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Be brave enough to walk awayAnd don't look backBe brave to say goodbyeBe brave enough to go your wayBe brave not to tell a lie.
I miss you only if you miss my smile
A large mountain In a desert of azure Rich are its streams Inviteful are its odyssey's Observing the wild seeds   Many paths known
Disoriented in a deep forestnoticing a strange looking treewhose dry bark was greatly gnarled,camouflaged well within its trunkthrough its knots it appeared like an old man with a long beard of white
Visions of the sunset— It sets every night, Sometimes at 7 o’clock, Sometimes at 8 o’clock, Sometimes at 9 o’clock.
Wonders of the world have me feeling small. How many adventures I haven't experienced. Open the doors and embarking in the labrynth. Time to explore those wonders once and for all.
Luckily when they fell they fell on a humongous pile of leaves, but even the leaves felt like falling on piles of rocks.
There was one time where monsters, fairies, and other mythical creatures existed, but there was one creature that everyone feared...the dragons.
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on       the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays on      let it burn with ease That's what it does.... 
she said you are prisoner of your feet a rootless tree on fleet!
I eased my eyes wide open As the day had already started My uneasy mind is stranded Lingering effects from last night’s last call   The nights are hard to handle And the pills are hard to swallow
The sun's fire is fading, as night's ocean rises.   Cold. Endless. Dauting.   I am not afraid, for the night does not conceal.   It reveals something more,
Would I do it again? I want to say yes. I want to say I wouldn't change a thing. But, is that really true? Could I really do this all over again? Am I strong enough? Is anyone strong enough?
 I write today to the ones that matter, praying to his glory that these crystal dreams dont shatter.  I write today to the ones that stayed, through thick and thin; might or right, their steps never strayed.  I write today to the ones with soggy s
It’s hard to remember but sometimes I think of my neighbor’s garage. It was silver and white. He gave me a pair of vintage suitcases that had travelled to Paris. They were blue. I went to the emergency room twice as a kid.
This little light in me Lost between the forgotten colours Stuck in the never ending waters Drowned with the words in the wind Cries with rays and lightining and swords This little light in me
Bring me your poetic thoughts  From far off lands And daring tales of adventures you missed. Show me your wild lies With wild eyes And speak poetry to me. 
What’s the meaning of life Does anyone truly knowIs it all about finding someone Or exploring it on your own
To my friend, my cousin. You represent someone who is exactly what I wanted in a father figure. My real dad is afraid of everything, and has a hard time being supportive.
Words falling off the page Undone beds and ticking clocks When will it stop? Blurry faces passing by Inkless pens and endless stories Which one is mine? Always chasing after the moon
Words falling off the page Undone beds and ticking clocks When will it stop? Blurry faces passing by Inkless pens and endless stories Which one is mine? Always chasing after the moon
A way to spread happiness A place for joy A way to educate and no place to be coy   A method of reflection And a way to foresee A method to make a connection And the best way for me.
Our grandparents had given me ten dollars as my late fourteenth birthday present; my little sister and I made the mile-long treck down to the corner store. "...even though we're not even supposed to be 
Nothing new seems to pass by me. Only few occurrences surround me. Nothing to make me feel desperate, Nothing to make me feel longing.   I close my eyes to feel alive,
It was passed along in whispers,  among the children of paradise that deep within the wetlands rested a treehouse few had entered   Determined we set out, to find this place of ledgend 
Diving into a world unlike any known. You delve through with no known limits. A place that you can call your own. No fear or concern to withhold my words. Gazing at the beauty that only I can create
I don't know who I am except: Borrowed atoms Bad timing And love   I don't know where I am except this moment With a smoke in my hand, My hair in the wind
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
Dear Self,  Sometimes when it's late at night and I feel like my room is the only vessel drifting through a black spacious ocean with the constellations above, some bars of light will begin circling around
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
Dear Childhood Self, The giants surround you Filling you with feeling But what feeling? Wonder, excitement, joy. Half a mile of red.
Oh my dear,  Before you were born, two stars held hands, and said, "let's run away." They went to a shady diner on the planet Pluto to devise a plan, when they found a solar gun.
they say that in order for someone to live, someone must die. and now i must know. who was the one who died
We run further into the night The city lights gleaming, city lights singing We live for now because the time is right The promise of youth and its inevitable time being
In a soft whisper, he said let me take you somewhere special, please With my hand in his, he guided me through the trees My eyes grew wide when approached the hidden place The glitter filled water
So walk With me And take my outstretched hand And continue on With me forever To the ends of the land. With each step We take Let us take it as one For we are Two bodies
The mood was right; headache, loud noises, babies crying, tight spaces.   You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw.
