You Only Write once

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painter’s jeans on and hair all tied up, it’s june and i’m told there was a gunshot on elizabeth street. babies on a dandelion wagon hit with partial bullet shell.
You all
I am slowly falling  He doesn't realize the things he does  How can he turn my whole day around That he is what I look forward to  Hoping he will catch me  Our flirtationship is above all else 
You only live once This words aren't a guarantee For miraculous safety Rather it is a dreamful promise To think of the opportunity you may miss While facing your dream
34,34 percent of teenage girls have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20 70,more than 70 percent of teenagers in general have at least one drink by the age of 18
Normality.  Let that sink in. Awaking at six o’clock to earn credits for a diploma, it’s normal. Devouring Lucky Charms praying that you won’t miss your bus,
  I am tired of this façade Men shouldn't have to treat the opposite sex with disrespect in order to retain their masculinity.  Girls shouldn't feel the need to starve themselves for beauty and serenity.
I might not live to take in my next breath,
When a story is told, passed by generations father to son, mother to child.   These stories need to be protected. When the fires wreak hovok upon a city we must race to libraries.  
Coming to this earth, wasnt my choice Me losing my mom, wasnt my choice i came in to the world with out a voice everything in my life has been set yet im still here thinking whats next
Which road to take? They both lead in different directions Left? or Right? They twist and turn along the barren ground Which would be better? Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths Up? or Down?
You are family Whom I have never seen The one that told me stories Whenever I was lonely I speak to you more than I do  to Him who took you             I’ve cried when you left me
Yeah you only live once That's why you got to live smart trying to get ahead in life can't be making shots in the dark But hear me clearly cant get nowhere if you don't try
    The mirror before her Shows different from the view within.   Stiches sewn along her two lips I see her bloody outcry.   Black blue and purple covering her pale white flesh
Hard Work             Drive through flames             Face the endless nights             Burn doubt and all else             Arise higher than the sun            
He is my sunshine, my only sunshine, these days have been gray, since he's been away.   They say he did something bad, he is still my dad. I admit I hide my feelings away,
That Earth Which proves much too long for one definition
What makes something pretty? I mean, what qualifies a thing to be pretty? An opinion?
I want to have something to write about, I really do. I want to explain lifelong mysteries that have confuddled the human race for several years,
Wrapped in warmth you stay A smile dances on your lips Your eyelashes flutter as I whisper I breathe out simple words, An image is painted. You’re weak and powerless I control you.
Ten years old, I wrapped my fingers 'round your body And pressed you against one yellowed page. I had no audience -- just a heart for a stage. We drew upon a blank slate the notes of a young mind.
In Stranger in a Strange Land, ‘to grok’means “to understand so thoroughly thatthe observer becomes a part of the observed"  
Leafs leave in the winter and return in the spring. Like how the elderly pass and babies are born. we laugh, live, and learn. boys and girls play, clothes are torn. Then we feel a lovers burn
By the last breath in me, I plan to solve inequity, After the hell of catastrophe I'll dissolve the pain that dwells in me, After all of the hypocrisy I'll lead your soul to ecstacy, But with society blinded by conformity My harmony is shackled b
My hair is a big rat's nest filled with tangles My eyes are soft geen lilypads floating on the water My legs are long and run fast My brain is a planet of fairytails and imagination
Life is a struggle
Winter's late afternoon. Dusting snowfall kisses my cheeks, A smile twinkles hiding within the corners of my lips. Lights glow behind the fluff of snow beside the mat that reads “Welcome Home.”
Whimsically wishing for a life of happiness, yet constantly constrained by a monetary monster.   Reasoning roads to take or to avoid, forever weighing the pros and cons.  
Cloudy green eyes What are you thinking?
