Finding New Love After Heartbreak...Is Awesome.

The backlight shines bright on my smartphone tonight

It blinds me, hurts my eyes

Yet I still look to see a message waiting

To my surprise, it's my boyfriend

Texting me two hours before sunrise


I eagerly open it expecting a message of affection

But to my revelation

It is a note of dismissal

Saying 'I'm sorry, I really enjoyed our time

But unfortunately I changed my mind

You are too perfect for me, You can't be mine

Perhaps we can be friends in another life.'


I feel hurt, I feel rage

I feel betrayed and staged

Two years of love gone

Washed down the drain

Can I move on after this?

Can I love again?


Time passes after the heartbreak though

The tears I shed dried very slow

But love came once more in the form of a boy

Who saw I was beautiful

Even with no smile or joy


He softened my heart

Which was hard as stone

And whispered in my ear to let me know,

'You are awesome,' everyday or so


I never wanted to let anyone back in

How cruel love seemed to me back then

But now love is ready for me

And I am ready for it

Finally I have found new love again...

And it is awesome.


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