Solitary's Incarceration

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 15:29 -- Golden

In the most extreme and dire conditions-

Whether it be marooned on the shores of a deserted island,

or standing along the fault

of mother nature’s disastrous earthquake crumbling,

I have a breaking point.


For as much as I’d like to think I am,

I am no Joshua Valienté,

owner of the Long Earth--

lover of the Silence.

I cannot…

travel through thousands of alternative Earths;

Each step, my feet taking me further

and further away…

A living reminder of the ratio 1:1,

One world for each human being.

The interminable, scary thought

that I am living a life on a planet with no one else.

It drives me mad,

turns me cracked like the torture

of continuous miniscule droplets dripping

determinedly upon my forehead--


I could not bare the idea of being the only person

in an entire world;

A desolate planet of shadows and obscure ebony pines,

a life of confinement and incarceration.

How could one possibly survive with loneliness?

When I got right down to it,

There was no need for possessions, pretty trinkets that sit idly on the shelf,

or fashionable clothes and those expensive mansions.


Perhaps all I needed was a friend.

Yet I used my mind to push others away,

As though stepping away planet by planet,

Like traveler Joshua Valienté.


I am not recluse.

I absolutely cannot live without someone to talk to,

a supportive person to cheer me on,

share memories and laugh with.


If I am stranded on an island,

I need someone close to my heart

to keep me sane.


And if it so happens I am standing on the brink

of the earthquake’s great beating heart,

At least I won’t be alone.


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