live. It is my life force and what keeps me going day by day.
It's very hard to figure out what i need most from my family to the many marvelous friends that i have but somthing that comes dearly in my heart , is my confidence I need confidence in myself to move on with my life
Being on an island Alone with no one to talk to What a scary time How will I survive?   What will I bring? Most people would say Food or maybe a special someone
  Over Us It was not a just a dark shadow It was a grim one It held us captive with its depth Our curiosity was both our fear and our strength For we did not know
I am in the middle of a hot, dry desert about to hike up Mount Masada. I have that gut feeling. The afflictive feeling I get when a challenge is front of me. I am in Israel, a land of many challenges.
Not knowing where it's all going Is there some secret to life, if so, show me Are love and money and power the secrets of the universe? Or is it as simple as the bird in its perch   Not knowing
There's a confusing part to every shoe That extra hole the lace goes through I find that hole to be extra pleasant When I'm running in the present That hole is important to me As I run free
Water quenches The satisfied "ah" from a gulp Water douses The low sizzle and crackle from the put-out fire Water cleans The grime flowing smoothly from the palm of hands to the drain Water dissolves
Mama, Mama! The Net, The Net! It's So Beautiful! The net? Yes, The Net! The internet? No... The Net!
Two children on the floor Playig to their hearts content In a world all their own Their small Lego pieces Continuing a story they love   The bald head of one of the children
I can live without books,  Although I love to read.  I can live without glasses,  Although I love to see.  I can live without pencils, Although I love to write. I can live without wind,
They said it would be hard, They said I'd never make it, But my dream I would not discard, And my peers I did outwit   Now I an AVID president, Currently proud of my 4.0,
You are so important to ME The list goes into INFINITY   Everything with you feels NEW You cheer me up when I am BLUE   You make me laugh when I'm not HAPPY And let me cry when I am SAPPY
Sometimes life can be hard but its all how you play your cards one day you'll be a star no matter how hard
I've been feeling quite reminiscent as of late All of these old feelings keep coming to me But new ones come, too There's a place that's been calling to me Calling
The part of who I am that stays in the shadows Like a menacing creature It lingers   That controls my emotions The part of my soul Indistinguishable from obsidian  
Somehow I always end up at this road I just keep driving I drive until my soul starts to fold Every time you leave my body is shivering It gets colder than cold And I know it’s not right
Money and Greed, Things people think they need, But when you're all alone, And it's you and the reflecting sea, You're lost because of the mindset, That lingers like the pollen that causes you to sneeze,
Sand particles drip from the fabric of my clothes Like a sniper scope my eyes always look for it Whether internet inhabits it I still know what it does
Coffee Such a random word to say The smell of coffee beans Immensely makes my day Just like in Harry Potter Where the wizard chose his wand Feeling that warm cup of joe Helped my mom and I bond
I'm trying to figure out which action to choose Stranded and I do not know what to do Because my mind is racing and my heart is pacing What I need right now is you The thought of your voice
Sometimes there's a water hole that never runs dry Or a refridgerator that doesn't go out of food For me that is one thing One great, powerful, wonderful thing that I don't tire of Writing
My Love My William he is what I need.. He fills my soul with love so pure without him here I could not endure this life  that seems so hard but when I come home my problems seem so far.
Fell down in a land of endless fantasies. Didn't wish for them to be threatening all of me.
Bekah is a stuffed bear. I cuddled with her every night. She was my first love.
Enough said to whats being ruled out Like what was mentioned but heard no doubt Turned away blind ears for all To make the wolrd safe as we fall Enough said 2 rings bound forever
Stranded on an island would be unbareable, Unless it was with her. Just like living in this world would be unbareable, Except I have her. Stranded, having to live without humac interaction would be unbareable,
Coming into a sinful world as someone that don't no much about life, As we get older we want so much but what exactly do we need, We want shoes, we want clothes, we want money but only have life,
Some say, that fateful day, that we were meant to be, the little white horse and me.   Some may say I saved his life, but I must disagree, for it is the little white horse that saved me.
You know,I hate when you treat me like a troubled child I mean I ain't got the best of sense but I'm not out here doing something without your consent Like okay uh l lied a couple times but was never slick with it 
What would it take, To go on for my own sake. Where would I stand, like a Singer with no band. What would give me the strength, To survive the length. How would I have the fight,
(Idea for the name of this poem and the characters in the picture are from the videogame Undertale by Toby Fox.)   So, the situation is this:I'm stuck on a deserted island, and I have the things I might need to survive.
Right before dawn, I open my eyes, to listen to the winds’ cries.   He howls with pain. He sheds his tears. He begs for forgiveness, but only thy unknown hear.  
I see a sweet girl, skin porcelain and pale Her eyes, they’re so piercing, they tell their own tale Her doll-like complexion and ebony hair The sound of her laughter is filling the air
To long have I live under the confines of guidelines. Home, school, nothing but rules. Let me live with my own mindset, Soul to not become a mindless mathematical robot. Let my creativity blossom and shine.