Ty is the name of a boy who is my friend   that takes me on the occasional adventure. I'll never stop writing about those adventures. He used to live in Springfield, right of Centennial.
She believed that it was true, reality.The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.The laugh, the voice, the comfort.Complete silence, and pure happiness.She soon found out that it was a moment.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, pleases let down your hair. Your beautiful but uptight, do not hold yourself captive up there, Your so smart, but oblivious,  Destined for something so... great, however unaware
She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild salty air. We all know the beauty of waves at twilight; But she wants sails bathed in starlight, Winds raking their fingers through her hair,
She locks her door and makes her bed Hopes to see him soon ahead Opens her window but is quiet The empty night is so silent Out the window she will climb To meet her lover right on time
I was once a spoiled child.   Taking everything for granted, I hardly stopped to notice my way of thinking.   Forever complaining, Hardly thanking.  
The Girl Who Was Also a Map   It was winter when I first met her I did not quite realize what she was Because of the cold, she was covered and concealed.  
Her mind tunes to Rameau as She dissects the Earth,From Her solemn seat in the gardens of Eiffel.Pondering mysteries She has wondered since birth, A usual trait of Athena’s DiscipleShe eyes each lone soul with the keenness of KantAnd wonders their
“X” Marks The Spot   I wandered aimlessly lost at sea... This jungle of a world has mislead me like a hex.
And for every time we touched,    It felt like New York was still and quiet;     And Las Vegas had gone dark;      Big Ben down in London stopped ticking;And the flow of Fallingwater seized;           Venice stopped sinking,                And Rom
I see friends travel,  experience new things and step onto foreign gravel. They walk a different path. My experience is less than half.
In the wonders of my mind I've been lost for many years,  Without a doubt or a fear  I am completely me  
I wake to the song of a thundering call A summons to a world just beyond Lost long ago in the grimoire of time An empire forged by rune and sword The far away lands of spires and lore  
I'm on a path, my destination is uncertain. I wake up in the morning with excitement and grit knowing that I am on an adventure. I look forward to continuing my journey each day, knowing that I will reach an exciting unknown. 
I've gone around the world. I've gone to seek, the mountain peaks To swim every lake without any breaks To climb the trees, And overlook the seas I''ve gone into the tunnels,
When heroes in stories awake in their beds and feel the great Sun which caresses their heads, do they take hold of their armor and say, "I will begin some great journey today"?  
As the sun slowly rises  And gently wakes me with the touch of its ray, 
Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.  
When I hear the pitter-patter on the roof after a long sunny day, I think. I think about what it must be like to be a raindrop, or even just a molecule of water. To be able to go anywhere, or would
The crisp cold wakes me by nipping my nose. The sleepiness leaves me from my head to my toes. I look at the clock and groan so loud. It’s 7 o’clock it’s time to get up now. But instead of readying myself just yet,
I french kiss the morning, And open my eyes, The sun is smiling; the clouds are high, I jump out of bed, and grab my book, Then search in earnest for a quiet nook, I finish my story and hike the trail,
You will never know the feeling of freedom that surges down my spine, The shiver that cascades through my veins, As we race against time to make memories.  
Fresh sun fresh start and we've got people to kiss mountains to climb waves to surf food to eat ideas to create We dont live forever  and the mornings just begun  so lets start the chase
Adventure comes with opportunity,Opportunity comes with the unknown,The unknown needs faith. Taking steps with faith will lead to new doors,New opportunities, and new adventures.You just have to be brave enough to see it.
I met a shy girl once. We were at a night club on a karaoke night. I challenged her to shots and she said, "If i get drunk I might be tempted to sing." "Would you sing if you were sober?" I asked and she said,
Everyone and everything here is old; archaic.The new things and people are but copies of generations before.Arranged a little differently, perhaps.They are restored classics; cliché- yet contemporary; chic.
London brown and Tardis blue. The next time I see your face you may be someone new, But when I look deeply into your eyes I will know that it is you.
Be the one well traveled, hold truth higher than your comfortand your faith will set you free. 
