Traveling To Find Myself


United States
37° 29' 42.5112" N, 107° 48' 39.6" W

I crave to see the world.
I have a lust rooted deep within myself for adventure,
A hunger to pack my bags, pack my life, a camera, and someone I love.
The desire to travel has always clung to me.

I yearn to amble along the stone streets of Paris,
Streets rumored to make people fall in love.
I aspire to slip into waters that are as turquoise as the skies they bed beneath.
I want to loose myself in a forest so tall I can barely see the sky.
I hope to feel the sandy air of Dubai kiss my hair, tickle my skin, as it whispers secrets from an ancient time into my ear.
Maybe I will fall asleep to the sound of rain softly plunking, tinkling down on a tin roof deep in a forest of Asia.
Run, walk, fly, sail, and drive, far away.
I need is to inhale the air of fresh lands deep within me,
My lungs grow tired of the same mountain air and crave to feed upon new crisp breezes.

Imagine breathing in the salty crisp air along a beach no one else has set foot,
knowing you are the only person for miles, a state of pure bliss.
A world full of experience lies ahead of me,
It whispers in my ear, and begs to be explored.
Some find inner peace from one place, a place they may call home.
However, I have always had a restless soul, a soul that finds its inner peace, a soul that finds its home by picking a new piece up with every stop that I make.


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