2015 Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

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I sit here with this Boulder at my ankle It grows and grows This Boulder at my ankle   I try to break the shackle I try to break the chain Of this Boulder at my ankle  
Gracefully I dance
Just to breath Just to believe From opening your eyes every day To the path we lay Nothing is more amazing then life No matter what strife Live life your way Happy no matter what they say
it's not just the simple things the gasps between breathless laughter or the anticipation before fireworks not even the crickets that chirp on that perfect summer night yet it's not just the big events
Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best
The world turns, our minds are filled with growing concerns. Teens are filled with angst,  and from adults, it’s hard to even get a thanks.   Some see the world going from bright to dull;
Close friends, closer family Supportive teachers, do-everything parents, Strong brothers, nice sisters Helpers, understanders Difference-makers, pacifists People, People are awesome  
By Meredith Metsker   Being a young adult is crazy sometimes, You’re too old to be hip and too young to be wise. And this whole time all we’re trying to surmise,
Admiring the manifestations of Mother Nature Witnessing her destruction.  Existing is not only wonderful but beyond the bounds of reason. Some live to take and never give. 
Voices rise and fall and buzz As we reunite with our loved ones And as cousins, aunts, and uncles gather To visit, play and be together.   Everyone is a teacher here.
Without it, life is nothing but illusion.
Life in the moment O, how can it be? The gravel shifted so heavenly Who thought vans hug a tree? Fatal attraction so it be, I had to set it free Though clashing with concussions
The Sun   She brings us life and joy; despair Her silent song a covenant of care– Our faithful servant in the air   A gilded messenger, inasmuch:
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
Life has its ups and downs 
Forming and evolving on their own, Thousands of droplets slam against the windowpane. Their identities are lost at they fall. The clouds choose to release the drops to the unknown.
They say black is the new black  Acting like they're bringing it back But lack the fact that it never left    My black have always been around  just like how we have always had crowns  
i didn’t know you were beautiful. i ignored the world you painted and the people you created and exchanged it all for what i heard you were. i set you aside for shallow satisfaction in cracked cisterns and wondered
Happiness surrounds you and caresses the heart with warm fingers. It gives us the courage to fight the black, crooked claws of saddness. It allows us to swim to the top of the crystal, clear water,
Even when the sun falls it manages to rise again. A flower seems to always bloom after the rain has stopped pouring. Can we be like the sun and get up after we fall? Can we learn to grow from a storm like a flower?
The first time I talked to you It was like the waves washed me up onto shore and I dried out in the sun. I promised I'd never go back in the waves  and drift away.   You dreamed of the ocean and
Sometimes when your feeling down. The best thing to do is to rewmember what makes you Awesome. Be it your inteligence our your great renown. Because sometimes the best cure is a little bit of optimism.
Sometimes when your feeling down. The best thing to do is to rewmember what makes you Awesome. Be it your inteligence our your great renown. Because sometimes the best cure is a little bit of optimism.
She awoke with a crook in her neck and a frown on her face.  Her hair in a whirl  and life in distress but, The thought of the little girl that lived upstairs; 
The first stroke of the brush and im estatic an idea is born continuous marks commence and im hoping to create something worth talking about potential is key and this has potential
My cry tears for you, every day not because of hate or disgrace but that of abandonment and misplaced Responsibilities to me to my brother, you see I wondered and I wished why you left
Life is a blessing! Nobody knows where the end is... Nobody knows when the end is... One year or one hour Nobody knows Every second, we think we are losing, We are actually gaining,
Who of thought I'd have a friend like her.
You know what's awesome to me? School. You know what's even more awesome to me? High school. The first great thing about high school is timing. I get to get up every morning at 6 a.m., 5 if I'm lucky.
Stop and Think Birth is a Miracle It Happens Again and Again Allowing New Generations to come Having a Family Being Healthy Being Able to Laugh Enjoying Nature
What can you get for a woman who already has a heart of gold? A Woman who would give her last to anyone she knows?
     The Truth is: no one really knows.        The Truth is: no one can agree.            The Truth is: the world is cruel.           The Truth is: everyone does know.       The Truth is: we can all agree.
To find meaning in life One has to first live it.   At the beginning, Fear tremulously takes over and grabs ahold.  It doesn't let go until you feel it suck the life out of you.
1.       The reliability I can place on my tongue to speak. Or to sing; to scoop these words, these sounds out of my mouth, like black-raspberry ice cream, into a ready bowl; willingly waiting for what I have to say.
Around us is only warmth. Inside me is only one sound. We can see colors contrast,Breaking through our windows.Winter has turned to spring,Summer yet to come.
At one point life had no worries, no responsibilities But it's not an option to grow You go to school, you go to work Then everything begins to flow You'll always make mistakes It's an advantage of living
At first, she was the Sun But not Comforting sun, healing cold shivers and bleak days with angelic rays of warmth Not the Tranquil sun, collaborating in perfect breathes with the wind to create a peaceful, sunny breeze.
Y O U  W E R E  B O R N  L O N G  A F T E R  Y O U R  N A M E  W A S  K N O W N
 Most people think that joy is found In massive thrills, events, and sounds. But I have found it more often springs, In little treats and smaller things.
Being one of us is complicated yet necessary.
    When life threw YOU lemons, 
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
Awesomeness is everywhere In a string on the floor In a feather on a bird On the pavement that forms a road.   Awesomeness is everywhere In a toad or a hare In a hippo or a bear.  
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
When you wake up in the morning, the sun shines through the shades, you may be wondering how you will make it through today. Do not let that thought start to overwhelm,
She knows the drill; She struggles every day, Just to keep herself going And drive the pain away.   For years she remained unsure Just who she might become. Her resolve is thick and full,
We paint this picture together   Because we can both see true beauty.   The two of us look beyond the surface,  
Palms sweaty, knees heavy Running for miles and miles Trapped in a tunnel with no vision ahead Walls enclosing near me Claustrophobia is what I dread As I believe I will never see the light again  
I was born with a ribcage like skipping stones,
I stand looking out into the vast expanse of the ocean,
Alone, I chased after my own desires,
When people are in love, They often cannot explain what it is they love about the person. They just say, “It’s something about him,” Or, “It’s something about her.”  
As life moves on,  so do we
See my wrinkles as evidence that I have laughed. See my failing eyes as evidence that I have seen the world. See my labored breath as evidence that I have inhaled all I could out of life.
There is a world out there. People will tell you to settle down, To get comfortable in one single space, But there are a thousand more spaces for you to fill, Waiting beyond the horizons of what you already know.
L-i-f-e  A four letter word we pretend to comprehend,  an abstract concept, taken for granted 
Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
We have many amazing  And Awesome things in This world. From family to love to  Cute animals and awesome thrills, the world is full of awesome. What is the awesomest of all?
Let go.   Wash your sins away or your heart's vacancy will find guilt, an ever burdening resident   Let go.   I'll carry your ball and chain.
Butterflies flutter as she zips up her dress Memories flash back to the day she said yes Family and friends all fill the room She walks down the isle but wait...where's the groom?