We're just kids Defined-- By our apathy Subjugated wiithout sympathy But how can we care? Whenwe're stripped of our voice Left with no choice
I am beautiful. I am bold. I am powerful. I am courageous. Why? I don't deserve these adjectives. I am not always them. I am weak. I have issues. I don't belong here.
as i think of how many days have passed through my life, i can't help but to reminded that it also means i'm one day closer to you. & as the years are flashing passed me, 
A lot can
The sponge scrubs the surfaceof the plate, scrubs grime,rhythmically back and forthin time to the musicplaying through the speakersin the kitchen, round and round,back and forth, round and round,
It can take almost two years To travel around the world By sailboat.I imagine the sun looks like a Blood orange The skin peeled off by the horizon As it sinks underneath the Edge of the world
Heaven is at full Capacity Occupied by shortened lives, lost dreams, heartless tragedies Parents burying children seems to be societies norms Blacks killing Blacks
Make your words count. That’s what they tell us day in and day out. Somehow, I think I’ve taken this a little too far. I overthink what I want to say to the point where The time for saying it has passed.
The tattoos on my body are words. Read me like a novel, my body tells the story. Graze your fingers over the text, you'll see what will come next. The tattoo on my body signifies loyalty.
What if. What if I'm not just the tight kink of a curl. What if I'm not just soft brown blends that make the hue of my skin.
He cries alone in the hall holding himself. He wonders how kids could be so crule.he wishes he could stop the teasing. He wants to put this all behind him stuff the memory on the highest shelf. "HOW DO WE STOP THIS!?" he asks.
Let me take part In this great art   Let me be like the great writers of the age Setting down great words and wisdom on a page   Tolkien, Chesterton, Lewis too
Shouts, screams Slamming doors Banging on walls Banging on floors Broken glass Scared voices Timid eyes Hard choices Send her away Or keep the anger Fix the problem
Dont Call it a dream. Dreams only occur in sleep. Dreams are extraordinary treasures that not even the strongest force can grasp. Dreams are for those who embody the strength to pursue goals but choose not to.
When I Am Feeling Sad And Blue I Sit Alone And Think Of You
I’ve been told misery loves company, so I guess that means social media  is the new suicide watch A ticking time bomb tumblring and  twittering on about teenage girl problems
I am fire Passion and rage Come, let me warm you   I am ice Unfeeling and still Come, let me cool you   I am water Swift and graceful Come, let me carry you away  
Where do we go when we die Do we go to sleep Or do we go towards the sky in a slumber thats very deep Or do i go by gods side   Does heaven exist or is it just a myth will i feel love
There’s not much you can do when you’re only seventeen revolutions around the sun.   Push this button! Pull that lever! Take this upgrade,
In a dark room, looking out to the sunny world. What has become of me, my delightful world. I was a wind,  now, a mice in a cage.   What has become of me and my delightful world.
You say it's cool and you think it's fun having someone look like you. "That's a miracle!" they say, "It's a blessing!" they cooh, "You have someone to share clothes with!" they exclaim.
Whenever I watch a movie That moves me I make a promise to myself To be better for them As if A person who doesn’t even know I exist Would appreciate me Bettering myself But
It’s okay to laugh,
small town big world waiting for the spotlight
Growing up, I was never the favorite. The didn't-matter-never-did-get-your-grades-up. My mom was a nurse, my dad a PhD. My stepmom's doing her diss and I know she's going to make it.
I don't want to look death in its sunken face And realize what I've left for the human race To remember me by is nothing but Insecurity and shame, oh it isn't enough I want to leave behind a legend, not even grand
all the sadness and joy that is deployed in my brain will never relieve my heart of pain
My pillow stained with tears, another sleepless night for the lonely.
I am a wild wave of electricity A bird's nest lives in my hair bees swarm my halo, covering it with a sweet honey glaze My eyes are glass allusions Each breath I take awakens light and calls the demons
Don't stop Run Faster They are coming from under the beds, in the closets
He’s in my dream waiting for me He has no face but I can hear him calling me Serenaded by his voice I go Into the fog that is blinding me I can hear him call me His voice crawls down my spine
In this world, It's me and you, you and I We'll be together till the end of time. The world is different, and makes you cry Thick and thin, together for a lifetime.  
I love you.I love you.I need you. You are my strength,When I am weak. I love you.I love you.I need you.
Having a smile On your face Just goes to show How you are sweet Being your friend Till the end has been great I'm saying bye I hope you see How much you have meant to me
Ever take a breath after brushing your teeth.  That fulfilling sensation you get and then you speak. A breath of life and a voice to sing. To spread the word, on the butterflies wings.
Dear Struggle,  Why do you love me? 
Time, closing in. I can feel it.