Hot cocoa burned Lesson learned Rotten milk Blanket of silk Flightless birds Spoken words Chilly night Candle light Chocolate tainted A prank elated Laughter, smiles
Music is powerful.   With it, nothing cannot be achieved.  Even when trapped on a  deserted island, an iPod full of music can become a vehicle for the mind's eye.
New York is where it began, I knew I'd be the worlds greatest fan. I had an imperishable fever to roam, my hair would never need a comb.  I knew to be truely free I would have to lose all that was "me."
I.  Am. A reader. A starry-eyed dreamer Who holds worlds in her hands on a daily basis Escaping from the hum-drum to a mythical oasis. I'm a devotee of words, a disciple.
Over oceans, over seas Travel takes you where you please Some can lived enclosed in boxes, But that’s not for me   Through the jungles, past the woods Seeing cultures, learning new ways
It is weird that I am here.  Trapped.  On a beautiful island I cannot call my home.  I have no cell phone, no coffee, no friends of my own.  Deserted, I feel..alone.  
A soft breeze rolls across The hills of my aunt's property. Wheat nearly ready to harvest As the Summer quickly draws to close. Moonlight pours from a cloudless night sky Onto a canvas of stalks -
The taste of despair slowly passing through my lips as I swallowed. Into the dark alley people joke and smoke blowing air onto my shoulders. Where are you from you don't belong here written a long the walls.
The lemon grass scent belonged to her pecan tinted skin.   Her stare soft but filled with a pinch of fear.   When the breeze roared and fell on us heavy like a brick.  
In my dreams I stand before a wall of perfectly aged stone That crumbles at the mere touch. Inside lies a more perfect beauty- The city within.   I stumble up the grand, weathered steps
Traveling is what many long for, To travel when and where you want. To travel the world is to live free, To live free, is to live happy.   Happiness is not a destination,
It continues beyond the hardships of one lonely soul. It reveals the truth behind a hidden, haunting ghoul. It charges the explosive passion within oneself. It ends the overbearing pain one once felt.
I'm stuck in my head. I've run out of luck my brain and my heart; they bled. I'm stuck and I just want to get out. Climbing through the muck my head just screams and shouts.  
Trapped in a beautiful reality, Twirling my Mobius strip. Walking on burning fallacy, Standing on the edge of spontaneity, I flip into the abyss— blinded by the power of silence
Why couldn’t I just be born a wizard,
A little white feather on a boring swan lay, wanted to go on an adventure that day, so he unbuckled himself from the coat so white, and sailed off without any fright.   Over the meadows and trees he floated,
There is something divine about uncertainty To know that blessings are just around the corner Maybe you are the blessing Maybe I am the blessing   There is something divine about being a blessing
Fully Alive   It's when a quart mason jar is filled to the brim, with black coffee and
they say change is a bad thing I always heat "nobody likes change" I don't find this true I live for change Change brings adventure and beauty and new life Change brings new chances and adreniline 
The quill slides over and into the inkwell the battle 'gainst evil begins   then promptly the clash of the two sided sword rings louder with the side that wins.   a story, a plotline
We used to sneak out at 2am  rolling downhill in freshly dewed grass   We used to catch fireflies that would eventually die convinced that leaves would sustain their lives  
            I’m a big fan of stars. Stars have the ability to make you wonder and make you think. A million thoughts cross your mind when you’re looking at the sky, as if there was a different thought for every star.
Amongst the dulled murmur, a clear song rises.   Even as the chains bind our arm, our hearts soar free, only hindered by the limits of our imagination.   
I was made for the adventure. I was amde to live life to the fullest.  Yet even so I was made to fear the unknown. I was made to fear the consequences. I was made to want, I wasmade to fear,
Take me to art exhibitions Not just the museums of empty 
I neither love nor care what they say about me I am my own  and my own is me   I am the one who will  decide where I go    I am the one who is  traveling this road  
You walk for weeks upon weeks Same clothes, dirty skin, untamed hair
I trust my grandmother is well
So precious as gold, no one is too bold, to take chances and risk it all,
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
Oh it is my feet My feet who take me places Oh how far I'll go Traveling on my feet
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
We passed along the Colorado River many times that dark October night. And each time you said to me, "look for the water"— I called out to the darkness bound to the road and there was no reply.  