I want everything to be awesome, I want my loved one to be handsome, My education to be wholesome,
I am a tornadoreaching to Aether.Hands made of glassand howling creatures.A slave to your windsYour whims are my wayAlthough I'm uncertainMy direction won't changeI am surely a danger,
Know what’s cool?
The thing that makes me awesome? A rarity Because not many people are wrapped up in silks as a profession My body encased in the cacoon of red And the trapeze: the wings with which I fly
Today may seem hard Today may seem impossible Today you may try and say "I quit " Tomorrow,Tomorrow,Tomorrow Tomorrow,new experiences Tomorrow, new opportunites Tomorrow, a mystery
I love you for the way you look at me When you hold me I never want to let go You left for the military about a year ago I only get to see you about twice a year now
College is exciting, It’s full of all that’s new I’ve had to buy a trash can And shower curtains, too.   My mom and dad support me, They get me what I need. “Try to aim for five years,”
As a woman I am not free
The light shines bright as the sunset rises
A trail of dirt followed me wherever I went. Down the stairs in the car in my family room in the bathroom but my mother didn’t yell at me because the dirt I left was red
are we thanking them enough? we never really stop to appreciate them  everyday they work hard so that they can nourish us
I woke up this morning, And my skin moved as I did A thousand nerves sparked up to tell me Hey, your blanket is soft And your stomach is empty Hey, the tiles are cold and your mom is funny
Worn eyes stare gently at my shy privilege  
I woke up this morning, And my skin moved as I did A thousand nerves sparked up to tell me Hey, your blanket is soft And your stomach is empty Hey, the tiles are cold and your mom is funny
When all odds are against me Prisoning me into the darkness Blinding me nowhere to go Until a lullaby being song by an angelic voice Hears the shattered glass of darkness be broken being held
Some hate to wake up early on a Saturday morning
In nine months I will owe thousands of dollars in student loans. It will take ten years to pay. I'll have to work hard night and day.   I want to make my parents proud. I need to finish college.
Today maybe bad but tomorrow will be glad for today is a new day and you will be blessed in so many ways If no one told you this let me have the honor you're beautiful in so many ways
I have a love for the stage. When I'm performing, I'm confident And not filled with rage. My theatre at school is so great. My director's great, my friends are great, and the department is great.
I have the sense of lacking self control   I kid you not when I breathe bidi    I have a distanced memory    I dance not when my soul has perished beneath the gravel 
The calm before the storm The rainbow directly after The way people can come togeter Followng a disaster   A sunset that marks the end of another day - Something that should be sad
Awesome. A word that aids in the attempt to capture a moment in time that leaves us in awe, breathless, raw emotion tearing through our chests as our mind tries to grip and come to terms with what is being observed through our five senses.
Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.We are the bricks in the wall,and flames spill from the cracks in the mortar. A generation of warriors,We hunger for knowledge.
Here in south Louisiana It rains
Even unmasked and bare: You are you; this can be a bad thing. Dreading the stress that finds its way into your life And stressing the dread of walking out onto the BIG stage.
Eyes. The pathway to the mind. The gateway to the soul. The eyes never lie When your heart has bullet holes. Brown, blue, green Maybe a jumble of all three.
    Growing up I always knew what was real         growing up I always knew what to feel
My God is an Awesome God A child of God that's who I am A daughter of a king who understands Taking me under his wing, molding me to his image My wonderful lord,no matter what I've done, is always forgiving
His Sea Package came with a sign that read: Run! Don't walk! Sex, no talk! One night and don't you dare stalk!    But it was cool see....
Life does this amazing thing that sometimes doesn’t seem so amazing at first Sometimes a whirlwind of thunderstorms and tornados will breach through a town and leave behind a beautiful rainbow
There’s something glorious about being a woman Like the feel of Saturday mornings when you don’t have to go anywhere And the sky is painted with lilacs and periwinkle and you wonder “Why do I ever go to Sunday school
What is awesome? Anything can be, and there are many things that are, to me.   What is awesome? When I'm listning to music, and the beat has me going, and I feel like I want to sing.
Laughter, Flowers, Fun, Joy, Love, Such important gifts, meant for everyone. Dear Friends and my Family, Everything is AWESOME when they're with me!
Constantly people are told  you are different  different is weird  different stands out different is bad  different is bad different is BAD different is misunderstood 
Sometimes they won't understand, You'll try to tell them but it's no use.
What is awesome? Life.  Life is awesome.  The beauty in life is awesome. 
Self conscious and scared I felt my heart getting teared. The nights getting cold I know I'm not the only one alone I'm trying to fit in but, I know I can't win I feel buried alive,
For the person that steps outside of the social norm's bubble to explore and be spontaneous, Your awesome.
Nothing else on this earth has more power than music.
She breathes, inhales dirty air.
When I feel alone
Once you know how it feels to go through a rough time People start to rewind And look back at the bigger picture of the perfect times It maybe frustating and make you mad Over all some what sad
D          - Diving catches in a big game
People say the real world Is filled with hate and grey But instead of focusing on the negative Why not dwell on the positive.   A day passes by Whether one is troubled or not
And the Cosmos said…                                                                 I am you                                         you are GOD                                                       GOD is you
LIFE You are sad, you are mad You are happy, listening to what others got to say
I'm going to explain something to you. Why life is so great!
Mistakes clutter my past in piles of trash. Like shattered glass in overgrown grass— Though not apparent at a first glance, Whenever given the slightest chance My mistakes will rudely raise their voices
It's that moment; I know you know the one. It's when I've owned it; It's when the game is won.   Every dribble, Every whistle. Every second on the clock,
Some people are stuck in the past They stubbornly say: Everything was awesome Hoping to make the memories last.   Others look only to the future Saying: Everything will be awesome.
The world around me seems so suppressed. Everyone just looks so depressed.  Never knowing what'll happen next, all you can do is try to get some rest.   It doesn't take much to look up to the best.
I've seen volcanoes erupt and ocean tides change.
I only used one-hundred pages. They were blank anyway. I didn't  think you 'd miss them,
Hey Beautiful We used to stare at the stars We’d sit and talk You wanted me to come over every night You could only fall asleep in my arms
I cannot sleep I cannot slumber Life’s a dream, It is a wonder   I adore
  I am 16 I am a senior in high school
Tasting the music. At first, not knowing What your ears enjoy. The sounds of the beats Passing through your mind, Clouding your head Day in and day out. Soon enough you are
Life is awesome… Whether you’re a flower ready to blossom Or a man waking up to a “good morning!” Why do we humans ever have mourning? When the birds are permitted to fly, We humans are free to question why.
Like light burning on the mountains. That must be the way a potato feels when he slips into sizzling oil, When he is adorned with salt, dressed for his dance into the pearly gates of digestion.
I was left behind  Forgotten and abandoned I lived in poverty Dirty and hungry I watched abuse  terrified and so powerless I was snatched up by strangers to live with someone new  
I run.  I lace up my shoes,  I think of all I done,  I pray in hopes of an answer, and I run. I compose symphonies with my feet, I think of toxic words, I dream of Someday, and I run.
