Luna and her adventures part 1

There was one time where monsters, fairies, and other mythical creatures existed, but there was one creature that everyone feared...the dragons. They were fierce, fighting, and scary, but there was once a dragon that stood out from all the other dragons, her name was Lizzie. Lizzie as the kindest, warmhearted dragon you’ll ever meet. So here goes the story.


   There was a kingdom that was known for their donuts, the best donuts you’ll ever eat literally. The king and queen had a daughter whose name was Luna Persy. Luna was the type of person that didn’t like to study nor school. But she was a kind-hearted, helpful,  and open-minded lady. 

   “LUNA COME BACK WE NEED TO STUDY!”, Lola yelled from the library window, (Lola was Luna’s best friend). But Luna kept on running heading straight to the magical forest. After a few minutes of running, she stopped in front of a huge figure, her jaw dropped to the floor, her eyes widened. Her face turned pale as it could. What she saw was unforgivable, she would never unsee it, it was the most beautiful creature you’ll ever see. It’s one of a kind purple dragon

“H-i, m-y nam-e i-s Lizz-ie, one- of th-e pur-ple dr-agons”, Lizzie said nervously and shyly

“Umm...yo-u ca-n ta-lk?”, Luna shakily asked

“Yes, well enough of chit-chat, I need you to help Luna Persy”, Lizzie replied firmly this time

“My he-lp, how and why?”, Luna asked a bit more firmly

“My kingdom is under attack, I was one of the lucky ones to escape, my kingdom you see is under attack, some rebels from the South are there to kill or imprison my kind”, Lizzie replied teary. Luna didn’t say anything until they heard some movement in the bushes

“Did you hear that?”, Luna asked worriedly 

“Yes”, Lizzie replied shakingly. Luna picked up a rock nearby and threw it right into the sound of the movement

“OW!” a voice said 

“Wait what?”, Luna and Lizzie said in unison. As they said that Lola came out of the bushes Luna became red as a tomato

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”, Luna asked angrily 

“Nothing?”, Lola said sadly as she started to cry

“What’s wrong?”, Luna asked calmly 

“Your-your pare-nts are… dead”, Lola replied while sobbing. As Luna heard this she became confused she just saw her parents 30 minutes ago

“How? I-I don’t get it”, Luna asked confused

“Our *Sniff* kingdom is gett-*Sniff* ing raided by the *sniff* rebels of the west”, Lola slowly said. Luna started to cry like a water fountain, as she cried she began to run to her kingdom. As she got out of the woods she saw a never forgetting site...the kingdom was partly on fire, her parents’ bedroom was on fire. The library, kitchen, and some of the rooms were on fire

“NOOOOOOOOO” Luna screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran to the entrance of the kingdom. She pushed the door so hard she fell as the door opened. She got up and ran to her parent’s bedroom, their door was being locked from a chair on the outside. Luna pushed the chair to the side as she sobbed and cried, the door opened and she saw her parents slowly collapsing to the floor

*BAM* her parents collapsed, a lady in a pale blue dress slowly reached her hand for Luna


“Mom-mom, are you okay?”, Luna grabbed her mother’s hand
“M-y dea-r plea-se g-o and pa-ck and- lea-ve f-ar aw-ay fr-om - h-er-e”, Luna’s mother struggling said

“I- ca-’nt *sniff* leave -you-h-er-e

“GO”, Luna’s mother said as with all her might pushed Luna out of the room

“NOOOO”, Luna screamed she was ‘gonna go back but a beam fell and blocked the parent’s bedroom

“NOOO MOM DAD”, Luna screamed with all her might as she fell on her knees. A few moments later Luna got herself together and got up from the floor while drying her tears. Luna ran to her run while covering her face from the smoke. She got to her room and pushed the door open with all her might, she ran to her backpack and she started to pack ALL her clothes and a notebook. 

“Need a ride?”, Lizzie asked outside Luna’s window

“Yes, and I made up my mind Lizzie”, Luna replied as she walked to the window

“About what?”, Lizzie asked confused

“Well about helping you...I mean your kingdom”, Luna answered as she pushed the window open

“Oh okay, thanks a lot that means a lot”, Lizzie replied while Luna was getting on top of her. Moments later Luna and Lola were up in the sky

“By the way where are we going?”, Lola asked Lizzie

“We’re going my kingdom”, Lizzie answered 

“Why do sound unsure?”, Luna and Lola asked in unison

“For no reason”, Lizzie replied worriedly. 

30 minutes later

Luna and Lola fell sound asleep as Lizzie flew across the forest. When suddenly they awoke from shouts in the air. Lizzie constantly tried to avoid the net and they kept shooting.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?”, Luna shouted to Lizzie

“THEY ARE THE BLACK ARMOR PEOPLE TRYING TO CAPTURE MEE”, Lizzie shouted, still trying to dodge the net. Minutes past the same routine; dodging, net, dodging, net, dodging net..and it went on for what seemed ages. Lizzie on the other hand was tired, her wings ached with pain, her face numbed, but she had hope that every minute every flap wouldn’t be last. All of a sudden two men wearing armor appeared in front of Lizzie forcing her to stop. She tried to go to the side but 2 more armor soldiers blocked her. She was surrounded. Luna and Lola stared wide-eyed, not daring to breathe, their heart sank, their hope was gone, but all of a sudden they were falling, and falling, not stopping. Luna tried to look up, she succeeded but she saw Lizzie in a net traveling to her doom.


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