Luna adventures part 2 (uncomplete)

Luckily when they fell they fell on a humongous pile of leaves, but even the leaves felt like falling on piles of rocks. Luna was the first one to get up but she couldn’t see Lola, she looked for Lola everywhere but there was no display that Lola was even there. 


Luna stooped dead, she held her breath, she dare not move a muscle. The creature, or whatever it was, was getting closer and closer, she could feel the footsteps, slowly closing in on her. When it was gonna catch her Luna turned around and punched the…. 

“Guy, who is wearing armor and….OH MY GOD, one of the armor’s kingdom soldiers”, Luna thought, she punched him so quickly it felt like the movement of sound punched the poor guy. The guy and Luna started to fight, she hit, bit, and fought like a soldier...

“Good thing I took that fighting class”, Luna thought to herself “It finally paid off”, after a few attempts the soldier captures but she was ready, she hit, bit, and kicked, but it failed because a second soldier came behind her and she was ready to fight again, but this time it didn’t work, this soldier was faster and stronger, and he just kept dodging her kicks and punches. And before she was about to throw a punch she didn’t sense the first soldier creeping behind her and all of a sudden her hands were being tied with a rope, and then her face was being put in a disgusting buggy bag.



The big door opened and the armor soldiers pushed Luna inside an unknown place, the guards by the door locked the door with a 200-pound lock. Hey walked for a few minutes until Luna heard

“WHO DARES SOMEONE DISTURB MY DINER, HUH?”, a man snarled. Luna felt the soldier holding her tremble with fear as a worm wiggling in the dirt.

“My king we found two girls in the forest, but the other is being sent away further than here, what do we do with this one?”, the soldier spoke with fear in his voice

“Well..”, the king paused for about 30 seconds

“We do need a queen, but never mind let me see her”, the kind continued. The soldier opened the bag so quickly, Luna didn’t even have time to blink.

“She’s beautiful, What’s her name?”, the kind asked

“Luna...and by the way your too ugly for me”, Luna replied 

“HOW DARE YOU”, the king shouted. Luna and the king gazed at each until the Kind spoke 

“Well you might wanna meet my son”, he slowly said

“Uh no thank you, he might as well be as ugly as you”, Luna insulted

“Send her to her DOOM… I mean ROOM”, the king screamed. In that exact moment the soldier put Luna’s head back into the sack and walked away. Minutes past and all of a sudden Luna hears a sweet, innocent voice talk to the soldier

“Hey you?, Why are you dragging a body through the corridor?And who is this person?”, Luna was amazed at how he spoke, with such certainty

“Sir Prince, this girl was found in the forest and taken here by our best soldier Kin, Sir”, The soldier replied

“Take her head out and let me see her”, The Prince demanded. The soldier hesitated for a least a minute then he did as he was told

“Are you okay, Miss?, the prince asked Luna

“M-e?”, Luna replied shocked

“Who else?”, the prince sarcastically asked

“The soldier?”, Luna kept going

“No you dummy”, the prince replied

“Oh okay, I am a bit tired and my body aches, and why am i telling you this?”, Luna replied while asking

“I am James the King’s son”, James said ignoring Luna’s question

“You're the King’s son?”, Luna asked shocked

“Nice to meet you umm, What’s your name?”, James asked

“You're an improvement from your dad, and my name is Luna”, Luna answered. Luna and James laughed

“Well done, Luna”, James said while laughing

“Yeah I know I am a smarty pants”,Luna replied with a smirk. At that they both laughed historycal. After years of laughing James asked

“Do you need clothes?”

“What? Oh yeah i am a bit dirty. But how?Do you have clothes for a girl? And how do you have clothes for girld”, Luna over asked the question

“Slowly there smarty pants, i have clothes from my sister-in law”, James answered




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