God is Awesome People might think a movie is awesome People might think a T.V show is awesome But to me these things don’t matter
Always smile, even when you're feeling down Wave at people you see wearing a frown Everyday is a day to laugh and play Sometimes a simple nod can make your day Only treat people with love and respect
Darkness.     Never ending darkness.     I close my eyes and feel the silence.   A rumbling on the horizon.   Thin and harmless claps of thunder
Life- the Wondrous, Awe-Inspiring Phenomenon The earth is full of awesome things It’s such an overwhelming, astonishing place. Canyons, Oceans, valleys and peaks
Awesomeness comes in different shapes and sizes, You can even find them in surprises. But awesomeness can come from anywhere, Such as a sunset over the county fair. You can see it in the people who love you,
I can see him now, up in the clouds Telling war stories
Do you ever wish you could see the unknown, Witness a miracle, or sit on a throne? Do you ever wish to have a longer life, Have the perfect husband or wife?   I'm here to say that if you do,
It is easy to feel pain, feel anger and feel bad about my life I want to stab the memories, to murder them with a knife Some days I stare at the mirror and it’s far from easy
It is in that moment
With this,I can escape. Shielded by the madnessthat real life rains down on me. Safe and submerged in their world,this made up reality.
If I asked you what the goal of life is You’d probably say “to be successful” But what defines your success? Money, Cars, a nice home, evenings out in expensive bars?
Awesome isn't shiny things and all the joy that shiny cars may bring Awesome is the simple things   The things like good morning texts and I love you so I waited for you. Awesome are the words that
Do not run, do not cry The story spills out before your eyes Hide the depth of pain, of agony Speak to Ahab, Oliver, and Harry Run your fingers along its spine Like Gollum you may claim "it's mine"
Time and time again, rejection will ascend,
Glancing at the mirror and I see my face, Negativity arises as my thoughts race. What is so special about me? Why can't I leave? Stop! Why do I care? What is this negativity just when I stare?
Everything in life is awesome In the spring time the flowers will blossom. The birds will return and chirp all day And every kid will wanna go out and just play, Only problem is that school is still in session
In your life
As someone who has struggled, without depreciation, Battling anxiety and depression, Panic attacks and isolation, It gives me great elation That I can make this declaration A noted aberration
  Pink clouds cluster around the sun The sun has said goodbye for the day is done As it sets, the world is suspended But don’t worry, your life is not upended Not changed, just different
Cheated, Hurt      no more I am choosing now      its my life and I am done no one else can choose for me      call me names for it I am strong, I will stand      even if I am barley standing
My belly fluttered with a million bees Honey on your tongue, dirt on your knees You kissed me with those soft sweet lips Tell me your stories, mutter your quips  
No one seems to understand How amazing it is To turn a word Into an idea And an idea Into a possibility
Everything is awful... Went to college for three years straight ... including summers Wasted every weekend studying for exams Broke my pelvis in a car accident Lived with roommates who drove me crazy
At the age of eighteen, I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis. My body started to ache, I lost interest. I was scared. I soon began to realize, everything is awesome.
I read your obituary in today’s paper,
There once was a man from nantucket He was too poor to piss in a bucket He went to college and only got poorer Until scholarship money gave him escape from his horror
Because of you my mom doesn't talk to me, She's too busy pretending to be who she wants to be. For the words we can't convey,
There is a ship tossing and turning upon the waves far off in the distance… just out of reach.
I am completely an uncontrollably awesome. Awesome because I am a female wrestler that can pick up a guy, an throw him. It is awesome to be a woman and know that I can defeat a guy my age and weight in a strength battle.
A girl falls inlove with what she hears, 
When I look at you I see the world in your eyes I do not see pain or suffering or injustice I see the twinkle of light in the corner I see love and kindness and community
It takes a storm to clear out all the rain, It takes time to heal a little pain. Sometimes the good times only last for a sec',
Happiness finds me in the midst of despair, When I try to convince me to just not care. It comes in all shapes and sizes, And even a few disguises. What makes me smile when I'm down,
Sometimes nothing goes right, It’s hard to continue, put up a fight. The world beats you down  Until you’re crawling on the ground Beaten, and bruised, and broken,
On The Hill Top Boys and Girls Come to Play One Girl Stands Alone Seeing Life Pass Her By Wondering What She Will Become When She Grows Older She Runs Down The Hill Through The Rose Garden
The sun becomes brighter, the hair turns a color lighter, and the summer stays alive.  
Between the pages of a book             is a heart. A heart full of culture and laughter,             villainy and agony.                         Elegance and romance,
  Waking up on a gorgeous Sunday morning The herbal tea awaiting your presence The sunshine hitting every single crevice The songful chirp of the birds The beauty of doing nothing  
The beauty of life is  all rooted in its simplicity,  much like the way the spider web interlaces itself so cleverly around  the branches and  how the dew-drenched leaves
Autism is Awesome Autism brings negativity and ignites your creativity Autism can bring you down and Autism can lift you up Autism brings challenges but Autism creates hard work
I woke up this morning, a pleasure not many people get. Everybreath is a gift. So why waste it with boring   outlooks on our world when the colors of night shine ever so bright
A warm pair of pants on a cool winter's morn; Weekend at the lake house with a great set of friends; Earning that first paycheck for a hard day's work; Sewing quilts for the homeless out of your own goodwill;
Times are low, times are high Regardless of the bad I never question God why Money gets tight, food might not be on the table I just trust God because I know he's able. We always have to appreciate the good,
Awe of awesome comes in Waves of wonder it  Catches every fiber and illuminates visions to seep in souls scents buy snippets of time on a shelf next to noises of time on a shelf
By now your Mom or Dad would come home that day Only to tell you you'll be moving out someday. Moving six times may seem a lot Yet moving away from your family is a different plot.
Life. I have it. You have it. Is that not amazing? Inside of us is A beating heart, A strong pulse, A gentle breath, But what makes life, Incredibly surreal,
Life is not infinite. Awesome moments do not last forever, that is why they are so great. Therefore, life is awesome.
"He's so gay!" is screamed down the hall like the screeching wheels of spinning tires rubbing against the road too harshly and when you spin around in the vehicle of your body
As we sit back, relax and see our brothers and sisters fall as we stand tall chest sticking out noticing nothing at all as seen our growth went up and came right back down
  Paper crinkles as I reach into the bag.With precision I grip and lift.Gently I lay my prize on the table before me.  
Dark, gloomy gray skies boom with thunder. Lightning flashing its beautiful light. Flashlights provide paths of light, While darkness tries to swallow us whole. The storm becomes powerful, the thunder more angrier.
The stench of burning cigarettes and greasy pizza perfumes the city air. A block away and it can be heard blaring from the shop's doorway, Shattering the sound of car horns with thick, sultry basses and high, sharp guitars.
