Fully Alive

Fully Alive


It's when a quart mason jar is filled to the brim,

with black coffee and



It's being stuck in that unofficial between summer and fall,

When you walk outside in a fuzzy hoodie,

having your nose chilled red,

by the cool brisk winds.


It's when you explore,

Learning something new about your surroundings.

An open mind.


It's when you feel so artistically untamed,

that you are free to create,

with zero limitations.


It's when you are made to giggle,

until you feel as if you will burst.


It's also when you feel

like crying for hours straight,

without ceasing.


It's when things don't go exactly the way

that you had planned them to go.


It's when life throws unexpected


You weren't ready for  it.


It's through the ups

and the downs.


They let you know,

 You are a beautiful life.


You aren't just existing.


Fully Alive

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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