Green light filtering down Upon a floor littered with stone Littered with glass and dust   An unmoving body stirs A tunneled room lay before him His vision clears as realization dawns  
Adventurers' hearts follow my trail as I roam Soaring ever higher bits of debris on the wind sparkle  
My need for adventure is a must To try new things and to adjust More memories is key To feel alive and free  No adventure in life is unjust 
I'm addicted to the feeling The animalistic violence Biting lips and sparring tongue's Fighting for dominance Gasping between hurried kisses Living in the moment Forgetting that time is passing
I hear a knock- Subtle at first, then louder. A soft whispering: "Come see the world!"   Should I open the door Or hide in the dark? My fate lies open Like a country road.  
Carry your mind with curiousity. Indulge in every wonder within sight, Keep your senses open. Something grand is just beyond this road; This path is leading you to adventure.
We are not made for the aesthetic affinities. Your life is not a helicopter shot from a Planet Earth episode. You are not for the mountaintops and dawns and shooting stars.
Warm humbling nights after rain,quiet mornings when the day is brand new - 
The faint smell of burning plastic, wood and marshmallows, Artful graffiti surrounded us as a reminder of our more reckless and youthful days.
As I look forward, I feel an icy blast, the bright blue envelops me, I am powerless to resist,
The soft wind whispers slowly in my ear,
The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
Life is one giant adventure and I am an avid adventurer. I want to be heard by the cities that have been calling my name since I was born. To a certain extent, I want to stay sheltered in my hometown forever.
shook   her feet
She looks at the moon  She  starts to sing a tune  a dream she had this afternoon In the desert she would roam  Looking for a place called Home  Were that is she doesn't know 
I heard you speak now I want to hear you more I heard you laugh now I want to make you laugh more I saw your smile now I want to make you smile more I saw your eyes now I want to gaze at them more 
I almost cried when we left Ireland. It was so green, and the people so friendly. A weathered land of legend and song, the prettiest place I'd ever seen.   The Alaskan sky was gray and wide.
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
 A world without people is like a sky without rain You can't support anythingBut when I look at you.I feel like I'm alive againBut fear courses through me like nothing I've ever felt
  Lets drift away
I'm craving an adventure where it's just us,  
I miss him 
A brown leaf  in an autumn breeze
My paper, Blank and voidNothing comes to mindAs I write, nothingInspire me I sayStill I have nothingMy poetic words, lost
Adventure is out there I'm deternined to find it, experieve it Whatever I do, whatever may come   I'll make it all an adventure From brushing my teeth To going to class and one day, work  
Persistence is thisodd thing.It pushes us past our limits—it is an unpresedenceof our capabilities. It is fueled by a why and produces a legacy.
Midnight Rhyme By: Anyssa Q.    If it is charm you seek, within me it will not be found. If it is a harbor which you search, here your ship will not be sound.
Look around and what do you see? 
Mid the evening as I walk along the shore, Inside of me a burning comes, like one never has before. Beyond the horizon I long to be, far from land and out to sea.
I jumped off the edge of the Island of Existence and  swam to the End of Time, I ran till i came to the stuff dreams are made on and danced with the jolly green giants,
Sweet scents swirled in the night all for naught no one could smell it; The brilliant red, radiant petals
Get off of me— You dreadful chains, You sable smog. You make my life miserable—             So uncomfortable.   I want to see the world. I want to feel God's breath on my skin.
Kids are lighting fireworks on the two streets that make a Horseshoe where the Dallas county line breaks off into anarachy; a word that looks like two lines of dirt made by the same child’s hand.
The unlawful romance that never seems to make it. doomed from the start because we all know there isn't a story book ending for me.
hundred tiny white shells at my feet, I have to tred carefully. Suddenly they crack, and I'm falling. What happened?! Did I do something wrong?! Down a hole where nobody goes,
It is the greatest passage I have ever been in my entire life. It is like traveling to Paris, France for the first time and wishing to stay there forever.
Why walk on the pavement of conformity When I can enjoy the plush Earth's dewy grass? Ascending to uncharted skies, Where the thrill of discovery Is more than a balloon ride.
A sea away, Endlessly long days, No sleep at night, A few fights, Plenty of giggles New food that jiggles, Chance of a lifetime, Cost way more than a dime, Want to go back,
I’ve found Uranium and played with it.  I’ve been to the top of Mount Whitney in the freezing cold.  I’ve studied petroglyphs in rocks.  I’ve gone through caves that most people don’t know exist. 
