Family Reunion

Voices rise and fall and buzz

As we reunite with our loved ones

And as cousins, aunts, and uncles gather

To visit, play and be together.


Everyone is a teacher here.

Everyone learns something different.

Each member shares a portion of their experience

For others to use at a fraction of the cost.


Everyone feels welcome here

And everyone is loved.

Though we all have our weaknesses,

We help each other stay strong.


We dare each other to test our limits

And try things we wouldn't dare to otherwise.

We encourage each other to do our best

Regardless of our boundaries.


Though some of us can't always come,

We love them all the same.

Though some of us have momentarily left,

We still feel their comforting presence.


Our family is made of stronger stuff

Than others would believe possible.

We're built to last eternally,

Many hearts bound together as one.


Alas, it seems our time together

Has come to an end for a while;

But know that we'll come back again

And treasure the memories till then.


This poem is about: 
My family


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