Dear Depression, A ways back we go,                                                                             Back To when I rememer our first meeting.                                             When
We the queens spilled out into the French countryside with lemons in our hair and lavender cigarettes on our lips The crashing waves remind us of our collapsing upcoming so we stay away from the salty seashore sidewalks
The backlight shines bright on my smartphone tonight It blinds me, hurts my eyes Yet I still look to see a message waiting To my surprise, it's my boyfriend Texting me two hours before sunrise  
A Journey of 93 Years By Kayla Hamdan   How awesome was he to be born in 1921? Who always reminded us he was the middle son.
"Are you okay?"   Sure I'm fine. But, the world has it out for me. Sometimes I wish I could just leave. Other times I just try to drown out all the noise. What do I do? What other choice do I have?
Inside of everyone is an Alice. Curiosity conquers ormnd, and weget lost in Wonderland. ''Which path should I take?" It really doesn't matter if you don't know, where it is you want to go..
I went to the counsler they asked me what i wanted to be what i wanted to do "this is your future" they say but they never ask "Who" sometimes what you do isn't who you are a lot of times its hard:
Awesome (adj.) 
My scrubs are freshly pressed My hands are washed and cleaned I’m ready to take care of my favorite little ones But first I must make the Dean’s   List of things to do To make my dreams come true
I love the way he speaks, 
Gazing out into the vast, flat plains, of the world. The green that stretches for what seems forever.
Suddenly from somewhere deep in my mind my creativity awakens and I become an artist. The rest of the time I am neat, tidy, organized, rule-following... But when my creative
From beginning to end We work and we dream. There are those who condescend But let it not affect what we mean   We are human. Our actions driven by motivation, With everything on the line--
Every morning the golden sun rises And every night the same sun sets In between every crackle of light, there is something left Behind that you may have missed.  
We can find the awe in everything
In the beginning, 
Summer is Awesome Not because we're out of school Because there is so much time to make moves Time to do things we think are awesome Play sports and see our friends  All this time to spend 
The adrenaline builds. Starting deep within, Climbing and rising until, I begin to feel it. Pupils dilating, hands shaking, mind racing… And then, All at once, I fall.  
Walking to find trail, carrying all that you need on your back.Rocks piled on rocks reassuring you of your path.The sunlight pokes through the tops of the trees
awesome was never a word that i thought would define me but as a grew older awesome became me from my thoughts, to my feelings, to the way I carry myself awesomeness runs through my veins
I sit and wait. Wait for a new sunrise to creep through my window. Wait for the warmth of the sun to bring a grin to my face.
You’ll never get another chance Is what they always said   Live quick, live fast, live here and now Until the day you’re dead.   Don’t stop and think Just look, don’t blink
Trudging to a hole You've dreaded this all summer long The smell of cleaning supplies The ever familiar squeak of some ridiculously loud sneakers When all this began we smiled Posed for pictures
I want to dance with you under the stars I want someone to kiss me in the pouring rain I want to play video games all through the night and talk until we see the sun. Let's live like there's no tomorrow,
I am green.  The color with many means. The subtle rage that is yours, The pure extract from the earth galore. The ample energy surrounding, The love that is astounding.
Do me a favor and laugh until you cry spend a night under an open sky shed a few tears and feel no fear hold the warmth of someones hand in your own
Without fail- the sun rises As it reaches out from under the blanket of darkness- Death, doubt, demise-
I tend to forget about me. We... We tend to forget to remeber ourselves. This is simply not just me, but we. We forget to achkowledge, to pat ourselves on the back, to applaud ourselves for that which we have done. So today I choose to remember.
She holds her head high, Walking through the campus as if nothing had just happened. Her heart is heavy, while her mind clear.   She holds her head high, She will never tell you what happened,
Sometimes the sun doesn't shine how you want it, Sometimes the moon is a little too grey,  Sometimes the clouds scurry forward to steal your joy away. But no one has ever told you, See no one has ever told you,
Feeling this summer breze they way it calls for me it ignites fire and good will  I bet you'd agree  a world full of excitment and thrill so much potentioal in this world, one can foresee
As the broken hearts and tears surround me As the loud lonely cries besiege me I see the light through the cracks  I feel the love through pain As the stormy clouds gather As the broken shards lay
Trying so hard not to make a sword out of my words,
No one wants a broken mirror. No one wants all the cuts, that comes with the broken pieces. No one wants to be the one to try an glue the pieces back together. If you try to glue them back together, they’ll just break again.
To what is a poem that flows like the sea? That creep like the night slowly up on me To what words taste like an abunding smell?
I roll out of bed the same every day, To the sound of my alarm clock, usually anyway. I get ready, then say goodbye to mom and dad, Then to my brothers, but they usually get mad.
In the midst of great fury
Watch out for the rising of the sun Which brings hope for a new tomorrow See the sun's rays shine upon the ocean blue where amazing creatures reside   See the sun's rays light upon the unyielding mountain
I'm a little bit shocked And a quite a lot scared When the rose-colored glasses I usually wear
It's Autumn,   So bright and beautiful-- Adventure around every corner. College begins.  In High School I was perfect.  In High School I made no mistake.  In High School I was me. 
How could I have let this happen? How could I study for endless hours and still fail? How could I think that everything is fine when it wasn’t? Like Legos, GPAs are easy to tear down but difficult to put back together.
The tears well up for there’s nothing I can do, “I am worthless”, I think,  I can’t even breakthrough, The tests that I have failed and the goals that I’ve missed, I suddenly remember it all,
Life is all about perspective. Some perceive it with love while some perceive it with hatred.
Sometimes life can be rough, Sometimes life will be tough, But sure enough, Life will get better. Life can be easy, Life can be simple All you have to do is work , work, work 
Filled with pride, covered in cocoa, she stands tall, despite her height. She makes being a black woman look so effortless so chic, so exclusive. She makes herself look so effortless, so chic, so exclusive.
Todo es maravilloso Everyting ire Everthing is awesome! No matter the language it is true The way the earth moves fills me with glee The way the trees grow That is my serenity. 
The storm has come, The storm has gone. Things were destroyed,  One by one. The winds blew strong, As we grew weak. But we stayed safe, As long as we had to be. Now in this morning,
One of a kind Unique to itself Filled with life Filled with joy   A home to diversity To all living things From the smallest of the small To the biggest of them all  
I sit here waiting,wondering if the time is near. The time when he can no longer take the words from your mouth. Words that twist like daggers in his soul, thrust from hands that never thought twice.
We live in a world where knowledge is hated. Where the very existence of our people is constantly reminded of hatred.
Its hard when the going gets tough,           The road will get rocky. Its okay when the going gets tough,           The journey will smooth out. Don't worry when the going gets tough,
Blue sky, black clouds, Cute pets, hype crowds The many thoughts we have and never speak aloud Good grades, sweet crushes high school sweethearts in they're lucky
Radical trooper Everlasting love for food More than just a pet
When skys turn grey
The poetry filled with dark cras
What a wonderful thing it is to know light from dust. To know plastic from purgatory.
Laughing it off, the memories we’ve shared;
For Auria:    Momma always told me not to judge a book by its cover,
All my friends last year were awful they used me and abused me then tossed me to the side and all the stress this year is undeniable Like a bag of breaks weighing down my spine
Feeling warm rays on my golden brown skin, I awaken to birds chirping an awesome good morning melody. An explosion of bright oranges, yellows and greens are highlighted outside my wndow, inviting me to join the day.