I want the breeze in my hair To look up and see the outstretched arms of the wood and oak I want to see the little puffs of white outlining the sky I want to look to my side a see pushing through the cracks
I wish you could see the fear in my eyes, or the drumming of my fingers against the table.   Minutes of my high school career flying by on the clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The time goes on.  
A young maiden desperate for desire A cruel pathological liar Deep down she's lost and afraid Becoming the monster her dad made No where to look no where to turn Where's the love this young girl yearns?
I sit in this room dark as light thinking of all the things that could come to light... The fear I have is it coming true... I never believe that it could have been you...
She smiles in your face You believe she is happy But the minute you leave Her face becomes crappy Her eyes become cold Her smile fades away Her expression is empty Empty and gray
I sit here with this pen in my hand and this paper on my desk thinking what's to come next I don't know where I'm going or who's to come I listen to the words that I speak from my heart even when I don't know where to start I begin with then go t
In my mind, there's an empty room Void of light, of sound, Of any outside connection, I only have the faintest memory Of what it used to be An echo of despair, and loneliness,
Alone in the chilling void,Feeling emotionless as a metallic droid.Why am I here?Why can't I stop these vast rivers of tears?Never been so afraid, so cold;Yet, I see a fluttering, red light, so vivid and bold.
Faith, Family, Friends Education special as well These are the things Loved 
Stand tall and march with confidence, Do not breathe fear or the enemy will sense it, When you bleed you are only to bleed victory,  Shoot the enemy, young soldier But young soldier, keep in mind, 
Is your adoration for me the same as the world's or different? You wake up and I may not be the first to see you - clothes indescent and feet bare.... but either way, I'm the first to await your initial step....
I gaze upon the world Viewing all its pain I see the homeless children In clothes drenched from the rain
  The Sun sets every noon at twelve o’clock in June. Square shell feathers chirping in their square straw nests, Hung in the middle of a tree, Whose grown in line like army rows, missing leaves.  
The bombardment of booms that echoed the groundsSt
Lace your hands around my waist
I am one pursuit in hundreds of recruits. I am in one family in a world of two billion families. I am on one planet in one galaxy of limitless galaxies:
Today I stand watching blank faces, Their sorrows hidden in between the spaces of their broken hearts. Shattered minds echo through these hallways, this supposed education, the proposed libation,
The world crashes in front of her eyesshe doesnt know what to doshes all alone , noone beside hershe tries to remember how it started, why it started
The world crashes in front of her eyesshe doesnt know what to doshes all alone , noone beside hershe tries to remember how it started, why it started
It is hard to see Through the web I have woven
The flower upon your head,
Inked Like ink stains paper, So does memories of the heart I wonder what colors have stained mine?
he counts the money in his wallet the bills running through his cold hands he imagines them  as her hands   she counts the freckles on her shoulders her skin is cold
I come from seeing in more than just back and white, I come from seperated homes, and broken hearts. I am a child of God, who knows he loves me even though I am not from a church every sunday morning.
Why? Why should we bother?  People never change. People never change anything. So, why should we?   Why? you ask? Here's a new question, One you aught to ponder.
People judge by class, And they do this without knowing.
There are times at night when i look at the stars and i wish that you will come and never go away. Even they laugh at me saying that there is no such a thing, that once you leave you won't come back to me.
A Meaning LostWe were the beating of drums, The beating of the sun against  The backs of our people. We were the red of river banks,  The green of grass, the trees, the leaves.
I come from a beautiful land that has a rich culture, delicious food, and extreme heat! I was born and raised in Nigeria and this will forever be my world.
The days are gone but memories remain
Cold, chilly, windy, wet, I watch as the rain flies by. Quiet, calm, warm, cozy, I sit in my room and sigh.  Wafting tendrils of clove, The scent reaches my nostrils, Enticing me to sit.
Who do you think you are? You don't like that phrase? You don't like how that's said? Do you think I care that much? Every person who reads it will think differently.
It's yours not mine,
She was running towards the future. She was running and runningTrying to catch her breath even though it was getting kind of hardShe was running towards her future. 
When they told me you were sick I asked, "Oh, so does that mean no more playtime?"
