I Am Awesome

I Am Awesome

Sometimes it's hard to see

With the world and their pictures

Of what perfect should be

I Am Awesome

I can't lie and say it's not hard

But only I truly know what's in my heart

Sometimes I get sad

Knowing that I'll never be

The girl in the pictures

America wants me to be

Sometimes I get mad

When I realize that I am not accepted

By everyone everywhere

Though I am, excellent

I Am Awesome

I Am Me

I Am Black

I Am Woman

I Am Big

I Am Beautiful

Regardless of how you feel

I feel amazing

I feel proud

I feel awesome

With my unperfect hair

My awkward body

My blemished skin

My unpretty face

My weird personality

You used to make me sad

Because I thought these things were bad

Yet then I found that

I had no reason to be mad

I am all I have

I have to love me

When no one does

That's most important

The self love

I have learned

I have changed

I am me

I Am Awesome 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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