"X" Marks The Spot

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 01:17 -- LCalero

“X” Marks The Spot


I wandered





This jungle of a world has mislead me like a hex.

All I wanted, was to find my PRIZE.


How to find my treasure chest without the “x” ?

Waves cocooned my ship with no direction.                                                                                                                                    

My ship creaks and groans for the shore.


One day- I stumbled upon a bearded man.




He resembled this treasure chest of mine.


My hope bound by locks and iron bars,

The man anchors my restlessness



At times our swords collided sharper than our tongues.

Our eyes melted like as the sun sets on the horizon.

We were one with the tide.


Orchestrated with new determination,

Mapping uncharted territories

My treasure of gold waiting like a box of opportunities.


Then it dawned on me as the wind whispered to me,



His heart embedded with rubies

His soul held glittering gold

Our souls entwined like the tight ropes on our sails.


His love had stretched me, bended me, and bonded me!

He had always been the “X” and the key.



You see- LOVE isn’t found on an “x” or chest.

LOVE is discovered where it wants to rest.

For it was the bearded man, who changed me.


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