Bumping pushing jostl
You are my rock We never use to be so close   Back when we fought We bickered   Threw things at each other I didn’t talk. You didn’t listen.   Things are different now
DREAMS, Dreams of being up there, basking in the warmth of the spotlight. Dreams of finding myself, drowning in the applause of the audience. Dreams of letting go, finally being free to live out my hopes.
Gay Rights, a word quickly slipping off American tongues, breathing in deep gulps of air through F*ck H8!  and the Human Rights Campaign. White men, proud: they've been heard once more. Young girls, mocked,
I dont know who I am anymore, these drugs posion my veins and cause my memory to disappear My closet friends are strangers, my enemies are the ones who push me on.
Dreams are like death, Don't know what you're gonna get. Hope or fear, Fear or hope? To feel the warmth of love and life, To fill our hopes, this is our life. Tick-tock tick-tock it all stops
I’m more than a GPA, More than a letter grade, More than a SAT score, More than a 500 word essay. Nothing will be able to describe who I am No college essays will tell you That I love stargazing
there it is, the tapestry of the impassably steep. a precipitous rambling through numb metal music stands or beads with holes or girls named after states. the pass is steep. it force feeds nearly every
Chilled  Morning  Overcast sky  Blowing wind whipping fast  Not a single soul around this  Early
  Free   Live life free Do what you want See all that you can see and be the best that you can be Live everyday like it’s your last We live in a world of dreams and opportunities
I hide in my personal cave; I cocoon myself in the comforting darkness. If I'm quiet enough I can hear the monsters. They screech and holler at each other as if they are in pain,
It feels so good the blade crosses my skin the dagger becomes crimson as my pain arises from within  
Lies surround me in a thick fog Suffocating my words Clouding my thoughts Things of true value can't be bought But materialism and dishonesty is all we've been taught They put our souls on the stand
Gold dripping from the ceiling, a puddle on the floor, step into it, unfeeling.   Follow the torrid path to walls of castles, their towers, some of the bricks askew.
I keep myself in a notebook under my bed. I think in song. I dream in poems. I believe in incohesive pictures flashing a mile per minute. Like speeding cars on a highway,
Rebirth  We are all born with a sense of luck and charn
  What they don't tell you about the first time you come home  
Everyone says we have all the time in the world to ourselves. In reality, we only get a few moments a day, if that, to ourselves.
When you strip yourself bare before another You are showing them your physical flaws You are undressing who you are underneath all the clothes
Ashes and honey, roses and bone These are the words on my headstone
The world's drift has remained a brisk No need for my broiling vessel Feelings paused in silence, but has yet to accomplish its surface Poster child been abandoned, no apprehension thus may say.
I wonder if Patty smiles when angels bring my name up?
We don’t speak on a daily basis You’ll never give me the time of day 364/365 days of the year
I am afraid of the unknown. What will me life be like once I graduate? I am afraid that I'll be all alone. They say take a simple route, to just go straight. Why go straight, when a crazier road is much more fun?
You ripped me of my innocence, took away my childhood or what's left of it. Instead of just holding me, you felt on my non-developed tits.   As IF me saying stop wasn't enough
I am a woman  Not an object or animal 
Public school teachers, the backbone of society Expected to teach our future. Intercity teachers, strong, necessary Expected to teach our future, While students are facing external issues,
When we all were in elementary school We were told “drugs are bad” We could recite all their effects We could tell you how they would kill We could tell you what would happen To your abused body
     "Why do I bother?!" I ask myself I bust my ass day in and day out working some shitty, two-bit job Trying to make ends meet for college But I'll never make enough
In the 6th grade I saw her
come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant!because who does christmas belong to, anyway?
Her love, unspoken Tears at her chest Silently screaming She tried her best
Her love, unspoken Tears at her chest Silently screaming She tried her best
He's rejecting himself from the world that we live in , he's basically giving up on the life that was given, he's sinning with no intention, messing up the invention,
It was a winter twilight, the full moon was shining bright. One could feel the insensitive cold wind, freezing and obliterating everything, just like mankind.
At last I have started a new beginning A new start where I have no history No history that follows   At last I can see a bright start A bright start to my new future A new future that follows  
Difficulties, decisions, dilemmas, differences, doing the right thing, dang I messed up, doodling,  distracting, diplomats discussing policies,
Where will it leave me? Where will it leave you? We walk together until I stop to face you. It will end with you on your knees, wallowing in the muck and the mire of it all.
