Deemed as Opposite of Light, We're the Color of the Night

Black is awesome

Black is beautiful

Black is the color before one's closed eyes about to dream,

Black is the color of Mother Earth's soil which nature lives from,

Black is onyx and obsidian,

strong and made of fire, surviving with resistance, the ability to adapt,

resulting in beauty.

But some compare the color to darkness,

equate it to evil or death,

to danger,

they categorize it with fear.

It's taboo to associate with this color,

black magic,

they fear the color will taint them,

black equals sin, a deadly habit.

But the voices from the dark won't have it,

From the black pits, from beneath the ground, black has seen roots ripped,

big ships.

The voices of the darkness yell,"But what if it was flipped?"

"Black is night, starry starry night.

Black is mystery and allure, there is no answer to it that's right."


"Black is the shadow at your heels,

trust fall, beck and call."

"Black demands to be felt, to be acknowledges, without light there is dark, without black there'd be no opposition, no balance."

"Black is awesome," the voices continue to yell,

"Black is not danger, nor fear,black is not hell, black is not devil's food cake, evil and tempting,black is is not your misconstrued definition."

"Black is beautiful, just as light."
"Black is awesome."

"Black is neither wrong nor right."



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