How to get Your Life Together

All my "friends" are gone

and I'm left here alone. L o n e l y

They took every piece of me with them.

I am nothing without them.


I can't breathe.

My chest is getting tighter and

my mind is in a storm

searching for a way to escape this reality.

I need to find myself.

I don't know what to do with my hands

but I grab a pen.


I need this pen

to t r a v e l across this page and


Run the ink until

I find myself on the edge of the earth...

in a separate reality.

My heels find the ledge

and in a brief second I

l e t  g o.

I'm not falling but

I'm f l o a t i n g

into a wild blank space.


All around me I saw the clouds of a sky beyond our reach.

The energy r e v e r b e r a t e d against my body.

Beckoning me,

it was h y p n o t i z i n g.

My lungs filled with daisies.

My eyes were cloudless.

My fingers began to t i n g l e and

in my outstretched hands

a drop of rain fell into each palm.


R E F R E S H. B R E A T H E!


This wild space was an abyss of rain s h o w e r s.

I closed my eyes

and b e l i e v e d in its cleansing power.


R E V I V E. B R E A T H E!


Every sense of me resarted.

I could feel every drop of rain

touch my s k i n.

The rain drenched my clothes

and from my hair dripped

e v e r y  i n h i b i t i o n.


My body was thrust foward.

And I opened my eyes to 

my own reality.


R E S T A R T.


Back to earth,

I take a breath in. 

I am joy.

I am peace.

I am love.

Breathe out.



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