Dying, that's what it is Every breath you take Leads you closer to death You lay on your bed Blood dripping down your wrist Creating your pool of satisfaction Dying, that's what you're doing
When the time has come for me to die, And I'm ready, and I'm willing, it's just so hard not to cry, No I won't, or I can't, say goodbye. Though it's lonely, the darkness pulls me.  
Intensity hits me yet again/ A nervous feeling that drives me insane /I seek to collect my scattered thoughts / The ones scattered like Indians on dawn's highway bleeding / crowding my fragile eggshell mind / There must be about four hours left /
      If I were to only write once, it would be about an underdog filled with hope and dreams. he would train harder, work longer, and dream farther than all others.
I soak in the tropical ambience of the desiccated South, Sweat immersed and an unpleasantly dry mouth. Ranwood, makes the grueling excursion all the worthwhile
I cannot help but wonder why, Wonder why things went awry.
Barely average height A little bit bigger then average  Curly black hair  Long for someone in the south All natural  Darkest brown eyes ever  But this is me The physical me
I am the keeper of nice words I hear the anxiety in the simple question “Will you be my girlfriend?” My hands are the first to be held by him Palms sweaty, but his grip is strong
There are three kinds of people in this world: dwellers, thinkers, and ponderers I am a ponderer I am Future Boy They say my thoughts are wild Profuse and never ending
Devestated from the change, help me through this time. I know who I am, the type frowned upon. Uncomfortable impressions dispersed among us all. ugly faces. The unexpected, unaccepted.  
The cool spring air surrounds us,
luckily..... i'm no angel to knock on anyones door trying my best not to mourn & this is why roses have thorns.            because i go by my nature.   & no one understands             my ways
May it be,  that all your dreams come true, when you whish on an even star. All your wishes have been heard,  recorded and remembered for years to come. Never lose hope, never give up the fight.
The sparkling lights are attractive, The excitement, the jubilee. Is that what attracts you? It sure does me.   So much mystery lies under each striped tent.
My dreams My dreams to go pro. To be the best player like, Lebron, Jordan and magic.   My dreams to be an cop. The honor, the privilege to be something great.
Sometimes it is hard Sometimes it is just no fair And sometimes it can be fun It can be full of laughter And lots of love. Sometimes you want to go back, You want to relive the good
"Cheaters never prosper" that's the saying isn't it?... What if cheaters do prosper?  Would that break the rules? What if it snowed in the summer time? 
A lazy breeze hums Hammocks swing in the summer The sun smiles down
Oh, I want only to write beautiful things.
Just finished my term paper #yowo #we'll see how this goes Nothing to do so I wrote a story #yowo #nothing beats my writing flows #yowo Sometimes you just need coffee and some poetry
Time. It flows ever forward Fleeting moments and long caresses Like a river Moving. Order in a circle Tik tok tik tok Numbers, seasons, feelings It flows ever forward
It was the Thanksgiving of childhoodthe chopsticks laid out in neat parallel lines,the turkey, golden brown and untouched,waiting for my father and my grandparentsfor their footsteps beyond the door.
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
Forty days and forty nights of detoxification hell because God knows to eat is a sin worthy of the fall of humanity. For just as it is human nature to sin because of Eve-
Life, it is too short and sweet, But at times it's a bitter release. Live while your lights still on.
In your arms, that's where I want to be. Your lips on mine make me melt everytime. When I hear the words 'immortal', I think of my love for you. Never ending. Unchanged. Forever.
Like the caged chimp I sitWaiting for evolution to carry me on.The metal bars chill me to the bone. Though the atmosphere closes in on me, I feel withdrawn. And I can’t help but grit my teeth
I steal a sip form the encasement and the chill slides down my throat. I realize my lips have retained some moisture freezing them, until I lick them because my spit is warmer than the chilled water.
Fog rolls atop the surface Single diving board Untouched Shining stars Far off wood The leaves sway No wind And a wasp Menacing and looming
My stars have that midnight shimmer She sprints up the dark stairs of the narrow tower. Tears spill down her white cheeks Each of her steps tremble and shake At  the top, she plops down on the highest platform
Have you ever tried to describe a place you've never been? Imagined what it would look like? Feel like? Smell like? I've imagined Ireland. I'm standing in the dense, green fields of grass that surround me.