  When the sky wakes up grey, melancholy is in my heart. When the stars form the constellations so bright, loneliness touches my skin. I've been drinking coffee every morning to forget the taste of your lips.
A lot of missingLoveLife wouldn't be enough If you were gone
My teammates and I inhale the fragrance of cross-country: freshly-mown grass accompanied by a gentle, humid breeze. 
How can I arrange a change  With a simple exchange at close-range  To interchange and rearrange  Who I am and still be me? I am who I am and I can't be tamed  With all the fire and all the time still be me?
Tick, tock, tick, tock The future is now  I worry about tomorrow  while I sit here and prowl. Looking for an opportunity to not live in sorrow As I study, I suffer through lack of sleep and nutrition
Dad,  If I hadn't listened to my own sad song Would we have even gotten along? If I had gone my own way Would you have been swayed? If I had died that night Would you still pick a fight?
Can you see it? No. Can you hear it? No. Can you feel it? No. Well how about me? No. Each answer always no, never a yes. When will you see all the hatred, anger, stress, sorrow, and loneliness?
Born with matches inside us but we can’t strike them   we need oxygen the breath of the person you love  
I see it now, I see the smile on your face I notice the the way your eyes light up when you talk When you walk i see the bounce in your step What’s changed?
My sister Like looking in a mirror The only one who truly know me My sister Catches me when I fall Does not judge me My sister Since the moment she was born She was my best friend
I smile I laugh I cry Without you, it means nothing. Without you, it's all a lie.  
All I need? All I need is to live grand. To live happy. All I need is to live. I want a car, a house, a tv. I don't need these things. I need compassion, kindness, love.
Music; a simple concept. Notes and chords and lyrics Combined together to make Something beautiful and Pleasing to the ears. Something to express What we are feeling When we just can't
we all know the song we hear it every December (or sometimes right after Thanksgiving, but never before) All I Want for Christmas Is You a simple message but it stands true
The one thing that I cannot live without, I struggle everyday just to hear the sound. The sweet, sweet voices I will always know, The smallest things just give me hope. I say no words and I just look,
With Your Hands You Hold Me. Without You Who Am I? Alone I Am Walking, Lost Within Myself, Stranded. With No One.
All I need Is a little more time. All I need Is a flashback to the wintertime. When the weather was cold And the air was brisk. This is all I need, A reminder of my happiness.  
Angels I give you something to carry on up Wings spread like a curtain Under circumstances its uncertain Looking at a child given life Just to have it taken away We preach what is spoken
Your words whisp’r allure, They beck’n my retrace. My eyes, how they wander,  Seek solely your gaze   Deep canyons before me, Owned by ripples darting quick Met by a smile wry
I first hear the bass of his car from down my road. He pulls in and I get that giddy feeling like always. He walks up the driveway, with my favorite flowers in his hand. The dozen roses are as beautiful as ever,
We, the humans, a species clothed in grey, Powerful at birth but mundane with age, Forgotten magic, lost in the race, Slaves of our own hunger.   What a prison, this world is,
wake up every morning to you in the kitchen get out of bed because i love u, i listen probably making breakfast standing over the oven always made my favorite food, blueberry muffins
Like Puzzle pieces. They are as precious to the writer as legos to a child.  A concept, some organized nonsense you dreamed up,  brought forth,  given shape. Naive, complex,
The Beginning of life sprouts like flowers, “Tick, tock” here come the morning hours, The warmth and protection gives joy, In the age of pursuit of knowledge,
when I think of happiness I think of us   stuffed inside a car, talking all at once, singing along at the top of our lungs with the windows rolled down. 
What I need is not just any person, not just anything,  but a feeling of importance,  a feeling not of loneliness, but of comfort. The feeling you get when you wake up,
My love for you cannot be expressed. Without you, I'd be severely depressed. You've witnessed that firsthand. Life without you I couldn't withstand.   Honestly you're keeping me alive.
Confidence    All I need in my life is Confidence, but how do I know this?  I have never felt confident in my entire life.  A fat little girl that I once was still seems as though she lives inside me.   
Where would I be you looked out, and you covered. i came to you when there wasn't another. Where would i be  You loved and you care, sometime emotions i did not share. But, where would i be 
I am alone I can't escape There is no use to struggle I just dream about the girl back home She is like a summer night Laying on a blanket starring up at the stars Holding her in my arms
The beginning is simple; start by deciding how little you care. This sanity of mine cannot be worth the effort of living, though it becomes unclear how to live without it.
What I Did Next Summer That's when it happened, When the memories faded,
sometimes I fear my world is made of glass all it takes is a gust of wind a stumbled step to make it shatter.  
People will ask you. What can't you live without? Some sleep, a shower, maybe even Snapchat. But for me, it's something that's hard to explain, something different.
To give all, I start with nothing To wait is love; to stand by to truly care For genuine affection must be mutual before belonging to one Else merely a fantastical mirage, only projecting what doesn’t exist  
All I need is freedom... Praises to the authority When majority Promoted white robes as a conformity Of your suppression Waiting too long for legal protection
As I close my eyes to sleep, I see your face. Your brown doe eyes  And the smile that lights up the room   You put your arm around me
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