Hiking, We Lead Ourselves.


I seek adventure

I know not where I go

I'm not an extremist for 

I dare not go there

I seek a strolling adventure

one that has beauty 

and time 

and power 

and sweat to get there

I seek a place in which it 

is all new a sorrounding I see

holds a silent beauty 

one that many overlook because they 

have seen these such things before

I seek to stretch my limits

to see how far I can go I will 

not turn around

I will go to the very end

I seek my father for inspiration 

I see him there with me telling 

me it isn't much farther

I see him ahead of me

I seek to be ahead of him to 

carry such a pace in which I can surpass


I seek the wind on my shoulders as 

I know that I am close

I seek to smell the pines and 

see the water fall in such a way that 

I know that it does not control its 


for I know a greater being is leading its path 


I seek to lead my own path 

I seek to not know my own path 

I seek to get to the top 

I seek to see a new my very own new

I seek to do as I wish

I seek to discover myself. 

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