Some people categorize life by events Some by time But I see it by people And the emotions they let me make mine.   When thinking about childhood I’m spirited, amused, and bright
The background glimmers Colors evolve The gentle breeze travels far Swirling up a new Era Cheers and smiles gather Generations relate Happiness forms, Bonds linger Lasting for eternity
When the sun shines bright, And your loved one holds you tight, Everything feels right.
Everything is Awesome..
My dog is awesome The way he jumps up high As if attempting to reach the sky How he wags his curly tail As we stroll together to get the mail My dog is awesome
Tough times make you stronger, And happier, And grateful, And hopeful,
  We were stars broken into pieces, Matter made of atoms on short term leases. Reused energy, that which cannot be made, Broken and rebuilt until bonds are systematically frayed.
I have the meanest mother in sight. She’s a mean mother  I’m sure, I’m sure I’m right.  
There is a radiant world everywhere you look. Sitting, waiting to be explored The world is a beautiful place. You must relish in the sights all around, Take them in before they're gone.
Yellow swamp flowers stand like sentinels along the waterway, Their faces beaming broad grins; For they keep a secret With fairy like wonder,
Here's to the long summer nights that you swore would never end. Here's to those risky texts that you just couldn't send. Here's to the sadness you felt when that boy broke your heart.
To kittens and fresh linens To cognitions and correct premonitions 
The goal seems unattainable, but you have the right to change that The workload seems too much, but you'll have the will to finish that The 24 hours in a day aren't enough, but you have the right to manipulate that
when i was a little girl you told me my smile held yours.
There is so much you can do in life, but you barley have anytime You spend your first 5 years learning how to be what society wants you too be And then the next 12 years in public edcuation
Wake up play all day go to the beach watch family movie sleep repeate
A flower afraid to bloom
                    AlwayS lifts me up                Nothing More reassuring  Warmth Spreads Inside of me
I hope you look in the mirror one day and stand tall and proud with your wonderful face  and beautiful eyes. I hope you look at yourself with so much love that the world around you can feel it radiating 
Its opening night and I yell “15 Minutes ‘til places” To my half-dressed half-painted actors in their dressing rooms. Suddenly the race to get ready begins. With actors throwing on costumes and reapplying lipstick,
Sometimes she makes me upset, but that shouldn't matter to me. 'Cause if I were to make a bet, she'd lay down her life for me. It's not that she totally selfless, but she is always there for me.
Don't forget who you are Don't forget who's got your back Don't forget what side your on
They might give odd advice.  They might give slightly sexist or slightly inapporiate advice.  But advice is advice.  If they gave me advice, that means they pay attention to me. 
Life is simply awesome No other way to put it So many different things are great It is hard to fit them in a poem But trying is half the fun So here are all the awesome things
Dear Time, Tick tock tick tock tick Is all you ever will do But why? all it does is make me sick Enough already I'm fed up with you Either you tick too fast or tick too slow
Words are my favorite They flutter on the pages Of crisp papers Handcrafted letters
Chillin by the beach Just Kickin up my feet. Got no problem, Man that’s sweet!   Work is there, But no worries here. Parties everyday Is all I can say.  
It's a power we don't show, Yet we see it every day. We humans are unifed, But in our own special way.
Happiness inside this circle.
Let's explore the world around us. Why not? Leave the city and the concrete jungle of man kind. Come see the sunrise. The start of a new promise. Take a moment to rejuvinate your body. Why not?
America is an awesome place The melting pot of the world A stew of people from every race The citizens come in every size and every shape And they all came to the land of opportunity
Everything is awesome except nothing is life keeps getting in the way of life it won't slow down so I can watch I can't sit back to enjoy it   But isn't that the point of life?
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and don't get any " good mornings "  From any of the good people I call mine But it's alright. The sun is shining out my window And I feel just Fine. 
Our mind is awesome Filled with many thoughts Every thought tangled in knots We are the master of unwind To lead to the right find Positive or negative It's up to us to decide
Beautiful things are everywhere, From grasses of green, to birds in the air. A beautiful sunset that paints the sky,
Growing up is a scary thing to face Especially if you don't know who you are And how to run the race I avoid looking in the mirror Because I have the fear of Seeing what others talk about
Running through life and I feel so free Running fast to my destiny As I run through my life I see the years fly by No time to stop and look when I'm running through life
How does one know when all is well? Don't worry, there's an aswer to the question, There's n wrong answer, but seek the answer is in the lesson   It was as simple as the words that you seem me typing,
Never knew that the person I love the most,  Would be in the same room as me.  Same thoughts,  ideas,  and opinions. 
Scholarships are awesome, it's free money They are sweet like tea and honey I'm in college, but could use scholarship
The snow is melted  Tanning under the bright sun College is coming.
Lets put aside all of the world’s negativity,
Fresh lemonade The laughter of friends Movie nights Holidays School cancelled and fresh snow Birthdays Cake Cake on your birthday! Parties with friends
Isnt it awesome that youre alive? That youre wide awake and breathing. That youre talking laughing and walking.   Isnt it awesome that  you have a place called home? That youre not on the streets
I am what you call a loner, a nerd, a person who isn't so.. into herself. He is.. different. He is so much more than different, at least to me.  
Dancing to the beat of an African drum Including different races, not labeling as “bums” Visiting a girl who knows not where she is from
As I sit here looking back on life, From beginning to the end, I realize that the best of times Are the ones I spend with friends.  
D edicated to his family A wesome example D ecency and kindness                I love you for all that you do                 You have thought me to value                I feel safe when I am with you
You, my friend, can be an everyday hero. You may not know this, but you have powers. Well not like a the ones you see in the comics and movies, But you still have powers that really matter.  
It feels wrong: that pain in my chest; the tw
It’s my turn to buy the kettle corn, so I wait in line, the glorious chords Of the band on the field Ringing in my ears Like so many elephants, and Give my money to the man behind the counter,
I'm awesome. At least that's what everyone else seems to say. What happens when all except my "awesome" self Can be suggestive to view me this way? Constant, consistent, continuous compliments 
You lift me up, and help me when I'm down, instead of just, pushing me around.   Your smile, graces me, with it's warmth, and charm.   I see you, you poke me,
An awesome person I see 
Earth is a planet that is considered one of a kind, It’s the only place that has nature of every kind. A place where people are allowed to speak their own mind,
The good has gone away 
To a Beloved Friend IT is so sad To leave behind A friend you love -
Just give up!  Just quit! Why do this? Why fight? The tired me is talking again. She is louder than usual. What does that mean? She does this when she is scared. Afraid of failing. Afraid of succeeding.
Standing here, staring out into the world, Memorized how the hills roll like smooth waves on the ocean, The songs of Whippoorwills echo through the wooded area, The beauty and purity of the song makes my heart flutter
Seven billion souls. Seven billion experiences.
School.Not always thought of as awesome. But I am able to experience it with her. So it is indeed awesome.   Struggle.
