Tired of the Facade


I am tired of this façade

Men shouldn't have to treat the opposite sex with disrespect in order to retain their masculinity.

 Girls shouldn't feel the need to starve themselves for beauty and serenity.

Teenagers shouldn't have to go through the pressure from peers, parents and everyone else in collaboration

The ones who raised us say that we are a lost cause, a messed up generation.

They claim that the future rests in our hands.

But they are destroying the earth, leaving us nothing but depleted lands.

They are wearing us down so much that we won't be able to handle the weight of tomorrow.

The youth of today is covered in blood and sorrow.

Minds and bodies are covered in scars.

Anxiety and worry cloud the skies full of stars.

Fake smiles pollute the streets.

They throw everything away for cheap fun in the sheets.

Is there no longer any shred of hope in human morality?

Our cities are teeming with catastrophic amounts of violence and brutality.

High school students run wild, razor sharp words flowing through their lips.

At night, insomnia nags at their minds and tears fall into the pillow in drips.

What is real? What is this illusion of perfection that we've all created?

 Madness and despair are soon to follow, for all the great minds have been sedated.

The thing about society is that we advocate for equality but don’t practice it.

We condemn prejudice but don’t enforce it.

No one remembers those who struggled and tried.

They will just remember that they failed and died.

No one is responsible but those who comply.

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who stand by.

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