Circus Man


United States
28° 22' 3.1152" N, 81° 25' 0.8724" W

There go circus man doin' that old clownin' pose.
There go hobo man tryin' on that red foam nose.
There go circus man hangin' with them trapeze girls.
There go big top man off to take him in that world.
He got them hands up wailin' and takin' in them cheers.
He got them lions bowin', whip crack thrashin', throwin' round them chairs,
He got that steppin' that be steppin' over all them cares.
He turn his back on all them worries and on all them fears.
There go that fly man throwin' down his tightrope pole.
There go that good man leavin' us to hit that road.
He be jumpin' trains-
He be jumpin' trains to towns called somewhere new.
He be jumpin' trains
cuz that's what circus men gon' run off and do.


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