Every year we seem to forget, Fall is cold, Fall is wet. Autumn reveals the summer's lies. Everything green eventually dies.
I was a great stone wall once and you were a vine. With each passing day, we became intertwined. you grew into me, filled my cracks and my seams, and I became whole, perhaps for the first time.
I've dreamt this moment in all of my dreams. Here I stand hands shaking with excitement as the pen gleams. I stand before my family, scholorship and all; Although I've had my failures and trials, i did not fall.
We panic when the bombs drop in our streets. But when the world reaches out Stretching its weary arms towards heaven, We turn our heads, Shrug, Stuff our hands in our pockets.
Sheavon Griffin  Student Of Liberty University @You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam. @powerpoetry 
Failure makes you want to hide, Never come out and die. Failure feels like everyone's disappointed... At you. Failure makes the strong feel weak and the brave scared. But Failure isnt the end.
Hallelujah, hell, I’d known better   Ain’t no comin’ back once you get on That train down to Memphis where Your sister lives.  Where your sister lives And works, you say, isn’t a place but
Is when the world playsa god on themselves and  
  The television was briefly a crystal ball:
  Mademoiselle Paralysée
We get punished for not meeting your expectations  Of getting the grades and acing our examinations With disappointment slapped across your faces The feeling of shame has become our number one basis  
Paraplegic, Blind Deaf, Mute But You, You would rather sitback Kickback because there is an obstacle attached Attached are no arms but plays basketball The Blind still look for something to find
We all have demons inside And that's not to say that We can't truly be fixed See, lately I've found that Even the most beautiful People have them And even the ones you
We are all damaged things
There is a day in our lives when we must grow up
I don't care anymore. What's done is dead and gone. Even after you've hurt me, it doesn't mean hate you. How could I hate you? After all, all you ever did was love.  You couldn't be less in the wrong.
I look over the edge, wondering where i've gone. I look up at the mountain i've climbing, how did this take so long?  I built my life on goals, and advancing to a newer plane.
I look over the edge, wondering where i've gone. I look up at the mountain i've climbing, how did this take so long?  I built my life on goals, and advancing to a newer plane.
He makes my heart throb. It hurts when he looks at me. He smiles at me. He’ll never know my pain, or what it’s like to love a man. 
You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam
When I was born I'm sure my mother had her dreams Maybe a doctor. I read things up on the internet and instantly "My baby's gonna be a doctor!"
I'm a 16 year old boy  high school junior  I work with a stage and microphones  sometimes with other people  there is usually an audience watching me  gold shines all over my body 
For a minute, I thought, I had been convinced of a lieThat the world was fair and justAnd that I wouldn't be left in the dustAs Queen had once comprised
"Ghetto." Ha. 
I was tossing matches in the night. I wasn't exspecting one to catch.
Together by fate, The oceans between our souls,  
News Watching weighted stories singing cry songs of tragedy Screen and speakers purging Only deatlh or fear and death to tighten anxious bones of quiet mothers
                Where’s the Pieces Life is a puzzle Well that’s what my mind said Watching the news wondering why a 5 year old is dead Life is a puzzle I think the president has pieces
I am a widow of your eyes, because no longer  will they look upon me in affection. Yet still I stand with your phantom,  your omnipresent phantom, 
Through daily shifts and ac
Only to those who achieve and succeed will survive, Making every step they make a countless bribe, Even the independent has trouble sorting out their own lives, Don't worry, we're all greedy with life.  
     Who do you think you are? You think you have power over me, the ability to suppress my creativity and freedom of speech.  
I sit on the ground, Staring around me, Knowing not How to describe diversity.   I waste a few sheets of paper, Writing… scratching it out… Writing some more… And crumbling the sheet.
Every day is a miracle.
Gone by Tomorrow By Abigail   You tear me down, what gives you that right?
I fist fought a girl named Ana,A battle to the death-And when she pushed me to the groundShe knocked me out of breath.She pulled out my hair in pieces,She bruised my fragile bones,
I dreamed that you were there.                                    Beside me.                  Comforting me.       As I screamed out in fear.                      Twisting, turning, thrashing.
