Stars - 07/17/14

            I’m a big fan of stars. Stars have the ability to make you wonder and make you think. A million thoughts cross your mind when you’re looking at the sky, as if there was a different thought for every star. Looking up at the stars stirs many emotions, and that is when you fall in love with them. You fall in love with the stars when you fall in love with the moment presented with them.

            There was a night when I was with two people who meant a lot to me. We watched a movie, we sat by the wimpy fire, and then we went. We went for a drive to a place where we could see, see not only the stars but see our thoughts laid out for us in the silence of the night.

            And while the three of us were looking at the same stars and the same sky and listening to the same music, it all meant something different to each of us. To one it might have been the time to wonder about the future. To another it could have been the time to admire the beauty of the past. But to me, it was the time to not think. It was a time to enjoy. It was one of those times that you don’t take a picture to remember because you don’t need a picture to remember. And lying there under the stars with the silhouettes of two special people to the left side of me, I just completely enjoyed my glimpse of infinite. Because there was no place I’d rather be than where I was. And that’s how I fell in love with the stars. 

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