Take me to art exhibitions 

Not just the museums of empty 
spaces made alive with 
paintings of artists long gone, 

take me to gesture drawings 
coming to life on stage, 

take me to a waterside with the 
night falling in so that I can 
witness time romantically. 

Take me to Van Gogh’s sections 
so that I can recognize his 
brush strokes as the way 
I ice the cakes I bake. 

Take me to a street that gives 
you good feelings of nostalgia, 

Remove the chlorine out of the pools of your mind 
so that when I take a dip in it 
you feel the infection 
of our mental connection. 

Take me to art exhibitions 
of people creating rhythms in 
foreign conversation 
out of their body languages. 

Take me to a place where we 
become hidden behind golden 
authentic frames that refuse to be touched. 

Let’s allow the audience to admire their 
theories of meaning, 
and we’ll hold the truth close. 

Take me atop city buildings, 
so that our egos become a bit 
inflated as we watch our bit of seconds 
coated in superiority, 

all because we watched the city 
lights never turn off. 

Let me paint you a picture of 
the art in everything. 

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