"All Special Needs kids need to burn in hell"

I laughed.

It's funny when education is wasted on people like this boy.

I laughed.

It's funny how he is so ignorant to his own flaws that are shamed deep within his mind

but theirs are shamed but come out without their consent

I laughed.

How maybe it isn't his fault because "Special Needs" comes before "People"

I stopped laughing.

This is no different than racism. Or sexism.

It is a sickness in society

Proof being that a person with Special Needs was not granted access to all public schools

until 1975.

Proof being that the students I work with

Beat themselves

Until their

Nose breaks 


Proof being that grown adults

Refuse to walk on the same side of the hallway



Proof being that whenever I tell others

I want to teach these people

They scoff and tell me

I will be poor

And stressed

And miserable

but I laugh.

I laugh because they're people. Flawed people.

And so are my students.

And so am I. 

I would be just as ignorant without them.

And maybe one day the money won't matter to them

and they'll want to become something greater

A journey that my students already started.

I smile and wish him luck.


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