Lost in the forest

Sat, 06/12/2021 - 08:39 -- mrapook

Disoriented in a deep forest
noticing a strange looking tree
whose dry bark was greatly gnarled,
camouflaged well within its trunk
through its knots it appeared like an old man 
with a long beard of white
and a ridged wizard’s hat,
the closer i got, the more visible it was
its mouth agape with squinting eyes
a thick brow across his forehead
and long hair down the sides
i then became remarkably surprised
in my head i could hear a voice...

    “i am a druid, don’t be afraid,
      i’m going to cast a spell
      protecting you from these woods,
      i hope it serves you well.
      the trees around will guide you
      back from which you came,
      enjoy the view, while passing through
      you won’t get lost again.”

so i started to walk and took his advice
appreciating nature while i hiked
when my direction would go astray
not knowing the route i should take,
branches would shake, guiding the way
making my way to the forest’s fringe.
facing the trees, got on my knees
thanking the druid for his spell.
the spirit of the forest lives on
where Mother Nature dwells.


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