Considering I been through hell and back 
Even when things seem to be terrible View all the good things to make life repairable
  You ask what I find awesome,
The most exhilarating feeling comes from choosing how you live - on your own terms. Nothing should take that away from you.
How may I see, when there is nothing there? But twas in the shade of the night Is the fare lady of the sires’ mare As she shines in the essence of light May I take her up of my stead fairly
Coffee is awesome. It helps me study for tests and stay up all night.
The rush of a warm shower The sound of my favorite album on reply The comfort of my own bed The security of a roof over my head My cat's silly antics
They work from dawn to dusk, every single day.
Everything is awesome. That is quite true. Everything is awesome. Just like me and you. We are all awesome in our own way. We are all awesome, you can tell by everything we say.
Since May ninety-seven she's stood by my side,   As she smiled and kissed and hugged me tight,   And year following year she's been my guide;  
BEEP! BEEP! Covers over my head and burrow into that cool pillow. Too early. Too late last night. Too much work, too much think about. Then, I remember.  I remember her. Her smile, her smell, her limbs like a willow
No time to waste with our heads looking down
Have you ever really stopped to smell the roses? No seriously, have you? Well the smell is glorious. Have you ever realized how amazing it is to sip that tangy cup of orange juice in the morning? It's great.
Are you on top of world or is the world on top, imaginations can be creations as long as they don't stop, some people you might have to block, to keep your dream on lock,
Men are not gentle. In our world, we must be strong. But our world is wrong.   I was frozen, still. Trapped inside a wooden box. Until you saw me.   You opened my eyes.
I used to pray for a son.Could you imagine a little baby boyWith big brown eyes and chocolate brown skin;With an imagination so big that the whole world could fit in.
The world is filled with an unsurmountable level of kindness 
When I remember where I put it When I'm forgetting... something When I fall asleep in the park When I get the perfect frappuccino When I find what I wasn't looking for When I get that off my chest
As I sit here writing this, A cube of red substance sits on my arm. The slippery, liquidy solid, That came from dust and water. The wondrous fluid that holds its shape.
To Be An Ant   We may see an ant's life as small but they have dreams as big as us. They may be small in body but they're 10 times strong in mind.
"Are you
    The woman who changed everything for me 
Beginning in a world young and new, that is awesome. Growing up learning and understanding what you can do, that is awesome.
Its like my mind fell off a plane into needle tips 
There's this place that is my favorite, It is big and spacious and at times loud, A gathering place for most to tell about their lives. Laughter and tears are shared here, hugs and love are common.
Beauty bears a thousand faces, Some less than obvious The darkest paths in life Can hold the richest treasures
Everything is awesome. You might ask “why?” Finding reasons is simple For one as awesome as I. I have a roof over my head And some shoes on my feet. I have coats for the winter
As night falls to sleep you get ready
Everything is awesome, is what a child’s movie told me. It told me that life was awesome, people are awesome, and that awesome was what I should see. I didn’t feel like everything was awesome one day.
The black crow crows The heavens await Hearts full of hate Meaning of life Nothing Metaphors, similes, examples To cause the brain more strife Life causes corruption
I Am Awesome Sometimes it's hard to see With the world and their pictures Of what perfect should be I Am Awesome I can't lie and say it's not hard But only I truly know what's in my heart
My Palms are Always Sweaty   I have ten pimples on my face and I almost never brush my hair.
The human body Is awesome.   Heart pumping furiously Lungs expanding beautifully Pushing the desperately needed Oxygen through intricate veins.   Immune system fighting
Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best
The touch of a hand A joke in the dark Secrets be told Midnight laughter   Tears drop from the eyes They dampen the shirt A warm, lingering embrace Needed comfort  
I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen in love with you. With the way you raise me up to shine for you, Or the way you humble me to settle into the background.
The things I like are plentiful, And now I shall name a few. Because liking things is wonderful, Both for me and you I like dogs and cats And literate rats Pretty skirts and dresses,
My car got towed So I have more chances to ride with friends  My cat ran away So I get to meet my neighbors   My power went out So I can experience camping indoors  
Everyday that you wake up is an awesome day. You're breathing. Is that not enough? You create your day. You can make it awesome. So, everyday is an awesome day.
We are among a chose generation.  We are children, young, inquiring and dreaming. We are learning, growing and inspired by everything. We are students visionaries, creating, planning and living.
Prom Queen.   I was on homecoming court in high school. Everyone knew I would be, I knew I would be.   I was on prom court in high school.
Life isn't as bad as it seems, yes there are hardships and yes there is pain, but why focus on the bad when there is so much good to gain? We are breathing, we get to see the sun shine and the stars glow
Watching fireworks up in the sky,drinking coffee on a Saturday,hearing stories from my grandpa's friend, Mr. Fry,kneeling by my bed to think and pray,my favorite song and the windows down,
In… Out…, In…Out… Breath, Kari. Just breath In… Out…, In…Out… From greatness you have been conceived   The internal pressure steadily rises And threatens to implode
I thought and drew The plan for my life No struggle to see   Clear and planned  Determination, demmand A straight path ahead Nothing to fear Creeping over like fog
Sometimes I just need to be alone. Sometimes, being alone could be the death of me, putting it lightly. But most of the time, I just need to listen to music.   Be it that new song from “Soupy”
Now You See Me. I’m here. I never left. But the thing is, you left me vulnerable. You left me unknown, unclear, and so confused. Basically, you left. You left me.
I continue my serenely esoteric fight for mastery.
When the skies have turned grey
You say I never smile when I look at you But it's because these feelings in my chest are petrifying Like hospital shocks after death
I asked him once
Writers say it keeps them writing Mathematicians say it keeps them solving
Awesome: adj. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear:  
I find it disgusting that people are so ignorant I find it startling that women are not equal to men I find it appalling that some children are deprived of nutrients
I don't know where I am. Well, If I am lost does that mean I am somewhere? If lost is some type of parallel universe where misfit things go then I guess im not really lost I am found.
Obsessing Over Obstacles to Often!
Everything is awesome, wouldn't you agree? From the hot summer nights to the cool winter breeze Going out on Halloween night for some sweets, Walking around in costumes and saying "trick or treat"  
I am the sunshine-- Feel my warmth, my merriment and sunshine you'll be.
Laying on the floor At the bottom of a pit Created in my mind All the light drained from the world.   A rope fell to the bottom Brushing my hand Begging me to grab on.  
Life is realy awesome Firends, family, love,  joy, and peace What is not to like about life
What does it take to make you happy?  What do I have to do to make you smile? Where's your paradise?  What would you give to wake up there every day?   Surrounded by ocean blue,
People always say that everything is terrible that life is so awful and completely unbearable but they don't really think that, at least not all the time 'cause life is pretty great, it's really sublime  
Focus on Every Blossom By: Hannah    The strife of life tends to take up all our time
There is a boy, He sits in the corner And says nothing. He does speak what he feels For fear they will strike him down. They will call him names. Fag. Gay they will call him
Not one that goes with the other Not your average definition No rhyme No hidden message   Just things, things I find awesome Just a tick tock Just hot air Just a trace with a finger
Music is awesome and that is for sure The one thing in life that will always stay pure It helps me through bad times Plays for the good times band to choir those were some good times music oh music
It's awesome when you get to laugh about the stupidest things with your best friend.   It's awesome how you get to share everything about yourself to 1 person, and they accept and love you for who you truly are.
