Late Night (Ode to NaNoWriMo and My Need to Write)

Typing inching

Eyelids tiring

Heroes crying

Villains dying


Sleep depriving

Caffeine failing

Planets burning

Magic learning


Resolve crumbling

Block existing.

Slowly . . . slowing . . .

Beasts . . . unknowing . . .


Snap awaking!

Panic vying—

Brothers finding

Lovers flying


Fingers zipping.

Words a-blinking.

Doubt a-mining.

Wars a-fighting.


Paper filling—

Clock a-ticking—

Weddings ringing

Oceans gleaming


Midnight firing—


Fin inscribing—



Author falling.

Bed inviting . . .

Words applauding

Book a-sighing . . .


Dreams a-winging

Queens and king-ing

Writi n g   f a d i n g  .  .  .

NaNo’s done.

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