Story of My Life

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 23:01 -- mms2012

Everything is awful...

Went to college for three years straight ... including summers

Wasted every weekend studying for exams

Broke my pelvis in a car accident

Lived with roommates who drove me crazy

Worked my butt off and only earned Cs in Organic Chemistry

Dragged myself out of bed every day due to exhaustion

Tried to fit a degree into just two years 

Failed the MCAT

Forced to take a third year of undergraduate school

Studied even harder for MCAT and difficult science courses

Forced to take new and even longer MCAT
Failed MCAT again

Denied acceptance to medical school

Too late to apply to other schools or programs

Cried myself to sleep every night trying to figure out what to do next

Retaking Organic Chemistry out of necessity

Job searching which is nearly impossible

Trying to afford to live while also looking good on med school applications


Everything is awesome...

Blessed to earn a bachelor's degree in only three years

Made it on the Dean's List every semester

Learned to relinquish my control and ask for help

Met some of my best friends for life

Humbled by the fact that I'm not great at everything

Woke up everyday and was overall healthy

Realized that sometimes you shouldn't follow the crowd

Saw that my worth wasn't dependent on a test score

Gained perspective and managed my test anxiety

Continued to have a strong work ethic

Can't always know why things happen, but continue to have faith

Given the opportunity to apply to more diverse schools that may be a better fit

Have the entire year to build my skills and experiences

Fully leaned on God 

Chance to redeem myself and learn more

Able to see how others struggle with job search

Knowing that everything will work out one way or another


Life is a matter of perspective. 



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