Her exceptional beauty; astonished many Her graceful elegance; pleased the elders Tall, strong she stood Encouraging nature to flourish within Streams and across valleys
You are so lucky to be here Living on this Earth, For all the odds indicate That you would never have lived here On this tiny speck In the middle of nowhere In the cold depths of space.
A shy girl A loving boy
Words can't describe this feeling I feel, its real its more than I can dream it's an awesome thing. That thing is awesome its so unreal God gave me this but yet I still.
There is an eerie silence.
Gather round let us count our blessings
Family is love Surrounded by family, is surrounded but love They might no be family But they love you as much as family does Without family there's no love And therefore nothing is connected
The thing about CANCER is that it doesnt define you
For as long as I can remember
I wear my tears with Pride Pride that end of the day we’ll all be smiling My smile is filled with Hope Hope that in the end everything will turn out Right I can never Right my wrongs but I know the Consequences
The world is so cold we say but it doesn't have to be We say that the skies are gray but isn't it you who chose them that way? See we have two options in this life: to live, to die to whither, to fly
Everything is Awsome Live like you have everything to gain Love like your milk and you see an oreo Laugh like you have the whiskers of a million kittens all over your body Feel
As the tears flow i sit there reflecting All the hurt All the pain All the resentment You put me through Is this really worth my tears? I wasn't put here to be unhappy
Soft Gentle Breezes. Echoing Warmth.   Laughter Ablaze; My Heart Swells, With Abundance of Jubilant Tears.   A Crown of Triumph Rests On this Ebony Kinky Coils.  
This morning was a blur I got up, took care of my animals, then cleaned my chores Same routine, every morning Nothing seems to change Then there's him That guy I wait for everyday
You heard with the choir singing loud Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns from heaven above With wisdom, power, and love Our God is an Awesome God     The mericful and loving God
Splendid and magnificent is daytime   In the heart of the bustling Charminar*   Lively and congenial are the people   Bargains become rhythms of the bazaar  
When given an opportunity You kind of just sit there And let it pass by Because it is unlikely That taking it would do  Anything. But then you think And you think Think some more
Her hair is the color of fire, or the red in a Kansas sunset. Eyes that change with her mood; deep blue when she's vexed, a light green when she's content. She's all about business, but still has fun when it's time.
A powerful genetic disorder mutation of the genes Passed down through heredity proclamations of this rare disease A variety of different types yet no cure to be One kind in particular
Black is awesome Black is beautiful Black is the color before one's closed eyes about to dream, Black is the color of Mother Earth's soil which nature lives from, Black is onyx and obsidian,
Theres things in life that makes you simply wonder at awe
The 12th year of high school,
I didn't choose the life I have I didn't set my place People have hurt me abused and cursed me And I've been stitching myself together So I may not be perfect
Rain, rain, rain is all it ever does here, Perhaps to remind us of all the pain it still is very unclear, My world was dark , The sky was grey, And everything fell to pieces slowly slipping away, 
I would like to say, for the record, I hate my hair being pulled from the root as much as the next person. I hate spit even more -- especially the kind that is streaked down my arm or
Bravery – A simple seven letter word.
Home by Kynzi DePriest   it's a melody. it welcomes you after a long day      at work or school, giving you comfort you need.   but that's too generic for me.  
Everything is awesome Variety; Vivacious Vitality Equal Empowerment Everywhere Refreshing Raindrops You, me, and everybody Technology To Talk, Text, and Travel Humans Holding Hands
I’ll never understand people, Always pointing out the negative. Always giving reasons why we shouldn’t. Always asking “why” instead of “how”.   “This world is just terrible” is what they all say,
The pitter patter of your footsteps upstairs. Optimus Prime and Thomas the Train. The way you view the world With a pure, childish innocence. For years, I asked and pleaded
Life is difficult at times like attempting to make a poem the rhymes  but we must have the courage to stand up and say
Have you asked yourself"What's the meaning of Life?"Happiness, wealth, dealing with strife?  
Look up at the wondrous sky towering above you and you'll realize life is not so bad Spread your toes in the cool, thriving soil and you'll realize life is not so bad
Art is beautiful. And by all definitions, awesome. It makes us feel something invisible. Something that makes us want to blossum. It makes nothing seem trivial. To be recognized as awesome.
Wrongs Blind me to the point of exhaustion Hurt done to me, faults of my own But then a hug, A kindness, a voice opens my eyes to the amazing Family related by bonds not
Not everything that glitters is gold ,  although the past is in the past.  There are things in life that make us a stronger human being and there is nothing wrong with that.
Living is a light, shining like the stars Living is finally finding out who you are
Sometimes when the world isn't nice to us, we forget how special we are
I couldn't be happier than I am with you. Your hand in mine, warm and soft. You pulled me in close, But not close enough, your heartbeat sounding as if It were a work of Beethoven as you spun me
Life is a Ride   It’s always been about the journey,
You’re Alive. Maybe barely, maybe hardly. But you are alive. You possess life, right now: there is a pulse running from your fingertips to your toes. So, smile.
Her ability to listen and hear what is said. Helping with any situation and always Giving her love. Her laugh puts A smile on my face. Being with her, a good time is Bound to happen.
It's Summer There is Netflix No School WiFi YouTube Paper Towns Tumblr Food Sleep Oh the endless sleep that some of us recieve.... Lazy days
Plato believed that we’d never understand anything around us                 because everything around us is the palest of illusions                 veiling their true definitions.   In which case, I’m screwed
Awesome isn't just a word,
Awesome is the thing that makes things great,
An awesome person is: A person that will lend a helping hand, Whenever he or she has the opportunity, Even if it means having less monetary wealth;
The world is headed towards destruction. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Before the time comes, I must realize life is one aspect that can't be compromised. Step by step I walk a thin line; a line between dark and light.
Things were falling apart It seemed like no one was there Alone in my head and alone with my tears
Being awesome means that you're able to express yourself the way you want. Being aweome is being able to love yourself the way you are. Being awesome is standing up to what you believe in.
When trees begin to dance, swaying in rhythm with wind And birds together in chorus, requiem for the loss: 
Look, a bucket Full of water In the rain. The bucket - His hands; The water - the world; The raindrops - you, me.
If I possibly end up on the other side of the country, which is the plan, who am I supposed to go to when those who "raised" me are no where to be found?
Tick Tick TIck Tick Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub The monarch grazes the water with its tiny extentions The river draws near  Only to shyfully return
People say that the desert sucks
      The reality that a gun i
Anger is like a wildfire
They're that friend that's always there. Their laugh, that smile, it resignates everywhere. For some strange reason their warmth always invades your own and it's amazing.  