"thank you for flying!" seatbelt latches snap open briefcases are hoisted into the air a ruddy-cheeked boy's hand is yanked into the aisle all at once containment is impossible
  Brace all of those that you meet. This life is not certain, it is not steady…But the power to control it is within yourself. Believe in the best in others, but be wary of the misfortune they may bring.
A blank page   just sitting, waiting,   for my words.   A blank page   just sitting, waiting,   for an adventure.
Emerging from Pentagon Metro Stop,Escalator-tall,Scarved by Mother,Booted by the Cat's MeowThrift-store back in Corvallis,I realize and remember thatThe last time boots felt this way
In this crazy, unorthodox life, I am a traveler. I don't let the enraged boundaries keep me from exploring the untouchable. I seek adventure in the smallest of miracles, 
I went out in search of an adventure. I travelled far and wide, alone, when I finally found what I’d been looking for. I came across a waterfall cascading down rocks of different hues that
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
And with four little letters; hinged off the corners, of your lips, you changed the world.   And out of nowhere;
You are always waitingBut what are you waiting forAre you afraid if you go out to find itThat it may leaveOr that it will end up where you once wereSo shall you wait forever for something to happen
I left them behind in the airport    and forgot to look back   Eight months and twenty-eight days    this country has been growing in me    kicking until I crumble and stand back up
Entangled with the path of wandering I find myself often here pondering Which road should I take? Can I go back? WIll I forget? Confused I find myself tangled here Ropes from friends and other 'Dears',
Smile or pain Which will it be to speak with a voice or let action take the lead   Should I go south, through a maze I know around or should go north to maze that looks unbound  
You've always wanted to be a hero, an adventurer. As a child, you probably had the fantasy of taking on some fantastic task or daring endeavor. 
  I'm just walkingOn an adventure you might sayThrough day & night Who knows what I might find?We may just be lost in the wildWhere the wild things are What do we know?
What does writing mean to me?  It's a way to make my words flow, like wind through trees.  A way to show on paper, the picture in my mind.  Despite the fact that I can't draw and my painting skills are way behind, 
I fear that as I grow older,I am not so much getting wiser,But rather, imaginativeIn hiding my lack of knowledge.
I am leading a half-real life full of adventures and written words. My life is as fragile and vibrant as these cut out pages but I hold my spine straight with my soul proudly printed and displayed.
Cigar smoke, possibly from Belgium, wafting through the air.   Children’s laughter; the chime-like sound of babbling brother and sister, perhaps.   A thin silhouette
Anchors aweigh sir, pray, sail away. Those of Courage and Might this ship will stow. The sea calls out good sir - I must obey!   Let us leave land, rock, sand, this very bay
  Flying among the stars On a sliver stretch of moonlight The words go past me Flying of the page  
Writing means the world to me It’s what I feel in a new scene. A poem filled with all my mind Imagination’s not confined.   I paint a picture with my story Of dragons bright in all their glory
I seek adventure I know not where I go I'm not an extremist for  I dare not go there I seek a strolling adventure one that has beauty  and time  and power  and sweat to get there
She stumbled She fell She got up and she walked. She stumbled she fell She got up And she walked. She stumbled She fell And she stayed there.
I crave to see the world. I have a lust rooted deep within myself for adventure, A hunger to pack my bags, pack my life, a camera, and someone I love. The desire to travel has always clung to me.
Wow I cant believe I finished high school. This feeling I feel is too cool. I thank my mom for everything and when I have my amazing job I'll buy her anything. I want to be the best I can be
Wanderlust I want to see the world I need to experience the sectional wonders And gape openly at this earth’s natural splendor I want to see the world I must explore every inch
We each have a well inside of us, filled with exhilaration and craze. It is our driving force. It is the host of every moral and desire we once entertained. It is the common truth that connects us all,
When you look at a tree, With its monstrous trunk And shining emerald leaves, You see only a tree.
A small adventure it was, a mile journey. On crumbling pavement, carrying my sandals in my left hand. Barefoot, blisters forming, small cuts from tiny shards of glass, thrown to the roads.
Curiousity Reins, Adventure, My best friend forever Dare I explore the basement?
I like radio static and sleeping by rivers in a tent, with wood smoke as my blanket and campfire glow as my pillow.
There go circus man doin' that old clownin' pose. There go hobo man tryin' on that red foam nose. There go circus man hangin' with them trapeze girls. There go big top man off to take him in that world.
Staring out my window I think today is going to be the day Listen to the wind blow Alaska I am on my way They all thought that I was crazy Well I have not heard much from them lately
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