I Went Out in Search of an Adventure


I went out in search of an adventure.

I travelled far and wide, alone,

when I finally found what I’d been looking for.

I came across a waterfall

cascading down rocks of different hues that

formed into geometric shapes over millions of years.

I could hear the rushing of the water,

and the matching rush in my ears as I drew nearer:

in all the stories, the waterfall hid the secrets, right?

I made my way behind where the water tumbled down the rocks,

but instead of a cave hiding unknown mystery

I found a solid rock wall.

I was shocked into silence, a muffled thudding in my ears,

drowned out by the water behind me.

That was the day I learned most about myself, because

in all my cleverly made plans for adventure,

I had never even considered failure.


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