Life is truly a gift

Just to breath

Just to believe

From opening your eyes every day

To the path we lay

Nothing is more amazing then life

No matter what strife

Live life your way

Happy no matter what they say

Life is truly a gift

No matter how it may shift

Just remember this remark

Light always shines brighter in the dark

Live to fight

Live for what’s right

Live to be happy

No matter how sappy

Sadness just toss him

Because life is awesome 

This poem is about: 
Our world



This is amazing!!!!


Great poem! 


i really like the theme of yo poem....great

yu seem to bring out the same topic that Mother Theresa brought out - and in connect what yu write and her works...ya life can be awesome when we actually try to live it












Amazing, I love the positivity! Great Job!




I love this! I think alot of people me included lose site of the important things, and take a lot for granted. This especially is awesome for some one that is having a bad day and is losing hope! Much needed in a time of thanksgiving, reminds me of how much I have in life and what to be thankful for!

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