     Everything Is Awesome. The breakup is awesome.
The aching feeling in your chest Sometimes may not feel the best But if you continue to push trhough All of those negative thoughts will subdue For now enjoy what you have Instead of what you want
It's the little things in life, those aha moments, that are awesome.   Approaching a red light as it turns green. A person holding the door for you. Butterflies in your stomach. The smell of fresh coffee.
My dad hated me I need to find you My mom hated me I need to find you My sister hated I needed to find you My grades were slipping But then I found you I loved life
Children, God's awesome cure for a society oh so impure. By finding light in dark places, with eyes blind to races, and hearts overflowing with joy, with mouths that harvest no ploy.
We run outside, time to play.  It starts to rain, well, that's okay.  We try to catch drops, in our mouths. Whew, we say, that cooled us down.  While running about, the sun comes out, and that just made our day. 
Once upon a dream, I dreamt of a light It burned my skin and it shone too bright Once upon a dream, I dreamt about the snow But it was cold and I nearly froze Once upon a dream,
            A daughter depends on her mom like a soldier depends on his men,             When she stumbles and falls, her mother is always there;             She will grasp her hand, and guide her through rough waters,
Everything is AWESOME! First of all, there's flight. How can anything stay up in spite Of gravity and human thoughts? Initially, we all thought the world was flat. Now we know that idea is old hat.  
My Focus moves from TV to what is around. Dull buzz from the tv next door. The sounds of the house are low hums and small paws across the tile floor.
My parents could never help me with my homework. Everything is awesome. I learned to teach myself and became a better student for it.   My father was an addict. Everything is awesome
what is really out there who do i really want to become who am i really right now
The other day I felt down and sad, I had so many problems I could not deal with, The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad, All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth. I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,
I wake up every morning Only to live another day, To block away the world as I continue
I am glad to have woken up in this world. Even though we experience pain time will heal Even though there is evil there is good Even though people starve we get a meal We are thankful for this world.  
Yearning is the worst possible feeling, for the simple fact that your mind, body, and soul crave something that just isn't meant for you yet.
Everything's not awesome! Well... sometimes... Things get you down, Ointment's full of flies. I was once told  By Maya Angelou That nothing's gonna work Until I do. When everything sucks
Everything is awesome Take a look at what the world has to offer. From the deep blue sky lightning quicker than the blink of an eye The wonders of the earth make the heart grow softer
The sun's warmth dances on my freckled face. I close my eyes and  feel the breeze play with my hair. An old rock tune blares out
Poetry is my words. On Paper, I have a cascading waterfall, And I can run freely, Like being released to natural habitat   I can write about childhoods torn away, Not by the monsters under our beds,
Life is the sum of experiences, That we encounter as we go through every day and every second. Life is awesome. So awesome, that people on earth can’t believe what we see.
**I wrote this poem a few years ago. It was one of those night's where I couldn't fall sleep. This relates to the prompt because sometimes the unknown can be awesome.
Everything is Awesome! Jordan Bryant
I am aware of the stress,
Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam More often than not Dullness is bought People settle for and accept The subpar, the inept But, with the world my muse
The world is awesome everything in its place where it's suppose to be Ever wonder deeply how everything is so unique so special and awesome awesomeness surrounds us everything different and awesome
I start up my mornings with a nice early shower. That’s how I start my day. You may start that way too. Perhaps you prefer evenings for taking showers, But does that make me more awesome than you?  
I'm glad thatsomehow we endedup in the desertat four in the morningbecause now I knowthe true blues ofpre-dawn.
  The bookstore looms at the end of the street Its cinderblock walls tower over those walking below
My mom she's one of a kind  she's not a mother of three or two just one which makes her mine shes been there for me since I was in diapers  she even stuck through it all when she felt down and tired
I live in Racine Wisconsin its a pretty awesome town I love each part of it theres never a reason to frown The beach on Lake Michigan is only ten minutes away Its an absolutely awesome place to spend a summer day
That's not real. That's impossble. You can't do that. Wake up! Get your head out of the clouds Be Realistic   NO! Not a chance. I'm staying right here.
sunshine is awesome so are my cats my dog is awesome as are my friends we all get along so well, every day how is this real life do i have to graduate?
I want to be so in love that it'll have me randomly stop in my tracks and have me thinking "How could I have possibly deserve a love like this?"
Apparition upon pristine country, Without contents in the empty gray pack. Music in the presence of the low star, I see resource ready for the ransack. These can assist me to thrive thus far.
Everyone can be who they want to be Whether that's cool or special or part of a team Everyone can do what they want to do As long as they comply with rules and laws too Everyone can go where they want to go
Not many people believe in magic, but it is always there, like a mere silver lining. or a brush of paint across a ragged, bumpy, white canvas. When one good word can make someone smile,
What would a phone do without a battery? A phone is lonely without a battery It's useless without power running through What use will it be without a battery? It's nothing without a battery
The System is Corrupt.  Illegals are distraught  Judged a criminal before he talks. The other an alien from another planet is he not? This is America Land of the Free 
Arroz con habichuelas, las telenovelas. (Rice and beans, Hispanic soap operas) Dark skin is not equivalent to sin. Puerto Rican I am, I am Puerto Rican.  
Everyday there are victims of sexual assault that’s not recorded or taken seriously. Many don’t even realize what they are doing or what this person is doing to them. Its either sexual assault from family members or people you don’t even know.
Life as we know it. It holds us still and spins us around. It whirls us back, and knocks us to our backs. As I lay, I think on it; life. It's a miracle.
I stare at the mirror and ask myself who are you, But I can't find the words to answer.  Bullied most of my life, I start to feel what they see.
The wind carries a giggle Hearing that sound makes me light up A smile lies beneath  
This letter is for the son whos life was snatched away and drowned in a lake of hatredbecause he was suspected to have whistled at a white woman
As time goes by and we get older, we think of the things this world has to offer. I can date, I can do.
Fast pace, dancing feet
Time and space travel isn’t as far as it may seem. It doesn’t take lots of science or a laser beam. It is not magic but simply a state of mind That can take anyone anywhere their mind can find.
Baby girl was always far away from me Due to the fact that she wasn't biologically mine I fell in love with her mother from a state or two away But that never stopped with how much my love from them grew
Most people search for the meaning of life in about anything This ranges from religion to science and they never find it This is because the meaning of life was never hiding in the first place
Everything; that's awesome. You need only to believe it. But everything ain't what I've got. So let me tell you why I'm screaming. In the city people act as though their lives are worth a dime
Sounds rushing by The pressure Builds Heavy filth rising to the surface Lead organs sinking Anger, hate, disgust Rising, building Suffocating Flash! Flash! Breaking down
At the age of five I felt alone, deep inside no one was home. Walking around gloomy, felt like I was doomed. No one to turn to, no confidant. At the age of ten I wass dragged, someone pulling and I couldn't fight back.
The clear crisp call of chimes so high,Bluebirds racing across the sky,The wind that whispers in your ear,So cold and fresh, “I am here!”Bright hills of green, with frosted dew,
Everything seems blurry.
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