He is All I Need

I can't live without him. Rather, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He loved me when I was so empty that I might as well have been a corpse And because of his love I never became that corpse, rotting six feet under the ground. He taught me how love, not him, but myself  And I fell in love with myself as he fell in love with me.  He learned every part of the anxiety and depression that I was made from And I learned how to open myself up without falling apart. He showed me that my flaws did not make me worthless And I began to stand a little taller.  He told me that I was beautiful  And I finally saw that I was no longer the corpse that he first laid eyes on. He brought me back life And I can't live without him Because without him I wouldn't be alive. 

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Your poem touched me. It was soooo beautiful!!

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