More to Life Than Just Living

I met a shy girl once.

We were at a night club on a karaoke night.

I challenged her to shots and she said,

"If i get drunk I might be tempted to sing."

"Would you sing if you were sober?" I asked and she said,

"Nope. It's either I'm drunk or dead."


And I said,

"Sing that song baby stranger.

It's either you sing it today,

Or wake up one day when you are 90,

With one of your regrets being not singing that song,

While staring into the eyes of a prompting stranger.

Because darling,

There is more to life than just living."


One boring afternoon I was seated in the office staring at my computer screen.

And I had an overwhelming sense of sadness.

It was the only time I had a lone discussion into the meaning of life without being high.

And i wondered why i worked so hard,

Yet felt so unfulfilled.

Why I had so many friends,

Yet felt so lonely.


So I went home,

Packed a bag,

Boarded the first long distant bus that I came across,

And it ferried me to the neighboring country.

There I climbed a mountain,

Visited places i only saw in pictures,

Made new friends,

Ate new food,

Used currency I had never used before,

Prayed in a mosque despite being Christian,

Met a girl from another continent,

And had a swell three days with her.

Because I convinced myself,

That there is more to life than just living.


You have that person who has your heart but doesn't know you exist?

Tell them how you feel.

There is a place you want to visit but can't becuase of your work,

Or laziness,

Or whatever flimsy excuse you may have?

Pack a bag and leave.

Sing that song,

Recite that poem,

Go for that audition,

Apply for that new job,

Follow your heart at every turn.

Follow it right to the gates of hell because ladies and gentlemen,

There is more to life than just living.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Dope narrative
It had a funny twist to this poem
When one thinks about the message, it's a lot deeper
Well creative

Charles Muchori

Thanks brother. It is always a bright day when a fellow writer appreciates your work.

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