Forever Adventure


We are not made for the aesthetic affinities.

Your life is not a helicopter shot from a Planet Earth episode.

You are not for the mountaintops and dawns and shooting stars.

Not even rope swings into cool rivers or loud voices carrying over the campfire.

Your whole life is not colored with a vintage filter.

Your life is not a Pinterest quote that temporarily satisfies your wanderlust.

It's not real.

You come home. You always do.

Those moments are turned into sepia-tinted photographs, printed on paper that may as well have been made from the tree that's in the photo.

No. They're not real. NOW. This is your life.This is where you prove your mettle. The forever adventure.

You prove that those moments changed you. You prove that you didn't spend the whole time watching. You prove that you realized you're on the mountaintop.

You are not for the view from the mountain.

You are for the view of the mountain, because the valley below is the only place where you can see the peak with the flag on top and think "I must have done something right."


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Just a pointer, you have a misspell on the second to last line. "See" is spelled "se".

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