London Brown and Tardis Blue

London brown and Tardis blue.
The next time I see your face you may be someone new,
But when I look deeply into your eyes I will know that it is you.

Although to a mighty Time Lord we should seem small and weak,
This human companion you always seek.

From a distant world,
Through such tragic war and loss.
Galaxies you have traveled in a strange blue box.

You opened the door
And offered your hand.
A devilish smile, an invitation not a demand.

I gaze around for a moment as the snow falls down.
The universe awaits as I leave this familiar little town.

Breathless and trembling you pulled me in.
It's bigger on the inside you said with a wink and a grin.

We traveled to worlds of wonder and beauty and fear,
Some at the edge of never, and
Some close to right here.

I watched as Queens raged in anger and saw ladies cry and sadly die for the love if this man in our travels. This "Lonely Angel" and I.

You faced such terrible monsters and evils, even the very devil could not withstand, your strength, you wit, your God like demands.

Though Cybermen may march all around and the master never stops hunting you down,
Through time, space, and dimension we spin round and round.
Through adventure after adventure, through it all.
Even if the Silence should fall.
I will never forget you my wonderful friend,
Who took my heart and lead me in
Who changed my life until the end
Who is this man this angel this friend?
The Doctor of course, Doctor Who..... The end.....



I hope you enjoy my poem. It my first effort. Written out of love for my muse. The 10th Doctor.


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