A World of My Own

Diving into a world unlike any known.

You delve through with no known limits.

A place that you can call your own.

No fear or concern to withhold my words.

Gazing at the beauty that only I can create

Or destroy.

With a flick of the wrist, swords can clash,

In an epic war with humans against themselves to

The popping of bullets in a western showdown.

Nothing is limited in my world.

As powerful as I am, there must be a weakness.

Ah, but you see in my world, I am immortal.

However, when I leave, I am vulnerable just the same as my world.

Someone could rip it to shreds,

Or simply end the author.

Nonetheless, I stand at the peak of my world with a smirk dancing along my lips.

One would wonder where to start with such power.

I am not that indecisive.

Releasing my strength to a group of dangerous aliens, I begin the hunt from the very beginning.

No hero can start at the finish line.

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