Because My Body Loves Me

I've seen volcanoes erupt

and ocean tides change.

I've flown high above the earth

and I've ridden on a wave.


Yet I am still amazed.

My eyes blink-

The lungs in my chest make sure I never go without air.

My ears tell me how much someone cares.


My body loves me.

It always has and it will for the rest of my life.

It loves me when I look in the mirror and tell it I hate it.

My body loves me how no one else can.


And every other being on this earth has a body like mine.

And all they want is to protect us.


Every body I see knows to breathe, blink.

They're al caring for themselves,

for each other.


Everyone I see has someone who loves them.

Because even if they feel alone, there is still someone to care for them.

When they're full of hate, their body only fights on their side.

No matter how I feel, my body will





It will never forget,

the way I sometimes forget to feed it.


I am its only priority.

And it takes me where I want to go.

My feet carry me,

my hands hold me.

My eyes show me the lovely world around me.

When I get sick, it does everything it can to make me better.


No matter how I treat it,

my body loves me more than anyone else can.


I am so grateful.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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