When You Feel It in Your Bones, It's AWESOME

Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes

You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride

Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest

Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best

Tap those feet, wag those fingers

Feel the pains, aches, and joys of those singers


Plug ‘em out, let the sound waves carry

Bless your city with a new birth – call it Mother Mary

Let the children fall in and do a funky dance

Let the old schoolers slide in, not giving the young ones a chance

Let the women hum while cooking, shaking those skirts

Let the men whistle to the beat, while completing their work


Turn it off

The world turns silent

Now you are forced to face the violence

Turn it off

The city folk are empty inside

But you, you cannot turn it off, because your heart is where the music resides


Music is AWESOME, and it will continue to live

Music is something we pass down to our kids

Music is healing the souls of too many generations

Music is a vital factor in changing our nation

Music is there when our friends are not

Music, when turned off, can make our world stop


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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