it's not just the simple things

the gasps between breathless laughter

or the anticipation before fireworks

not even the crickets that chirp on that perfect summer night


it's not just the big events

the polaroids swamped with joyful tear streaked faces

or the vast array of glittering graduation caps

not even the births, the welcome homes, the biggest of surprises


it's both

the belly laugh and the quiet snorting chuckle

the moments captured on camera and the ones that never seem to quite make it

the first time reaction of a child to fireworks and the wonder that never leaves the eyes of those who have attended every show

the tears in the eyes of parents becoming empty nesters and the joy in the eyes of graduates

the silence between the shouts of laughter at the lake and the time between dawn and dusk

the I never saw it coming moments and the I'll pretend I didn't know moments


it's the continual lapse of time that drives life

it's everything, it's life itself

it's so much of the little and so much of the big

it's both

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Our world
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