Tree Life

The light shines bright as the sunset rises

As low as the dirt but gives no surprises

Monsters with two trunks that are of very small sizes

Dancing and prancing but are known for their disguises.


The light is so high it can't be touched

I breathe with a sigh echoing sounds from the new born

The monsters are wry and their gaze seemed stunned

Some movements were spry but felt nothing but a touch


Behind me lied the warmth of the sun

It was within reach but I am still young

Even monsters have names but to me they have none

From one of my arms one of them swung.


Sun's brother Moon wanted to play with me

But even I know I will not be free

Monsters are monsters underneath their facade

Moon weeps watching me timber away


Moon hurries to tell his brother the news

I am where I started singing the blues

Its so calm some monsters snooze

When Sun comes back all that's left is a bruise.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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