Life is not always easy, it hardly ever turns out easy peasy,
A  wife leaving her little home, Her hands shaking grasping for the phone.
Why can't you see me? I'm here, waving my hands Trying Wishing Praying But no one notices me then again, is it because I'm lazy? Or are you the one that's lazy? God please
It's saying hello to a stranger, Making someone smile, And feeling loved. It's the little things that matter most.
sex is a drug that you use  to get my attention
we seem to have many problems
Ripple across the pond, Yet nothing makes me fond. Yes, it is just my luck, To find a cannibal duck.
Honestly, I don't know how to LIVE life to the Fullest.  "They" say live as if today your last day But... I can't, rather I don't. I wake up and exist. Not live.
                           Why I Try I try for all the people All the ones gazing upon me with zealous thought And all the ones who wonder what the truth had brought   
i've tried to forget him, really i have but whenever its quite my thoughts drift back back to times when things were a dream a cloud of happiness and thoughts of cream   i was left in the dirt 
A life with no luck is not a problem.  but to me it is many now im ready to solve them. I have spent to much time afraid of what may lay in my own wake  that I refuse to make any just for saftey's sake.
You turn me on.Is that how it works?Flipped on and offLike a light switch.That easy.But wait,Isn't my switchSupposed to be taped down?In our sexual society
Don’t get close to me; I don’t know you. Once I tried to swim in the same tank as you But I couldn’t breathe. I asphyxiated from the salt, So I floated. Don’t get close to me; I’ll hurt you.
Drilling your fingersin and under my skin,you use me as a suitto claim what is mine.
  When you find yourselfwith your toeshanging over the sideof your 7 story apartment,the breeze whistling betweenyour toes, inching closer to the edge,Who do you call?
The reflection ofthe moonresting it's image on the bed of water infront of usis the nicest way I would thinkI'd spend my timewith you
As you tempt me,hanging barely from the tip of a branch,barely inches from the tip of my fingers,I hesitate, just for a brief,but emotional moment;time slowed around mewaiting at the edge of it's seat
The tidbits of creasesin the skin of her face,surrounding  her mouthand extending her lips,lightingher eyes, showing her cheeksis beauty.
The way the wordsdance out of yourmouthlike the steady flow of water pouring down the side of a cliffEnchants me.The thrill of the wordsringing from your mouth make my spine tingle
Out of thedeepest crevices of me poursyour love, And on this bridge we stand,and let time blow bylike the wind.
Lines are just linesuntil you give those lines meaning.Give those linesmeaning, and you givethose lines life.Lines with life tellstories of worlds within worlds anddreams only obtained
  She said to me yesterdaythat the whole worldwas sitting in the palm of my hand.
With time staring me in the faceI scan my surroundings fora brief and subtle moment,making it a pointnot to let my presence be knownbut I notice I am too late,as you gaze at me
We are the ones
Too much extraThat wont go awayNot to loveIt’s here to stay.Unevenly shownThe face of a wallCrookedly sculptedAnd ready to fall.Scar tissue shownNever to fadeDrowning the soul
He flies, they always catch him. He flies, why did they fail? He flies, now alone. He lands, they lie at his feet as the rain falls. He rises again soaring the skies, the robin of his mother's dreams. 
A year is lost when winter days are prime, This year cannot be opened once anew, But never leaves our heart, our soul, our mind, As all the past years have been known to do.
Your wings help you fly your hopes help you soar but these thoughts are so heavy they break and bend your mind destroying your sanity you try to do good but it seems that it is not enough
  I do not understand how shecould not beone of the— if not the — happiest girls in the world because one of— if not the —
“Let’s begin,” says the doctor all proper and prim. The nurses, they gather, their eyes all dim.   Like ravenous wolves their machines suck life,
My heart is pounding And the sound of those words Brings back the rounds of bashing and screaming… Those lashings red like the blazing Pain; From all those times I held my tongue…
Some walk in all nervous Some walk in all strong I came here for a purpose To show that I belong   The podium is mine to own
I feel like I'm ahead of my time, like I'm ahead lets rewind,I feel like I've never felt feel like I'm ahead of my primeI feel like my feelings feel like they maybe feel intertwined
The memories are scattered, But are they really memories?  How am I to know they are not just, Stories made from photos:   That time we got bunnies and they were soft, And they scared me. 
