Everything Is Awesome

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 09:16 -- antdy11

The other day I felt down and sad,

I had so many problems I could not deal with,

The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad,

All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth.

I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,

About how all of my problems in life could be bought.

My biggest issues were made of money,

But my relationships with people all thrived.

I am well-liked and some think I’m funny.

When it comes to necessities I’ve never been deprived.

All of my problems just melted away.

And I thought of something I wanted to say.

Everything is awesome.

I am not hungry or sick,

I have so much opportunity.

And while I might not be rich,

The people I meet are all one happy community.

If I could describe my life I may not say it’s blessed,

But I also cannot say that I am depressed.

I have always been so motivated,

I have always worked so hard,

And happiness doesn’t mean I’m intoxicated,

Or that I spend all of my money at the bar.

I may not be perfect, but I’m free to be me.

And in the end that is why I must agree,

That everything is awesome.

I have dealt with so many troubles,

From bed bugs to sleeping in my car.

My work load only doubles,

And I never seem to get very far.

I wrecked my car the other day,

But I also have a lot of good to say.

I have an awesome girlfriend,

We have been together over five years,

It could go until the bitter end,

And we’ve been together longer than my peers.

I must take all the bad with the good,

And I know that you too should.

And be happy that everything is awesome.

In our world people fight, and blow things up,

In our world people can’t seem to get along.

These are phrases you say when you give up,

And instead you must be strong.

People can do great things, I have seen it before.

And I know it’s hard when money is asked for.

But I have been through a great deal.

I have seen life’s joys and pains.

There are people who cannot eat a meal,

Or have lived life in chains.

My problems are small compared to the rest,

And even those with nothing can attest.

Everything is awesome.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



So I am not a big poetry kind of guy, I'm not sure if this is too lame, but I wrote the truth about how I feel at least, and I guess poetry being a form of expression really is true in this case. I used an ABABCCDEDEF rhyming scheme, where F was always "Everything is Awesome", and I kind of stuck to the ABABC being negatives and CDEDE being positive. I wasn't too strict about that, just something I tried out in some. Feedbak is welcome! Good luck to all!

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