Answering the Call

Life is one giant adventure and I am an avid adventurer.

I want to be heard by the cities that have been calling my name since I was born.

To a certain extent, I want to stay sheltered in my hometown forever.

But to an even greater extent, I want to be free- to be known.

I desire to walk the streets of New York City in the midst of all the hectic Christmas festitivities.

I want to sit on my back porch and watch the crisp, colorful leaves descend as if from the Heavens smack dab in the middle of a Massachusettes autumn.

I crave a ride to the beach on my pastel skateboard on the brink of a Southern California summer.

I long to lay in a warm, lush, grassy field surrounded by towering mountains after a long Colorado winter.

Adventure has been calling to me as long as I can remember, and I learned at a young age that with a little imagination and a lot of courage, anything can happen.

I am now at an age where I can truly begin to answer Adventure's persistent call in hopes of being heard.

Adventure, if you're reading this, hi.

It's me, MIranda.

You were there for me when non one else was, so thank you.

I'm now ready to answer your call and take on your quest.


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