"Are you happy?" my therapist asks me. "I do not know." I reply. Because in the midst of all the partying and hanging with my friends,  I still feel alone.
  The planting of a blossom On desert’s sand does bloom After rain’s sparse fall And the sun’s scorching rays But the worth of this is small Compared to other things  
Drowing in the past and choking on tomorrow. You try to pull away but you can't. The past holds on. You run. Fast. Trying to escape. But when you turn around, it's closer than ever.
Some people think i'm crazy Some people think i'm absurd  But when I see those spine bound pages I finally yearn.   To see through anothers eyes To journey to far off worlds Is a gift most great
What am I supposed to do, when I look at you the way you are Youre sweet and kind, but I don’t get it Why do they want you harmed? I look at what you do with life I understand, I know it’s hard
Where have you been? I've miss you Where were you? I've been burened by the sun without you  What happened? I've miss your graceful movements guiding me  I thought we was two of a kind
The mornings are brisk, Cool air blows across campus, Leaves float past my feet.
The mornings are brisk, Cool air blows across campus, Leaves float past my feet.
I step on the scale Feel the glass beneath my feet One hundred and ten pounds That's still too much for me   I'm trying so hard to fight this And the battle is not yet lost
I am not Perfect  I know for sure. I have my defects as well as yours ,  I may laugh too much or cry a lot.    I can be mean, and times do come. I get annoying 
Let me be me I am just a girl let me be me  one day I wanna rule the world  My parents never get me; it seems I am never heard let me be me  I always scream and say 
       Hold my little hand Wonder as you stand Watch her as she grows
crumbling inward, like the guilt eroding my body, it dies. darkening,  becoming weaker, my body thins out. all hope is gone. this is the end. light, dulling slowly.
What if i told you that every night i cry Praying that the lasting tears falling from my eyes would soon dry Listening, and accepting lie after lie of the stories you told me
Boys, they always told me I sounded like a victim, always told me i was victimizing myself. And maybe they were right.
I watch from the shadowsas you engulf her in your love-Your hands creeping up her sides,over her back and faceYour lips sharing words, feelings,affections, through hers I’m crushed
Silent, still, just like a rose her beauty in repose. Who would know? Is it those, that mock her? Or even those that pull her thorns? My, have you earned her scorn. Pity, she will never love you.
I'm on a thin sheet of ice. Either way I step I will have to pay the price. Contradicting ideas toy with my heart and mind, Ideas where not even sanity can unbind. Unbind my confusion of what to do
We met online, didn't have expectations, when I got to know you I couldn't avoid the temptations. Didnt expect you to be so sweet, connection between us was starting to heat.
I would give you the moon on a spoon. The ocean in an oyster, the galaxy in a nutshell. Then let the stars align in the cracks of its openings. and let it seep through your melanon, touch deeply into the
"That's my child!" She's yelling at me as if i don't know how he got into this world. I'm not dumb. I'm just a kid, and your yelling  won't make me grow up any faster. I'm actually afraid
I am in this world deformed,Rendered useless by some,But unbeknownst to them, There's a world that will accept me.It comes through the TV screen,in the form of kingdoms, mazes, and caverns.I can take to the skies, swing a sword at those who questi
One Day.  That's all we had. One day to say goodbye.  One day to cry. One day to collect our memories And our courage And get out. I was stronger, and I understand that.
Oh. Thick girls? They are better than Big girls. Big girls are like big.  Thick Girls are just better Said everyone.  Big girl  Big girl No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me
I have found triumphs over obstacles come with a few bruises, and it seems a little heartbreak.
Brainwash the children of the nation with songs by Drake  omg becky look at her butt you only live once dripping with misogyny  stupid sayings  strangle our minds into believing
I can sense your harsh glare As I descend the stairs The room is full to the brim But your seemingly placid face is all too grim
I sat alone, I sat unheard.  A stranger to the world.I never asked, I never cared if my voice was ever heard.I was fine, I was contempt to let my life pass by without one word,  without a single thought.
She is pretty One eye is Just a bit greener And she has A beauty mark Next to her lips That’s hidden In the crease of Her smile Because she’s almost always Smiling.  
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