Is Awesome the Right Word?

Blue sky, black clouds,
Cute pets, hype crowds
The many thoughts we have and never speak aloud
Good grades, sweet crushes
high school sweethearts in they're lucky
brand new friends, little everyday wins
like twisting off the hard lid and helping out a little kid
a rather pleasant summer day
learning how to surf from a beach babe
Knowing that your friends can trust in you
Playing old games, reading reviews
catching a few movies if you have time to
sleeping under stars, dropping bars
finding a new favorite song
and clearing the snow off of your and your grandmother's cars
a couple holes of golf, an amateur tennis match
going out of town to visit the family
and having someone get that itch that you couldn't scratch
yummy sweetstuffs, stunning rainbows
Mountains in the Autumn scenery
having a professional paint your face and nose 
Finding a rare earth, receiving a new device
and then some
This is what makes life awesome.
The list is incomplete, I know,
But that just leaves more room to grow.
Little feelings, special memories
all these experiences  so precious to me
and to all similar human beings
who might not sense but feel these feelings
So appreciate your awe-worthy life,
because awesome is the perfect word for it, alright.
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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