Journey Through Words


What does writing mean to me? 

It's a way to make my words flow, like wind through trees. 

A way to show on paper, the picture in my mind. 

Despite the fact that I can't draw and my painting skills are way behind, 

The rest of my creative ability. 

How else could I transmit my thoughts so beautifully? 

This journey I've been on that defines me so uniquely. 

I've seen and experienced this world, in such ways, 

That simple essays can hardly convey,

I've lunched in France, 

Had boys in clubs around Germany make me dance, 

Biked along the Netherlands, 

Swam in the warm waters of Mexico again and again. 

I write to channel a passion that is hard to show, 

In many other art forms  that we so commonly know. 

I write to bare a piece of my soul, 

I write to show love, self expression and to cajole, 

My english teacher's into giving me A's 

And possibly a few scholarship granters into giving me the okay.



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